Monday, November 26, 2012

it's monday again

just incase you were lost!!!
time sure is flying by these days
well I guess it's better than dragging
yesterday I quilled
no hooking or knitting
haven't done it in a while so it's a bit messy
glue globs
need to find a really thin tooth pick

to spread the glue
but its not too bad
kinda like the different colours
actually the big one isn't a snowflake is it
only had four arms
think I need to polish my quilling skills!!!!
:) :} :]
and .........................................
this morning I made this flake
it's from
#3 flake
no stitches to speak of
just lots and lots of chain and counting
and it really really helps
if the radio station you are listening to
doesn't suddenly start playing all the songs
with numbers in them
if you can hook do make one
it's really easy and it's
and I know flakey!!1

Thursday, November 22, 2012

some knock off and another peek...

while perusing the pinning place this morning I came across this picture....
I didn't pin it and I don't know where it went
wasn't paying attention
because I had to make them
there were no instructions but it wasn't necessary...
simple is as simple does and we all know how simple I can be!!!!!
(whoever owns these
I'm sorry but I can't give you credit because I was too hasty in copying and exiting
but who ever you are)
thank you!!!

see...if you count and look and hook you can make one too I'm sure

 should start with 32 sc in a magic ring join with sl st and then

this one I wrote down...because I left the vicinity of the monitor 
again look count and hook


now to another peek.....

asked me what the little people were made of 
the ones from the french magazine

little pieces of wood


beads and bits

buttons and twigs
s'pose one could crochet tiny little hats and scarves if you had some thin cotton yarn
even paper might work

here's the list in French in case you speak it or have someone who can!!!

to those of you in the States
hope you had your fill of goodies
and you don't get trampled in the mad dash to Christmas
I'm thankful I don't do that anymore!!!!
and thank you for stopping by
if you want help with the little stars just ask...
as always

gobble gobble


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

all the leaves are down

(see....they all fell today
tinkle tinkle tinkle)
:) :) :)

and the mail box is full

I received a  little package today
all the way from


from Paris, France???

not Paris, Fraaance


it had a lovely card 
with even lovelier words on it
a Marie Claire magazine with Christmas inside
french style!!!
I have been craving chocolate for days and have done nothing about it
(I'm not driving 15 miles round trip just to get a choccy fix!!!)
I'm a happy camper today

for the sweet thought

big hugs

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sunshine shadows and early bloomers

a couple of days ago the sun was shining
and making shadows in our room

love the sun streaming in and making things shine

the birds on the lake were happy too
we seem to have a flock of baffle heads again
they just showed up
in large numbers and they've stayed
it's the same old story
can't get close to them of they all take off and
so here's what they look like

so while I was spying on the ducks and gooses
I spied this too

the Christmas cactus is blooming......  :{
guess I'll have to get another one

I used to HATE 'mums
I don't any more
not when they look like this!!!

finished all my books 
but a new one arrived yesterday
so I'm set for the next few days

still ploughing away on the red scarf
and I started a new knit
have to have one of each going or I get bored
so I started 

hope all is well with all of you
the amount of visitors this little blog gets these days if amazing
seems the more I stay away
the more the numbers go up



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a sweet find...

a little something you might like to make for yourself or as a tiny gift
found on the pinning place
but it's here if you want the pattern

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday twilight

no not "them"....


.......he caught knows .....



thought I would just show the birds on the lake this evening
the sun was almost down and they showed up as I started cooking dinner

lousy shots but you know the story by now
sneak around or they all fly off
and the heron caught something
I saw him do it
but I know he isn't hungry tonight
and neither are the ducks
all bottoms up and munch for them
they must make it hard for him to see into the water as they stir it up with all their paddling about and such
think he was glad when they finally floated off into the sunset!!!!!

the gentle giant is almost naked
and the Japanese Maple is glowing
this is the tree that loses all its leaves
at the same time
when the time is right
a gentle breeze can knock them 
ALL off at once
I always imagine they make a tinkling sound when this happens...
will try to watch for it
yes, I'm going to stand there camera in hand and wait for the 

in the last photo you'll see I'm still working on the
I got some new yarn
same as the "naughty yarn" from before
but this one is a lovely brick red
rather like the maple
and the rest of the things seem to match the colours outside 

I'm on my last book too
there are more in the mail so I have to read slowly
so this one will last