Friday, November 22, 2013

winter for the weekend....

winter is coming for the weekend....
it's going down to 
more Friday flowers were brought home and a little something extra coz I couldn't resist it
as it reminds me of the cardinals on the bird feeder who, when the food is getting low
sit there and give us
the stink eye....
rather like that one seems to be doing!!!!
I decided to cook today..... 
so I spent a little time in the kitchen this morning and cooked some
comfort food
so we  I don't have to cook each and every day if we  I don't feel like it
coz I'm sick of it and if you do it all at once
it's done for a few days and you can believe you're getting a break
so with the minced meat there is now
 chili, pasta sauce, veggie soup and the base of a cottage pie
and some meatballs for who knows what!!!  next in line is the chicken...... maybe tomorrow now!!!
and it's all cleaned up and on it's way back into the cabinet...and freezer
nice bread and  apple pie
with ice cream for goodies....
I don't like ice cream, but there was a very annoying lady standing in front of the cream and no matter how I tried to get her to move out of the way....she ignored me and continued to choose her fake flavored coffee additive I got the ice cream!!!  :) :) :)  
and when I'd put all the goodies away 
I checked the mail and found a book... one I thought I had already and drove myself nuts one day looking for it....but turns out... NOT!!! have looked at it so often online I guess... on Amazon where you can see inside the you know!!!
so...I have that and there are lots of taped things on the idiot box
 and I got some new needles at the dusty musty discount store I told you about many moons ago
they're square and these are very small but they feel good, so I imagine thicker ones would too...
we'll see!!!
 have a good weekend and stay warm or cool or dry 
and safe....
I'm off to have my cuppa



  1. Lovely preps. I like to cook on Sundays enough grub for the week, as well. FYI, I want that lovely coffee mug. :) It looks Pink!

  2. That all looks good. Hope you enjoy the break, the square needles and the entrelac. I've always avoided entrelac. I have seen a few patterns that I've liked though... Mia S