Saturday, March 31, 2012

another weekend...

and this is what my phone said when I woke it up
hope your morning is
husband also pointed out to me the other day that I can talk to my phone
no not someone ON my phone
but TO my phone
hello phone
please tell me the
and it shows me the
it doesn't talk back
I don't think anyway
but that's OK
I've had enough back talk

(and yes I usually just look out of the window to see what the weather is!!!)


someone we all know
and love
 has been showing us her
she can knit socks like there is no tomorrow
and if I wore socks I would have her knit me some
isn't she lucky I don't
wear socks
so I thought I would show you some I have recently acquired
that I just love
it's another funky chunky monkey
and it's just such fun
got it yesterday so I've only started three things to see how it works
and frogged them all
just practicing

do you do that with new yarn
just start something randomly to play with it

like this other stuff I got
it's so soft and squishy and feels so good
so I got needles out and somehow remembered how to
in the car on the way home!!!!!

and then while looking at some very french blogs came across
a pattern done entirely with
it took a second or two and it made sense
it was code for this!!!!

 I like the entrelac the best...
so we'll see
thick squishy wool worked in spring
makes sense

and the fan and feather
who remembers
but it's done too
long and lovely

and another yarn I got that I didn't show you
'coz I haven't been around
this is a
that is

I'm going to see if this works as an edging as I have run out of yarn
the light is once again rubbish so the colours are off
if not then
it's done!!!

funky shquishy shquashy chunky

and this blast from the past
it was done ages ago but I never taa daah'd it
it weighs a ton and is very very warm
I used it once when it actually got cold
the one day it did this winter!!!!

and with the other ball of this colour that I had
another one of these
that I don't wear
so I have a pile of them now!!!!!
a quick and easy piece that is missing it's edge but it won't take long to finish
I changed it somehow and just kept going!!!
I predict who will take this the next visit!!!

and should she show interest in picking up the needles
I found some for pennies on sale
with all the dark yarn I seem to have using the pretty wood ones from Knit pick
makes me blind so I got these as they are white-ish and I can see the stitches so much better

so there we are
 a weeks worth in one posting
should have cut it up in bits and made you think I was really really
getting them done
zing zing zing
you know all blog perfect
and blogalicious
read another rant about why bloggers pretend all is well and perfect
and don't show the reality

what I REALLY hope is that the people who won the
mother of all jackpots
put all that money to good use
and don't waste it on rubbish
did you know that within five years of winning huge amounts
most of the winners are broke and OWE money
it shouldn't be allowed!!!!!
apparently 3 tickets showed up as winners
in different states
mind boggling

have a goo one peoples


Thursday, March 29, 2012

and we're back!!!

with a recipe for pita bread
home made
yes at home
in the kitchen
in your own oven
anytime you like
fresh and pure

outside the
things have gotten a little hairy at times
heath issues cropping up here and there and a lot of
noggin use necessary
some of the reason
I've been so quiet of late
I am fine
others aren't
but it's getting better
as they say
one day at a time
common sense mostly
and a lifetime of knowing what's right
as of today
it's much better
and if we keep going the way we have the past few days
it will all be well
I may jump in the lake

 and take a hike
baby steps
so to celebrate my sanity
I made MYSELF some
homemade pita bread
coz I could and I wanted to
I found it
on the pinning place and kept it for special time
and today decided it was time to try it

the printer wasn't used
I wrote it down the old fashioned way
on the back of a scrap piece of paper!!! and off into the kitchen I went

pita bread
puffing in de oven
puff puff

 and when it was done
it was still


even if you don't it's very easy and straight forward
I cannot wait to eat a piece
chicken salad
inside a  piece a'pita bread
I made
in my kitchen
with stuff I recognise and can pronounce

I just wrote a whole  rant about the crap food here
but changed my mind and
hit delete
we are, each one of us, responsible for what we put in our mouths
just because they make crap food
doesn't mean you have to eat it

nuff sed!!!
 I'll see you soon
I hope
take care
be good

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


thanks for all the alerts
I must have pushed the wrong button and made it all go
but we're back


Sunday, March 25, 2012

more photos and a yeah!!!

this is just how I feel

with the giggly giggles and the tee hee's

and I did a happy dance
why you ask

well because

I did it

I did it

I finally friggin' did it

I made a little shalwette thingmado

all it needs is to be BO'd
and blocked
it's done
I did it
I did it
I really really did it

teeee heeeee!!!

