Wednesday, April 25, 2012

when the extra pair of hands aren't around...

and you need to make one of these
from a skein of yarn

well you get yourself one of these fine and dandy

'tis called
Amish style

it holds the skein of yarn
you know
the yarn that isn't rolled into a ball
for the non yarners among you
you can also make a skein on this
if you want to
I guess the spinners put the yarn they spin on this
then they use the yarn winder to make the cute little balls of yarn

 as I don't have the room for a regular swift
the one that looks like an umbrella(-ella-ella)!!!

I got this one that I found on
it was on sale too there was no hesitation

so the other day I put the
on the
up the yarn I needed
on the
yarn winder
and made me self some spiffy little
 balls o'yarn

now we're talking yarny

will hopefully show you what I needed the spiffy balls for

 hopefully soon
'coz it's wool
and it's getting warmer by the day!!!

and it's taking so d yarn LONG


Friday, April 20, 2012

friday flowers of the garden kind

no store bought posies this week....

it's been a while since we had
Friday Fleur's


mountain laurel
still in the bubble stage!!!


summer blooming... supposedly


 you can see how dry it is
more rain forecast for the week end...

these haven't bloomed for ages so it's nice to see they still can

 with the little bit of rain we had
all the blooms have
and we have pretty outside
for a fleeting moment

self  seeded  Columbine's
they are spreading all over
and it seems the voles don't eat them
spread out as far as you can
oh purple beauties!!!!!


this Clematis vine is one of the first plants I bought when we moved here
a life time ago
it didn't do at all well last year
but this year
it's come back somewhat
so cheers and hooray
so nice to be able to get up close and personal again!!!

and next to the vine
is the
which also didn't do well last year
but the warm and dry winter has made it burst forth

all the plants I bought eons ago
have white flowers
still love them
they glow in the shade of the woods

husband seems to be blowing leaves again
so I helped by taking pictures

it's something for him to look at when he's lying on the couch
exhausted and aching

it helps


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

so long...

such a nice man
so much music
so many memories
for so many


and now for something that doesn't involve yarn or needles
I found this recipe on Pinterest and as we have no junk in the house
of the eating kind
I made these
orange cookies
 (the recipe is for lemon but I like orange better so I used orange and no coconut)
and cut the sugar down too...but that's just me!
from scratch
and quick if you don't need to chill the dough
it isn't right!!!

they have orange glaze

and they taste
feel like the cookies that are called
Mexican wedding cakes
next time I may chop up some pecans
because I can ASSURE you
you can be certain
it is a 100% guarantee
that these will be made again

and because I like to share with you

it will load in French but don't freak
just translate and it gives you the recipe
do make them
I promise you'll be happy you did

may I have another




this involves yarn
this is the last stitch of a new wip I haven't shown for some reason
but I will if the light improves
I love it

now to the I hate this and wish I hadn't said anything
it is no more
have you ever gotten up from where you were sitting and without knowing
had the yarn wrapped  around your foot/ankle/leg
and just walked away
our house isn't big in any shape or form
but from the roomontheleft to the kitchen and back is far enough to rip it all out

maybe one day
we'll meet again
but not now
I can't take it!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

new book

isn't it nice to come home and find a little something on the doorstep

when husband orders from Amazon
he adds something for me
there is a list of things I think I want
and he gets one or asks me which one I want

it was this one's turn
 so it was summoned

I have her other book
the one with the blocks that almost everyone has
if you crochet that is  of course

I was a little disappointed with it
to be honest
but it can be of some use I'm sure

along with the book
 was this
I used to have one
a hundred eons ago
but have lost it
probably used it for something else completely
I did have two boys once

any way
 another oldy is rearing it's head all over

so I thought I'd get one to see if I remember how to do it

I do

so I did

and soon I had a few little bunches tied up

now I have to find a pattern and do something with it
I'm sure there are lots of things to look at and do
probably more now than when I first did it

