Wednesday, November 30, 2011

flowers on wednesday...

let's have our flowers today instead of waiting

I need something pretty
we all need something pretty

life is getting incomprehensible and very very scary
police in the streets in RIOT gear
when there are NO riots
images going out into the world of peaceful people
sleeping or sitting quietly
dragged and hit and bloodied
 it isn't in some far off country where we can say
oh well that's there and that's what THEY do

it's here
just up the road
from all of us
people with rights
people given the power to speak freely
and the right to protest in a nonviolent way and to assemble
and we see what happens when they do just that
it isn't right
it shouldn't be happening
but it is and nothing seems will stop it

but once again let's pay attention to the man with all the girlfriends and sleazy ways and greasy pizza
let's give him all the time he needs to gross us out

let's hear one more time about the fame hoar's and the people with no education and way  too much money
people who don't deserve a minute of attention

and let's ignore those trying to make a change and improve
and educate
let's just ignore them
and spend time on the child molesters who were ignored coz god forbid the football team suffers and the "brand" too

and now...
which is what set me off ladies and gentleman
...let's listen to the radio
now beginning to play Christmas songs
and all the other songs
and then in between
Adele and
Silver bells
John Lennon and
 Jingle bells
lets' listen to a song
with words
like this

Robert's got a quick hand.

He'll look around the room, he won't tell you his plan.

He's got a rolled cigarette, hanging out his mouth he's a cowboy kid.
Yeah, he found a six shooter gun.
In his dad's closet hidden in a box of fun things, and I don't even know what.
But he's coming for you, yeah he's coming for you.
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, baby run, outrun my gun.
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, baby run, faster than my bullet.

pumped up kicks are shoes apparently
it's a song about school shootings
you know the happy stuff of life
and it's having the hell played out of it
so wrong on so many levels

what's the symbol for
 head shaking


this is what I was doing when the
---- hit the fan and I put pen to paper
so to speak
holly leaves and berries
I found the one above in a drawer
and sort of
back engineered

to make this
in a different colour
and the
berries too

sometime recently
I saw a bush with purple berries on it
so I made a leaf and some berries

shame all the rest couldn't be as cute
see it's best to leave real life out
and just pretend that all we do is the hooky stuff
I hope it isn't ....

have a good
time of the day


Monday, November 28, 2011


how about you?? did you have a good day?

I've been a bit grumpy lately
I burnt my tongue
not once
and then I
bit it
where it was burnt
so my mouth has been a bit
and it
made me
which is why I thought
this was so
for me

maybe you've been good and didn't need to hit or bite anyone
you never know!!!!!

I am finding bits and pieces of unfinished things in the bottom of my yarn boxes and it's driving me crazy trying to remember where the patterns are or if I made it up as I went
some of the tangles are now
 un-ed (tangled)
and it feels a bit less messy

I ran out of yarn for the funky chunky

(if you want the pattern just say)

and they didn't have anymore at the store
so I'll have to wait or order it on line
which means I'll be like millions of others clogging up the ether with orders
but at least I won't
pepper sprayed
thrown to the ground in Wally world
have to run for it as I leave the store
which is what husband suggested the other day
which made me laugh so loud I thought they'd come and get me for that
but the rent a cops at our store aren't up to running
or even walking really really fast
and I think I could still out pace them
if I didn't have to wait for husband


Sunday, November 27, 2011

look at this!!!

I had nothing til I saw this
go see Svana and the kids
what a wonderful post
so sweet and just as it should be

the weather here is a bit weird and wonderful
sunny warm and windy
a great day to go and do something
but didn't
oh well
I just read on someones blog that there is a hurricane type storm in Europe
stay safe all and I hope it passes without incident

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

colourful orbs..

trying to make something else
 I ended up with this

made with cotton and a g hook

made two and joined them in the middle
over a Styrofoam ball

12 dc (US) in a loop
sc ch 1 around
 for 2 rows 
then 2 sc  ch 1  in each space around
make two pieces
 place around a Styrofoam ball
stitch...crochet.... glue
the two pieces together and voila
you have a ball to do with as you wish
if you have little kids and animals you could place a bunch on the bottom of the tree so nothing gets broken...or the kids and kitties could play with them in the house...
whatever you wish!!!
this can be found on
 is its name
it's quick and easy and even a beginner can do it
if you can knit and purl and can slip a stitch and pass it over, then you can make this
two needles some cotton and you have a new cloth for the
it takes about half a ball, maybe a bit more, of the lily cotton so it's a good stash buster....