and today my son and grandson came by
just the two of them
just da boyz
he walked in
he said
I was just asking Dad are we there yet
we were!!!
hello Nanny
whatyou doin'
oh do you have to use all these
what do you hook
as he lifted each of the sides of the coffee table up
all four of them
he has grown and has his father's hair from when HE was little
a beatle cut as they were called
we played a mean game of checkers...we tied
he had one king left and I had one king left
even tho'
I could have taken him down
I tellya
could have wiped him off the board in two moves
but I didn't

then I made a snack
veggies and dips
of sorts
but he's allergic to everything
or so he says
he has a friend who has allergies so I guess he's come out in support!!!!
no problem with the corn chips!!!!
he can't write the alphabet unless he sings it
he must be growing up
there were only
half a million questions this time
he had a birthday party to go to so they weren't here long
but it was so nice to see them both
my son and his son

so you can see I had a little something to happy dance about which is always nice on a rainy Sunday
and before I go I thought I would show how very pretty it was yesterday in between rain showers...
crystal clear

hope you got to happy dance about something

Friday, March 23, 2012

friday fotos!!!

another week gone
this one faster than most for some reason
one filled with worldly events that come home so strongly when you have kids
or are just someone who cares
and questions too
why is it that the death of some children in some countries cause more grief and discussion than other children in other countries
we should all scream our heads off each time a child is killed, for whatever reason
war, accident, murder, terror or hatred
in this country we are facing once again the question of race
and the answer is the same and we are dumbfounded that it is
maybe this time it will be different
maybe this time it will bring about a change
maybe the subject can be dealt with openly and justly
because not talking about it and pretending everything is just fine ....isn't the way
what's so scary (and interesting in a way)  is that the way both of the shooters in the stories I refer to where described by neighbours in the same way
such nice boys, so polite and helpful.
obviously not


so to the photos
the one above is my final attempt at getting a picture of it
fuzziness and all
with the reflections I have gone mad trying to find a place where there are none
husband bought me the bell jar as a surprise because I mentioned getting one so it doesn't get dusty and yucky
but each time he asked me if I had found one or bought one
he got the same reply
so he went ahead and got it
and speaking of husband
as I started making him something for breakfast this morning
I spied once again something on the lake
or to be precise the dock on the lake
two shapes I have never seen here before
so breakfast abandoned
you know how I can do that in the blink of an eye when blue needs to be got and pictures need to be took
knowing how skittish wild ones are I took a couple from inside
but it's ridiculous with no zoom lens
so I sneaked through the trees and bushes once again to get as close as I could
and I was doing really really well when
the expletive deleted marines shot the cannon and scared said birds right outta here
damn them

so I left the photos big and you get the gist of what they looked like
I think
and am pretty sure
they are Cormorants
and what they are doing here
 is beyond me...
we won't be tying these to strings and making them fish for us!!!

I've been wondering about  this
Year Without Winter
I remember reading, a couple of years ago now,
 about the Year Without a Summer
when Krakatoa blew up and the planet experienced no Summer that year
it was quite bad, as the crops didn't grow because the sun was obliterated and the temperatures were low
should go back and find it

all the trees have bloomed and already the flowers are gone
we need rain badly
and this weekend may bring some
 so let's hope
yes for rain
all the plants in the garden are budding and blooming
way too early so it will be an empty summer if they all come out now
the farmers are worried that a cold spell will come and kill all the crops
it could still happen

poor Gaia what have we done to you

don't remember what this is called
I say Euonymos and husband says not
so let's go with
really really loud and yellow bush lighting up the shadows!!
(after checking it is Euonymous :) )

the Jacob's Ladder outside our room
so pretty....

yup they're here too
and if it rains there will be more

 and the Japanese Maple
has the leaves open and all the flowers
 are in Sammy's tummy by the looks of it!!!!
Sammy the Squirrel

see ya!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and so it begins...

once again the earth turns
 and they declare that it is now
even though this year
in this neck of the woods
 it came with the new year

as I was cooking dinner last evening I noticed the
Japanese Maple is budding
new leaves and little flowers
a squirrel was eating them which is what made me notice
of course by the time I got the camera the
muncher was gone
but a Cardinal flew in

albeit for a second or two
but they are active and noisy and are in nest building mode
I filled the feeder with their favourite food so they will be around for sure
they just have to get used to me spying on them
this one looks to be a brand new one
he's clean and bright and very skittish and I haven't seen a female with him
so he must be looking
coz he sure talks a lot

the other bushes are budding and blooming too
way too early
but this is the new weather now
all out of sync and all in the wrong place
and we better get used to it

that bird house was for the
Eastern Blue birds
but the squirrels had other ideas and now it's just for show!!!
the bush in the background is the Spirea

I picked a few daffodils on Sunday
actually this is a narcissus
the leaves have been up since January
but the flowers took longer
you can see they are ready to be thrown out
should have left them in the ground!!
but it's hard not to bring them in

along with a sprig or two from the
plum tree
and the
spirea bush

and look what else I spied
 as I cooked last evening

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


so I wish not to appear ill mannered any more!!!!!
I am not in the mood to blog
 as of late
 so therefore
I have not
but I didn't say so
and that was rude
some of you know I am alive and well and active on line
just not here
I saw this and it reminded me
 to be polite
and say
I will return
very soon
but do still visit and say Hello if so moved!!!!
my stats show that many visit
but none speak
 that's OK
I see you
whoever you are!!!!

hope all is well with you and that Spring has sprung for you too!