Monday, February 27, 2012

on the camera...

not much of anything to say today
it's Monday  !!
watched the Oscars last night
mostly because that's all that was on

wasn't a very good show, was it  :{
boring I found
if the entertainment industry can't keep us entertained
we're really in big trouble I say!!!
how can actors and performers be so bad
and they get paid so much for it
it's almost pornographic
and who in the hell dresses these women
some of them could barely move for fear of falling over
or in most cases
falling OUT
we've all got them girls
but do we have to show them
in such precarious ways
some  can get away with it
but most
not so much!!!
we need to go back to the
"Movie star" days when they got paraded out and about once in a while
and then went back behind the high walls and big gates
to live the high life and leave the rest of us in our bliss!!
sorry but it got me really pissed off watching how stupid they basically all are
no education no knowledge past how to get on camera
living like they deserve the paychecks and forgetting so quickly what real life it
no class or couth
just miserable
seeing all the "power couples" who can barely stand to be in the same room together
must be so awful to have all that money and fame and still be unhappy

but outside where the TV ain't!!!!
there was a show of shows going on up there in the wild blue yonder
the moon
cuddling up in the cold blue sky and just shining their little hearts out
and if the sun had not been so shiny bright
mercury was there too
but it wasn't visible here coz of the angle
so  I took blue out
to snap a shot

completely useless and awful but hey
this ain't the movies

and talking about blue
(my camera for those of you who may not know)
it doesn't seem to be able to pick up the colours very well lately
above is a photo on the computer of the scarf I am currently hooking
and it shows up a lovely shade of blue/turq
when in fact it is
I have played with the editing but it doesn't help
so I took this just to show how
awfully awffff it is!!!!!
tisk tisk...guess it's the light or something

and another to show it more true to life
why are purple and blue and red so hard to take
hm mm maybe I should call Hollywood!!

with the navy blue yarn I'm knitting the same pattern as the purple one
the feather and fan
interesting how similar they are

I got sick of the tangles and bits all over the place
well hanging out of the drawer they are in
so I re wrapped them and with the bits too good to chuck out

I figure 8'd them into little bobbins to make them easy to use

and threw them into a bag !!!!!
because the drawers are now full of neatly spun balls of yarn

see how long that lasts!!!!

so I'm's time for tea
take care til I see ya next time
toddle ooooo
and I'd like to thank the academy
just for the hell of it

Saturday, February 25, 2012

shhh saturday!!

sun on the breakfast table

sun on the paper whites

and mini roses

feather and fan crochet

played with the editing!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

overload I know.....third post today...

but I'll stay quiet for the weekend
well I'll try anyway
just had to show these
I took about 25-30 of them as it just wouldn't stop
this is when I wish I was a real photog
with a real lens
but blue didn't do so bad!!!

I can't get away from those damn lines and if I crop too much is lost so just make them a part of what I see
and there they are!!!



be safe and happy

that's a storm a brewin'

the sky is getting darker
the wind is howling too

it's really blowing the water

and the trees and bushes too

they've put up the tornado watch
it's crazy and just nuts

so I'm going to shut the 'puter off
and go watch Martha
do her stuff

on a t-shirt
draw something dotty with Sharpie pens
then drip isopropyl alcohol on the ink and watch it bloom
this isn't good coz it isn't on a t-shirt
and as I don't wear t-shirts
 the husband better hand over one
 or he's wearing polka dots


ha look whoooooooo
I found on the floor
under the desk
the one that got away
and he has feet
I think it's the one I made to show you how to
do double knitting and then something happened
and it never got done
so he took off and hid
I guess!!!
oh well
it's raining so I better go
see ya

Thursday, February 23, 2012

hello lovely

the woman on the radio has just declared this day the first day of Spring
it is half past noon
and it's
63 F
the sky is blue
the air is warm
and there are white fluffy clouds
as you can see


in the midday sun


the sky

as dear Martha would say

it's a good thing!!!

removed ....

I have taken down the tut for the block I saw
even though I know it isn't an original design
 because I have seen that particular block in very old books
I don't want to start something
with anyone
I got a couple of comments that I didn't post
which tells me someone got upset
so down it goes
anyone can duplicate the block if they want
I just won't be the one to help them
sorry but it's only fair
I suppose

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

photo heavy...word light...hopefully..not so much

after having read this

I am putting the tut back up

thank you Leah  for such a clear explanation
now we know
and can get over ourselves!!!!
stitches used
(US terms (don't know the others sorry))

half double crochet
slip stitch
magic circle to start centre

 make a granny type centre...
magic loop
chain 3
2 hdc in loop
chain 1
3 hdc in loop
 until you have 4 3 hdc sets and 4 ch 1 spaces
slst into first st
fasten off and
change colour

2 hdc in first stitch
 (not  corner space as in granny square)

1 hdc 
2 hdc in 3rd stitch
ch 3 
and repeat in each stitch around
so that you have
20 hdc and 4 ch 3 spaces
fasten off and change colour

repeat this on all the rows
adding  more chains to the corners
and making two hdc in the first and last stitches of the row below

the chains on the corners grow by 2 each round

and when you have completed 6 rounds
you have a
make another one or 50
and join them together with the join as you go method
which means no sewing lots of blocks/squares/motifs together at the end

this is how I did it
you do it as you know how or look it up and find a video if this doesn't look or feel right!!!

as I made the last row of hdc I slipped the hook ito the top of each stich of the other block after making one side....

and this is how it looks

hope this is clear enough for you to follow
it's a really easy block to make and it will use up all those bits you have lying around
tell me if something isn't right
thank you
good night!!!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a new block

saw something this afternoon
pinned it
looked at it one more time
and couldn't help myself
you know how it is
don't you????

it's a very simple and straight forward pattern

 a couple more stitches on each row

an extra chain or two on the corners

my own version of join as you go
once again
bob's your uncle
a very retro looking block is born

looks like a good stash buster too

easy huh