it's raining and it's foggy and miserable
it's even a bit cold
so I'm into anything that stops me from looking outside
the lake is covered in fog
but the ducks and geese look happy
hope you are too
not all the other
see ya

Monday, November 21, 2011

....I found some funky chunky

remember the other day I said I saw a really chunky scarf
worn by a designer on TV
well I got some too

and I found a stitch that I love

so I'm gonna be sitting on the couch
with tea and biscuits/cookies
well one is allowed

and I'm going to be
click clacking with the big

just a few stitches needed at this size!!!

until the two skeins are gooooooooone

it isn't nearly as creepy as it looks here!!!!!

see ya....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

red sky at night...

sleep tight...........................................................................................................................................

Friday, November 18, 2011

yup it's that day again...

wonder why I notice
Friday's so much
it isn't like it's any different from any other day around here
it just seems to be "more" some how
hm mmm

one more week gone
another month almost over
tick tick tick
remember when time seemed to stand still
and  your mother told you to wait half an hour
it felt like

 this post is probably going to feel endless
crammed with photos
I noticed today that my
Jewel Orchid is blooming
something I thought it wouldn't be doing again
it didn't last year and it's in even worse shape this year

it has velvety leaves and it's grown too leggy
so I'll have to do something about that

but it will have flowers for
the next few weeks
so I'll wait until they are over

I've put it in the living room so we can see it
I usually have it in a dark corner of our room
were it likes to be and it tends to get ignored
which it also seems to like!!

although i got these a couple of days ago

so these are the Friday Flowers

I got a new magazine yesterday
from the TV Network
it isn't anything special
so I don't think I'll keep getting it
I watch the shows there once in a while
so there's no need to see it all on paper
the knitting you see there
is from seeing one of the designers wear the most wonderful
scarf I've seen in a long time and I can't wait to find some really really chunky wool
really chunky
it was just knitted in a long scarf and it looked fab
chunky yarn  big needles
plain stockinette stitch
now that down there isn't chunky or plain stockinette I know
but I just wondered what one cable would look like
so I did

I have to knit or hook at night while watching the idiot box
I have tried not doing it
and it doesn't work
I get restless and lose interest in whatever the heck it is we are watching
lie down and fall asleep...
but if I knit
 it's all good!!!!!

hm mmm

knowing I had nothing
for you today
I thought I'd show you bits and bobs around the room
well... OK
one bit and one bob!!!!
this is one I made I don't know when
it's a styrofoam ball covered in sewing thread
and then embroidered with silk ribbons
one of my many stages

I found it in the bottomles pit
that is the
again why have it if it isn't seen?


don't have anywhere to go this week
I haven't been bloghopping much so I don't know what's out there
but I did see something the other night while channel surfing that has stayed with me all week
mostly because I went to youtube and found the video!!!!  :):):):)
on the show called
I don't watch it but I do know about it
anyway I caught the tail end of the show

I thought it was so clever and so well done
they sure can sing that lot

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a tiny bit of colour left

I found the last of the colour outside
the goose neck loose strife has turned
well, doesn't it always!!

same plant three different colours

such a lovely red
I may cut it and bring it inside and add it to the flowers
I've been trying to ignore all the horrible news about so many horrible things
so I started looking to find something pretty
and thank goodness I did

 the Japanese Maple dropped most of the leaves yesterday
and  after the rain and the wind today they will all be down I guess
it's raining it's humid and it's dark
it was so warm last night I kept a window open and it felt wonderful
but there is a front coming through so I think it will get cooler
but it was nice while it lasted

  and look what I found out there
the bulbs from last year that I completely forgot about and ignored all year long
have rooted and are growing again
one good thing about rain


so I scooped them up
re potted them
collected a bit of moss too
 before it hibernates


there we go

snowdrops for

wonder where the amaryllis'ss'ss  are
I'll  have to check


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

red faced...

I made these in the spring or summer

I put them away
 forgot about them


I found them on Sunday

and with a red face and a touch of guilt
I made these and some others

that I will be sending to
for the
SIBOL blankets

it didn't take very long and it used some of the yarn I have that sits and looks at me and says
if you have us
 use us for good
so I did

I show you these so that I send them
because you will be expecting to see them on that world famous table in Sue's sun room
on Flickr
any day now
in a bit
coz if you don't
then shame on me!!!!!