Saturday, July 31, 2010


can't help it!!!
they work up so fast
why not??
The cotton I use came out with a new colour
I've had it for a while
and last evening I got it out and made these two...

the light is a little off
and they look two different colours
the top one is truer to the colour.
well, I'm off to cut the brownies
they should be cool now!
Hang around...I'll plate them and you can have one!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday one and all.....

here's lookin' at you, kid!!!

Got these beauties at the grocery store yesterday.
Just couldn't resist them
so I didn't.

the answer is blown' in the wind!!!

the shadow knows!!!!

and speaking of flowers
if you go
you will find some more pretty flowers
that have shown up in the group on Flickr.
"Virginia-blue" is having a Friday feature on her blog to showcase
the talented entries.
The group is full of very different types of work
and it's fascinating to see what a hook and some yarn
can do!!!
Hopefully today will be a good day for everyone
and the weekend will bring
rest and relaxation for those of you who need it!!!
Tomorrow is the last day of the month
Is it Autumn yet?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

it's been one of those day

I'll catch you tomorrow

but to leave you with a smile on your face....

here is miss whiskers

It's been a bad hair kind of day
for all of us!!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


in a cloth for the kitchen

to wash and wipe away
the blahs!!!
When there is drudgery to do
grab a cloth
bright enough to blind you
get on with what you have to do!

Like polishing the apples...
heaven forbid the neighbours find dust on your
Make sure you have many

of all colours and sizes

make sure they compliment the dishes
yellow and blue
so good together!!

give one to your sister
and listen to how much she loves it!!!
and take the hint!!!

Make one and instantly
put it somewhere
never to be seen again!!!
but you took its photo
so in a way you still have it!

and finally
(because I am bored too)
make one that is totally and
completely useless

Pile them all on the bed
move them at least ten times a day
and wonder......
when does a girl
have too many cloths and not enough
pommes to polish????


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

not mad anymore!!!


(from the amc site)

I set the recorder on Sunday to record
my new obsession
but it failed me
I was so disappointed yesterday
I couldn't stand myself!!!
silly I know
really silly,
but I have spent the last three weeks
watching the
15 or so episodes
of the previous seasons
and  I was SO looking forward to the first
episode of the new one.

I had to wait until
11.00 pm last night
to record it
and by then I was fast asleep
so this morning.....
I slept really really late
for me
and nearly killed myself getting the coffee made and the cat taken care of
and throwing myself on the couch
like a little kid with a special treat
and clicked
there it was.
I feel so much better today
There was the gang
in a new office
a year later
and they are all the same
but different
just like we are
I enjoyed every single second of it
except the commercials
which is funny
because that's what they do on the show
sucker us into buying crap we don't need or want

but anything they want to sell me
I'll buy!!!!!!

I'm a very happy girl today!!!
but true!

:) :) :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


found this in the camera...

from yesterday..

before sanity returned
and the heat left us

I had to sneek a peek from inside
so it's a little (?) blurry
 there he is
soaking wet
but happy

on the right side of the page you will see a link
 to Susannes blog
FruALBERTSSON as she likes to be called!!!
her blog is having an anniversary in a few days
and she is having a giveaway
it's a beautiful gorgeous
book mark
that she made.
so for those of you who know her
you know it's time to get over there and try to win it
I did!!!!
if you get there and it's in
she has a translator

or I wouldn't have known anything!!!

:) :) :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The necklace!!

So, you look around the house to see if you have something
and you find that you don't
so what to put the necklace on to show it off.
a wine jug from
either Greece or Tuscany
of course!!!
and where to put it
when the light is awful
either too bright or too dark
on the Egyptian tray
that sits atop the chest
from Indonesia

(note to self....visit Ikea more often!)

so here is what i did with the beads
after several versions
this is how I strung them.

the beautiful pieces of Turquoise

and the fascinating Volcano beads
with the Silver

and to complete the International-ity
of it all
a Tibetan Pendant
that the husband
bought me a few Christmases ago
that never had a place.....
I love it!!!!!!


how to make ear rings!

Sister dear......
here is a tut on how to make an ear ring
 or two..... unless you are van gogh.....

you will need
head pins
some are plain and some are fancy

jump rings and needle nosed pliers

ear ring posts

collect all of this
and take untold numbers of photos

put the bead on the pin.
with the needle nosed pliers
bend the wire towards you over the bottom "nose"

flip the pliers over and pull the wire to the back and around

drop the camera....but make sure you keep the focus

swear out loud so the cat hears you
and twist the wire around 2-3 times

cut the wire.... with the wire cutters you didn't show you needed

and you should have this
only you hope that the pin you use isn't an el cheapo and the silver coating comes off
like this

put the bead on the jump ring
which you have opened by twisting it
and not pulling it straight out

add the ear post
close the jump ring

again sideways and making sure there is no gap
for the whole thing to fall apart

you got's yourself
ear ring!!!!


you could go to a professional website to see how a
PRO does it!!!!!

that is why they get the big money
and I have to buy el cheapo
head pins!!!!!


had enough.....

that's all I'm sayin'

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Iceland landed .......a random act of kindness....

A few weeks ago
or maybe it was days ago
I posted the photo of my beads.
who hails from ICELAND
told me she wanted my address so she could send me something.
well, today I got a package in the mail
the island
with the volcano
that no one can pronounce
that messed up the flights for weeks
that island.