I would have done more
but once again
was interrupted in mid mojo
not by the smart phone this time

 by this little guy
a teeny tiny little minute itsy bitsy very very small
he almost got stepped on by husband as he went out the front door

we put him in the flower bed
and if the birds didn't get him
he's outside in the slightly cooler weather

his shell was all muddy looking so maybe he just dug his way out
who knows where they lay the eggs
so cute
but cute!!!!!

ps...looks like husband could use a little hand lotion...OH that will go down well if I tell him.... :) :) :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

k2tog,sskand a little sk2p on the side....

it's Friday again

I know!!!!

although I am working on another shawl which is on the hook
I found
 and am going to see if I can do it
it isn't that it's hard
but every row is different from the one before
and there are lots of
yo's ssk's sk2's k2tog's
and as each row grows
there will be more to do each time
in other words
it requires a lot of
until one gets into it
if you knows what I means!!!

I discovered that "they" have added a
"radio" to the tool bar on the 'puter
and I found some music I can tolerate
so off we went this a m
ssk-ing, sk2p-ing and yo-ing away
and then
the desk shook
and made a
 very funny noise
and the smart phone told me I had a text

I know!!!!

'twas the second born
checking in with his mummy
you know
 does with Hyacinth
(only he doesn't ask for money so he can go to Italy with Tarquin to embroider the new drapes!!!!)


all is fine with #2
so his mummy doesn't mind that all that concentration
flew out the window and she lost the mojo
it will come back some time soon
now it's time to clean and dust and cook and clean
again anyway


so have a great weekend
either hooking or y o-ing
texting or talking
hope your #2 calls you too
if you have one of course
if not
you don't know what you're missing


:) :) :) :) :) :)

Hyacinth: What a disaster to my tea and light refreshments.
Onslow: I could murder some light refreshments.
Hyacinth: If it wasn't for Sheridan's good news, I don't know what this day would have been.
Richard: Good news from Sheridan?
Hyacinth: He's moved in with a very suitable friend. They're making their own curtains. Apparently his friend's very good with a needle. He has prizes for embroidery. Well, you'd better come in and have some tea and light refreshments.
Hyacinth: Onslow, before you come in, just shift this wreck next door, will you, dear?
Onslow: [to Richard] Prizes for embroidery?
Richard: Let's move the car, shall we, Onslow?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

look who I found ...

outside while I was inside......

on this bright and beautifully blue morning

the Canada Geese have had babies again
I don't want to think that they had more and these are the only ones left
but I said it
so that's what probably happened as they have many more than four

we will rejoice in these
and hope they grow up to be as
beautiful as their
Mama Goose

and their
Papa Goose

he was making all kinds of neck action things
and telling me to stay away
 they are such good parents
and good partners

Papa decided he's had enough of the stupid
human hiding behind the tree

so he took them back into the water

and I stopped harassing them with the snapping
they have enough snapping to worry about with the turtles there under the water

and just one of those silly shots one takes as one is walking back to the computer
the sun shining in the corner through the skylight
bringing the

we got some babies!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

new way of posting...

so, here we go
let's see how long this lasts before it's all ripped out of the wall
or thrown in the lake!!!

I am loading from Picasa
as it's had to be reconfigured with the phone

yesterday I was playing around with the phone and the camera
and I took a photo of the camera with the phone
and then
the phone
with the camera
then I bumped into
via  Valerie's   post
I downloaded it after a while and a fashion
husband had to help as I was actually cooking dinner
and he wasn't
I played with it or so I thought
it didn't do anything
or so I thought
then I found my way to
Valerie's site and started to
she takes the most beautiful pictures
they make me sigh!!!
I still couldn't figure out what the heck to do so I
uninstalled it
Instagram that is
or so I thought
I had a couple of photos on the phone
and used the filters and played with those
and this is the result

the sky a few days ago
with one of the filters and frames
big whoop

then it all came together somehow and I figured it all out
and now I think I know how to use it
I still don't understand what all these things are for
you can take pictures with your phone
you can send them around the world and beyond
you can capture it all on a little device that sits in your hand
like never before
every minute of every day
then what do you do with them


the heron this morning
the picture was lousy so I
it and it now looks better!!!


(not Instagrammed!)!!!

how do you do!!!!

there now you can get on with your day

hope it's a good one!!!

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