Thursday, March 31, 2011

coming attractions.....

I have been PO-ssess-ed
but it's so worth it!!!!


plant ID.....

do you know
does anyone know?

A new reader, Teresa, wrote and asked me
because she thinks I am someone who would know
obviously thinks I know something about gardening
and plants and flowers
but I hate to disappoint you
I really don't
I used to
I could walk through a garden and identify practically everything that grew there
I drove my sister nuts one year
when we were in North Carolina
there is a delightful garden in Manteo
that has been there quite a while and it drips with Spanish moss
and wisteria and all sorts of southern exotica
it is built near the site where they say
came ashore
it is a lovely place to visit if you ever go there
we have never actually seen the play they put on
because the one year we were lucky to actually get tickets
it rained in buckets just as they started
and we had to leave
talk about a bunch of PO'd people

if anyone can ID those gorgeous trees
please do so we all know
I'll be back in a bit


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hyacinths daffodils and forsythia

but not of the floral kind

the colours of cotton
on the needles and hooks

the light stinks today so this is not the true colour
I tried to change it in the editing but it wouldn't have any of it
there is a truer one further down

this one is a little better

this is some silk yarn I found recently
and for some unknown reason I bought three balls of it

it truly is the colour of a daffodil

and the forsythia I brought in the other day
and greeny yellow
and it's so soft

I picked up the hook yesterday and I have half finished what I am making

on the needles
I'm only on row 21

crochet is so much faster
and simpler
and easier
but I still love the look of a knitted thing

so as far as I can tell
all is well in 'puter land
and I do appreciate your suggestions and help
I'm so over the insides of a machine
just show me where to put the gas and turn the key
the bits inbetween
don't interest me

be good!!!


Monday, March 28, 2011


as you can see I posted photos

now I don't have a nav bar
the thing across the top of the page
 and I can't make comments on any ones blogs

so just know
I came by to see you
and Jingles
isn't it funny how she gets to sit down on the clean chair and not you?

I love that room you chose to sleep in

as I told you on Flickr
I love your new bag
and have five blocks made already

I didn't visit too many others
but I'll get you the next time!!

 and to all of you who visited today
of you and counting
thank you so much for stopping in
sorry it was a bit disheveled but
blogger can do that to a person
and geeks don't help either!!
let's see what
blogger brings us tomorrow
to blur and fuzz things up
hee hee

the geek squad of one
found a new thigamijig on
Explorer 9
(which is what he just loaded on our 'puters)
that stops you from being traced as you travel round cyberspace
and I think that is what took the nav bar down

I don't care who follows me
I go to the same places so often
they'd get bored and drop me like a
hot pot-a-to
unless of course they are interested in knitting and hooking

:) :) :)

see ya

dazed and confused


and completely
of how this all works
but here we are again
back on the light side of things

it did snow yesterday
but we got just a dusting
even though they say we got 2"

I have no clue as to how some of you say you saw the deleted posts
on google reader
I have no idea  how to do that
and even if it was explained to me
I wouldn't get it

but the sun came out and the day ended up being so pretty
and as you can see from the top photos
I got to play with the sun
as it has moved and is now shining through the window in the living room

this is something I found and did
and then undid
it's called the daisy stitch and I found it on You Tube
the place to find anything and everything

so I'll end here
incase it all goes pear shaped again

have to try and find  out what and how and why and where
if I don't come back
send in the dogs!!!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

just pretty pictures today

I've been playing in


I found two more daffodils in the back garden
and brought them inside 
in the warm 

and found these on a little wild tree
across the road 
think it might be cherry
or apple


and this is the one from yesterday
made to look like more than it is

It's hard to think that the weather is going to get bad
it's so pretty outside today
but pretty

hope you are all enjoying your days of rest
ha ha

enjoy the flowers
if you don't yet have any


Friday, March 25, 2011

final friday of the third month of the new year...