It took no time at all to get here
and this is what she sent me....

but first you have to know about this young lady.
We met on Flickr
as you do!!
and through posting comments and such
we became what we call
We've flickrmailed a few times
and I found out
that she is leaving her homeland to go and live in Norway.
Her husband is there now getting things ready for his family to go and join him in a few weeks
where they will start a new life .
Svana.....isn't that a great name!!
is the mother of five beautiful children.  FIVE!!!
She has been packing their things in boxes
and making sure that everything is done and ready to go.
She has been very busy
as we can imagaine
when she saw the beads
she asked me to send my address
she insisted
and told me how excited she was because she had thought of something she wanted to send me.
I got the package today
as I said......

a box of cards
with inspirational sayings
to make us all better people
from the Hidden People of Iceland.
I LOVE folklore!

These are my favourites..
I'll post better pics later....

and in a bag
were these.........

from the land she will soon be leaving
to start a new life with her family.
she sent me a piece of her homeland
and I will treasure it for ever.
Thank you Svana
for your sweet generosity
for taking time out to think of someone you have never met
I wish you and your family nothing but
happiness health and good fortune
when you get there
send me a photo
of all of you
YOU included
standing infront of that great house
smiling, so I know you're happy!!!!!
(I won't post it if you don't want me to
I promise!!!)
þakka þú a þúsund sinnum minn sætur Iclandic Víkingur Prinsessa

I have to go
I can't see through the tears!!!!


hazy hot and humid

is the forecast

the storm in the Gulf
may not get as big as they thought
which is such a good thing
but still not what those poor people need

(from some weather page I can't find again!!
the heat wave over us at the moment
told you I don't like pink!!!!)

the weather in the Northern US
is so out of control and wierd
it isn't funny
the amount of water that falls out these storms that just explode overhead
is just plain scary
I have read on many a European blog
that the heat over there
is breaking records
in Latvia one blogger said it was
which is 122 F!!!!!!
That is just
crazy craziness!

I have been putting water in as many plant saucers as I can find
for the birds to drink and take a bath in.
They love splashing around and getting cooled off and clean!
I will try to get a photo of the
Robin who just stands in one.
He likes his feet wet and cool
I just missed a great little episode of
shared coolness
a Cat Bird was in the water
a Purple Martin flew all around him and landed on the edge
and got a free shower
as the Cat Bird splashed the water on him!
another little bird joined in the free spray...
and I didn't have the
bloody camera with me!!!
I really must remember to never go outside without the lens
primed and ready!!

The new group on Flickr
that I told you about yesterday
is filling up fast and I have spent
time looking and finding
quite a few lovely examples
of all this crochet madness
that has struck around the globe!
Deb, the lady who asked me to help her
with the search
has also gone a little cross-eyed looking!
and just a little while ago
she found a photo of hers that had made the
Explore page....
they (the Flickreenos, that's what they call themselves!!?)
post the photos that either have the greatest response
or match some techy computery searchy thingy
that scours the uploads as they come in
I found three of mine there!!!
Who knew??!!
I didn't until Deb showed me the way!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

done and dusted

I love that expression!
 the house is
swept clean of all the dirt that accumulates in no time
the furniture no longer looks dull and lifeless
the rugs and kitty sheets
are all clean and fluffy!!!
dinner is on the stove
and it smells
and as a reward for all of that
boring but necessary stuff
I got the prize I won
on Louise from Gibraltar
in the mail....
maybe I should clean more often!!!!

Here it is...
A little tray
that I can keep my camera and its bits on
and a little book
I can write all the things I want to crochet in.
draw in
take notes.....
I know that Louise is on holiday at the momemt
she said so on her blog
but I still want to say thank you
and I hope you have a great time.

For the rest of you who didn't get a reward for what you did today....
you get to go home and chill
do it!!!

just a quick one...

I am planning on cleaning this pig sty I call a house!!!
but before I go and do that... :(    I wanted to let those of you who
visit but don't ever say a word!!!
that there is a new group over on Flickr
for anyone to join.
please visit
and there is a link over on the side >>>>>

It's going to be a hot hot hot
one today
take it easy
drink a lot
stay cool
and remember



Thursday, July 22, 2010

running out

of flowers to post....
the garden is winding down already
and what will I
take pictures of?
the house plants?
I bought these at the
grocery store
I show you how small they are
by keeping their hideous paper jackets on
lime green
neon pink...
but the roses are cute
allbeit the yellow one is
drying and a bit crispy!!
but it has new blooms and they should be alright
once I remove the hideous neon cover!!!
and give them drink and some TLC.

Outside it is brown and dry and in need of a good
spruce up...
but I'm sorry that can wait until
it's cooler

I sat out for a little while this morning
it wasn't so humid or hot
so I had my coffee there.
You can see the grass is brown and dry .
Speaking of the grass.
the young man came back with friend in tow
and cut the grass
and what a disaster that turned out to be!!
He ran over a yellow jackets nest and got stung
several times!!!
The wasps flew up his shorts and stung him
where they shouldn't have!!!
I ran to get ice
and made him spit on the stings
he kept saying
It's all good
it's all good
clearly it wasn't!!
I let him use the bathroom to see exactly where the sting
that hurt the most WAS
and he came back
and said
it's ok.
I felt so awful....
and kept asking if he was allergic
 they say that more than four stings can be dangerous
but he said he'd been stung before, cutting his own grass.
I ran up the road and bought the last two cans of spray
and the hubs,
who was perfectly calm and kept telling of his experiences with wasps nests,
sprayed the area.
We haven't had an irate parent come knocking  on the door
threatening to sue us
so, I guess


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On the day they show the biggest star

from bbc page
 I see the smallest
I am not 100%
it is a butterfly
and not a moth......


but it doesn't matter
he's tiny and adorable
and a great thing to see
first thing in the morning!!!

I didn't crop
and make him bigger
'coz I wanted you to see how small he is!!!