Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a visit...

It got very hot over the weekend
but as it is the unofficial start to 
it isn't a surprise
but we had a nice surprise
son #1and son came by for a visit

after a jolly round of
Chinese Checkers
and a small snack of the 
I made
that I found the recipe for on the pinning place
we went down to what is called 
the beach
 around here
I haven't ever taken photos down here as we don't go anymore
so it will be nice to see a slightly different 

one can see how thick the woods are here

can't get over how the trees have grown down to the water

22 acres of water
it used to be a corn field!!!
spring fed

there was a birthday party going on in the pavillion

are there fishes in there
do they bite

just hanging around down on the beach

looking back the other way!!

sharing the slide
that is so slick it was hard to get him going down
anyway he enjoyed it and interestingly didn't ask to go swimming
maybe next time

if we promise the fish won't bite!!!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kevin Costner has a band and he can sing

who knew ! :)

It's Memorial Day weekend here in the States...it's all red White and Blue...
and it's that time we are supposed to remember those who gave all.
Living right in the middle of where so much of The Civil War was fought
this reminds one that it wasn't so long ago that there was a war here
and as they say in the South
It wasn't very Civil!!

There is a house in Fredericksburg that was used as a hospital
we went there once and I stood in the window of one of the rooms
that still looks out over the river and the banks where so many were slaughtered
and read a book in which a nurse wrote her thoughts and feelings
 the night before a battle
 about the men she tended to that night
they all went back out  the next day and only a  few returned to her care

there are still too many battlefields in this world

this song is very sad...but it's pretty in its simplicity and it makes you wonder
when can the angels stop coming down...

playing with floss

some of you may remember these little "guys"
the turbaned floss bobbins

well they showed themselves the other day and I decided to try something I saw on

the blogger very kindly made a chart for those of us who don't read French
and there is a picture of what she made
I will attempt the same!!!
because you can never have enough little bags ....made of things that sit around and stare at you!!!!

I bought some mohair a while back
and decided to see what it would look like
done on the
the link will take you to a video on how to do it

you can make your own loom with a 
you know to practice on
after the initial clumsiness you will be hair-pinning your little hands off
try it

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

apple cake...

all in US terms
oven 425 deg F
bake time
25-35 mins

Butter a 9 inch spring form pan

1/2 c all purpose flour
1/3 c sugar
1Tbs baking powder....1/8 tsp salt.... 1/2 tsp vanilla
2 eggs, beaten, ...2 Tbs oil... 1/3 c milk
lemon zest...... 4-6 apples

1/3 sugar...I beaten egg
zest of lemon...  1Tbs lemon juice
3Tbs melted butter
combine and stir well to blend

make cake...

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, salt.

Add  eggs, milk, oil, zest and vanilla
Stir to blend well

Add apples and stir to cover apples well
put batter into the prepared pan

for 25 mins 'til fairly firm and golden

take cake out and pour the topping mixture over the cake
return to the oven and bake another

remove the cake and cool for 10 mins
release the sides of the pan and remove the cake

there you have it
a delicious cake made with fresh ingredients
that you can pronounce and enjoy
and you will

I am making custard the next time

the English in me just calls for it!!!

I can't find the page I got this from
I have looked everywhere and it's not to be found
so I can't give credit where credit is due
and it is DUE!!!!!!!

after some rain

it's been raining around here quite a bit
and it is very welcome
we have a drought already so any rain is good
no hummers as of yet but it's all ready for them

in fact it rained so much the night before last
there were floods just up the road a ways
as they say

water half way up the cars in some spots
that's just silly
too much isn't any good 
but I think it's all gone now

the lake is nice an full too
I'll show you later maybe

so in between showers yesterday
I took a little walk in the front
and took a few shots of what's there

mountain laurel is almost over already
the bush is getting so big it may have to be pruned
husband planted the trees way too close and now the bush if fighting for space
it's the only plant left from when we came here
eons ago
its very very old
as are we now!!!!

this is 
straight out of camera
the light was just like this

everyone is up and growing finally
it's all getting so big and jumbled
just like I like it

yes he is still here
standing guard on the flower 

so that's it for today
what it looked like yesterday
wet and green and jumbled
just like I like it!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

great big gobs of gorgeous geeseie gosling gooseie goodness

they are back
after weeks of not seeing them
knowing they had the babies

but not knowing what happened

they came sailing in this morning

 more than before
there are babies over there in the grass
and two ducks on the dock for an added bit of scenic beauty!!!

 and there
in the rear of this group 
 doing what he does

 playing nursemaid
protector of all things little

 and goose-like

they swam straight onto the shore and got out

 and let me know 
they know 
I know 
they know

yes ma'm

 but the little ones didn't give a hoot
or would that be a honk
and just started grazing

 this is another family

 and the other families

and one lone one on the water

maybe next year he'll have one of these of his own
I hope so

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see them
I thought something horrible had happened to them
because they were invisible for so long
but now I know why

welcome back goose's

now here's to getting the blogging mojo back
but I know I'm not the only one
something seems to have shifted and blogging ain't what it used to be

some have gone completely
some have seemingly started "blogging" on Facebook
a place I just can't get a feel for.... find it a bit weird for some reason
some are on Instagram
which just uses up all your time on the phone and I'm not paying to see peoples photos 
that all look the same and are somehow a bit depressing
that smoky fuzzy dark look makes me blue
and I'm enough of that these days without 
Instagram enforcing it

:)  :)

makes me want to say
I vant to be aloooone


here's to coming back
and staying back
or at least
being here a bit more often

be good
and I hope a goose made you happy today