an extra long title
coz I ain't got nothin'
you don't want to hear about the
house work and laundry
I did
or how cold it is
and it's going to get colder
well that's what the guy on the radio keeps saying

so before the snow comes
I thought I would get a snap of what's out there
not much I can tell you but here is the first
with it's beautiful
blue face following the sun across the sky

the only daffodil
to bloom
alone out there
all by itself
and it has mud on its face
to boot

but look how frilly it is
and yellow

and muddy

but still beautiful
even tho'
 it's the only one

this is the humming bird feeder
that's lost the little dohicky where they feed from
so this is just an adornment for now
will have to look see if we can find the dohicky online
and it's clean coz it rained!!!

here is the cloth made with the honeycomb stitch
it's so soft and pliable
love the colour

and this blue one is a new stitch I was trying out
knitted star or somesuch name
and yes it's off the needles
I pulled the wrong one
and unstitched it

it's one of those days I guess

and look at this
while I was surfing I bumped into a whole bunch of those fabulous
Japanese craft books on Amazon
the rings I started making the other day?
they have a book with them in
don't you just LOVE the Japanese craft books
I'd like to have them all
think I'll go back and drool some more
but first the kettle is calling my name
well I think it's the kettle
might be the cat

have a great weekend everyone
I hope we don't get what they keep threatening us with
maybe it can stay in the mountains and let the skiers have one more run
my daffodill won't survive!!!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

what happened to Spring?


after 75 F the other day
we are plummeting to the low 40's
a huge rain storm came through last night and
brought the cold back
I went out to see what I could snap
and suddenly realised how cold I was

I went outside to pick a posy of violets
to send to
a flickr friend commented that she wished she could pick some for her mother
so I did it
and made a little collage that she can hopefully print off and take
the next time she goes to see her Mum...

over on flickr

isn't it great that you can send a virtual posy across the globe
who needs
inter flora!!!

I tape a knitting show on PBS
(I know, like I need any more "inspiration")
and the other day found out how to do
domino knitting
knitting squares into a
after I had figured it out I made a square that I may put a back on and use it as a pot holder
to replace the
African flower one that I have used for a year now
African Flower
that takes some of us back a bit
doesn't it???

these photos are from the other day
that were still on the camera
so I thought I'd post them




nothing else to show you
the crab apple tree
a fallen branch with "patina" on it
the sedum beginning to come back
and the chives that I should use on some potatoes
maybe when the new potatoes come to the store
new potatoes and a steak
and a ton of green beans
and last but not least
Autumn Joy sedum
coming back in the pots
hope the cold weather and the
they say will come over the weekend
doesn't kill it all
and we have to start from scratch

hope the sun shines on you today
it doesn't look like it will here
it's March
the month that can't make up its
flippin'  mind

I think I'll do the tut I've been putting off
someone asked how I made the coasters
and I never answered
see ya!!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wednesday OUCHies!!

when I went to shut the computer off the night before last
the lamp was shining on the thread I had on the desk

the room was in semi-darkness and it looked so pretty
so I took you a picture of what I saw

I had been making a "tut" for the coasters I made a few days ago...
but left the example on the desk and forgot about it
 the shine and shadows reminded me to post it
which I will do

today each and every joint I own is a little sore
leaf blowers and lawn mowers
rakes and shovels
haven't been in my repertoire of late
so those muscles are rebelling
and as it's going to rain today
I can take it easy and use the other muscles that don't hurt!!
if I can find one

LOOK at this!!!!!!!!!!

right above the front door
sat this little fellow

I went outside just to see all the work we did
and notice how much more has to be done
when I turned around
there he was
sitting on the gutter

fuzzy yes,
but you can see he is a little crooked as he takes a quick nap on the roof
he stayed there for quite a while
until a nasty noisy truck drove by

what a sweetie
he must have woken up too early
like me!!

