coffee pot cozy... tulips.

heaven forbid you have a naked coffee pot!!
I made this to fit the pot I have...if you have a bigger one, just add more stitches!!
this is a stitch count of 3...
stitches used (US terms)
chain, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, 3 stitch treble cluster 
 and V-stitch (dc-ch 1-dc in same space)

find you favourite yarns and hook and let's get started...
I used Lily cotton and a G hook

I chained until it fit around the pot
in this case
39 ch
lucky me!!

join new colour
turn and work v-stitches into the starting chain

ch 4 (first dc, plus ch one space) and make a second dc in same place
V-stitch made
miss two ch and make another V-stitch in next ch
continue this across 

when you get to the end of the ch  bind off and cut the yarn
you will not turn the work
start the next row at the beginning V-stitch 
either join with a ch 4 or make a standing treble stitch
work a 3 stitch cluster into the first V-stitch

this shows the standing chain!

and this is the 3 stitch treble cluster 

chain 1 in between tulips

repeat the cluster-ch 1 across the row
 make one treble crochet in the last stitch
bind off and cut yarn

a full row of planted tulips!

do not turn   
 start at the beginning in the top of the first tulip
 change colour and dc across the top of the tulips
 by dc-ing into the top of each tulip and the ch 1 spaces
I finished it with a row of white stitches
sc, hdc, dc, tbc, dc, hdc, sc

and there you are
I used four different buttons and matching (?) thread

sewed them on
 making sure they were on the right side not the back side!!!

using the gaps in the ends of the rows 
I wrapped the cozy around the pot and fasten the buttons

and there you have it
a sweater for you coffee pot

if there is a mistake please let me know
if you make one let us know and we'll all come and admire it

have fun

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