I watched a short story this morning on NHK about the Japanese survivors
some of them are going back to where they live
and just getting on with it.
Mostly older folk who just can't understand what the delay is
and then some of the people who are in the shelters
and don't know what they're going to do
so many separated from family
 and it's so sad
 and heartwarming
to see them come together and help one another
but then again that's what we do

the young mothers so worried about the children
sharing one pastry, one bottle of water among three people
worrying that the kids aren't being nourished enough
and now the scare with the contaminated water and food

remains of a tombstone/from the guardian/gettyimages

the nuclear plant is one story
but the people is such a bigger one
the emotion is beginning to rise to the surface and it's heartbreaking
so long without so much
I was happy to see an "expert" say that the survivours need to talk about what happened to them
even if it's just amongst themselves
to sit and tell their story
but it looks like they only have time to survive
in conditions that are quickly deteriorating

they need rescuing all over again

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesday recipe

no yummy shortbread today
no luscious needle work
no gorgeous colours

good ol'virginny clay

why there aren't more pottery wheels here I don' know

took up the tools de jour 
(he put the rakes away before I could snap them!!!)
 and out we went
he doing maintenance
and oil changes and yucky stuff like that

and moi
got stuck into the big flower bed

that has no flowers
and may never have again

tons of leaves removed
to a fine mix
almost soil like
underneath the trees cleared
sticks picked up
and it was good!!
why does the wind always shift and blow the leaves back in

)and the grass will grow again and it won't be so brown there on the left
god it looks awful
but this was taken at almost 7 pm so the light is low
well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it(

another example of
I mean Spring
the clematis popped overnight
and now that it's feet can  breathe I hope it grows and covers the trellis
and blooms its little socks off

put a trellis around the Columbine
and gave it a little mulch blanket
rain and storms coming tomorrow apparently
so it will be watered

and after I quit and came inside
when you have to you have to

he continued in the front
making more mulch
with those leaves that never end
look how dry and dusty it is

I'm off to lie down and give my back a rest

hope you had a good day
I did


Monday, March 21, 2011

just a load of photos

maybe I should take fewer photos
and then you wouldn't have to look at so many!!
but I can't help myself
I see
I click
I load
I blog

so, this morning I have a question for you
I saw something like this
made with beads, the little tiny seed beads
saw it ages ago
and while I was fooling around seeing what napkin rings would look like
 made with the cotton du jour
I linked two together and then added a third
but before I go on
I have a question
necklace anyone?
would you wear something like this
do you know anyone who would?

here are the three made so far
blue purple and light green
shall I continue
 and make a

husband thinks it's
but what does he know!!!
so what cha think?

waiting for the kettle to boil yesterday
I noticed that the first wild violets are blooming
I swear they weren't there the day before
do you think it's called
Spring coz


up they come?

we woke up to thunder and lightning this morning
a dawn storm
as the weatherman called it
it was quite surprising
the early light
punctuated by flashes and deep rumbles

rain that is bringing everything back to life

the Pieris Japonica is just covered in little pink bells
so delicate and yet so strong, as it blooms in the winter
delicate but strong
like it's namesake

here they come
the columbines are back
the vole missed this one
and if he comes anywhere near it
I swear he isn't long for this world

I'll feed him to the dolphins
gently swaying in the breeze

and season him with chives

can you see the raindrops in the

maybe Mr Frog would like a little
vole in the hole for lunch

see his beard made with drops

and this is the lazy woman's way of making strawberry shortbread
when you are too busy making tea and gathering the first blooms
and futzing about making napkin rings
into narfs
and you remember you have
strawberries in the fridge
 tapping their feet waiting to be consumed
grab a roll of biscuits that you bought for husband to have with his favourite meal
wash them with egg and sprinkle sugar over them
bake and enjoy with
the strawberries and cream

no doubt there'll be a photo of the next one
the first one was consumed too quickly to have it's portrait taken

so here you have it
a question
a walk in the garden
a declaration of war
and a recipe

not bad for a Monday Morning
who knows what we'll do tomorrow

thank you for your patience
your encouragement to continue
and your
sweet comments

see ya!!