Thursday, July 18, 2013

a record of the obsession.... so far

it's hot
it's humid
and it's
pity those that have to be out in this furnace
it's going to be
 97 f
which is
39 c
but it feels like
 111 f
44 c
 with the humidity
we don't live in the desert
we live half way between the mountains and the ocean
but it feels like the desert south west
or north africa
or south africa
or the middle of Oz
well they're in winter now 
but you know what I mean
here's to cool thoughts
long tempers
and no screaming whining kids


Sunday, July 14, 2013

the more things change, the more they stay the same

some of you will know this case, some won't so just miss this post

last night after watching a movie, I switched to CNN to see what was going on in the world
I don't watch the news anymore....
any news
 of any kind
 from anywhere
but because I am alive and conscious 
I knew there was a jury watch going on in Florida ...
the verdict was about to be read when I switched on...
to say the least, expletives were uttered, as the sheer madness hit home
husband went off on a rant... I had just asked him what he thought it would be and he had answered it HAS to be guilty....there is nothing else...
we were actually quite speechless 
and when that happens one tends to say completely ridiculous things for some reason
we watched a few seconds longer and left it for the universe to sort out
because once again a jury has brought a verdict in 
that makes no sense to sensible people
I didn't watch the, I'm sure, many talking heads on this morning
too many mouths talking all at once
but I did come across this on CNN's website...
and have included a part of it that, for me, says it all
there is no justice there is no fairness
there is no sense left

here is what spoke to me the loudest...

"Some people have forgotten that Zimmerman was not even arrested initially. It took more than a month for the special prosecutor to bring the second-degree murder charge. And if not for mass protests across the country, he might not be the defendant in a murder trial at all.

Miller Francis
Miller Francis

The question that has not surfaced in the courtroom -- the elephant in the room -- is this: Did Martin fear for his life after being followed and confronted by a stranger while going to the store to buy candy and a soft drink? Was he, Martin, justified in standing his ground and defending himself when this stranger, an apparent stalker, approached him in a threatening manner?

Zimmerman didn't identify himself and never said he was part of the neighborhood watch group.
Think about it: We're told over and over that if Zimmerman was afraid of Martin, according to Florida law, he had the right to put a bullet in the chamber of his concealed handgun, get out of his car after being told not to by the 911 dispatcher and follow and confront Martin and shoot him to death.

At the same time, we are told that Martin, who had far greater reason to fear Zimmerman, practically and for reasons of American history, did not have the right to confront his stalker, stand his ground and defend himself, including by using his fists. We are told that this was entirely unjustified and by doing so, Martin justified his own execution."

be careful who you stand up to... 
 I hope his family can find peace... I doubt they can, but we can wish it for them...

the more things change              the more they stay the same

Saturday, July 13, 2013

the doily diaries...

olive green

Victorian red

the latest entries
the olive green one finished yesterday and blocked and steamed and sorted
and the Victorian rose one also blocked and steamed
makes such  a difference and it's not a hard thing to do
just wish the light was better
one more grey morning 
but who cares when you have two finished flowery doilies to add to the list!!!
just kidding.....

Friday, July 12, 2013

it's that day again..

the end of another week

this week went by quickly
nothing of any interest or consequence happened
I continue on the doily quest
this one is olive in colour and it's almost done
just a few more stitches to go
so... I started an edging piece
just because
 I found a piece I had started a while ago 
and it's easy to do
 and if you want to do it
it's found on
there are lots of lovely patterns there
all for the taking

I bought TWO bunches of flowers this week
these are just a few of them
the weather is grey and wet and dull
but you can see how neon green it is outside!!!!!!!
and it's about to storm again and we're under another flash flood warning

so I'll say 
have a good weekend
now I'll  go and finish the olive green doily and wonder what there is for dinner
see excitement to the nth degree


see ya!

Monday, July 8, 2013

anybody out there....

the last one steamed and sorta blocked...

it's much nicer in person and it looks nice on the dark wood table....
unfortunately I am still finding patterns on line that call out to be made..
so I will answer until I can no more!!!

we've been having a lot of clouded over days when it gets so dark you have to put the lights on
and the other day the sun broke out and shone on the little basket of violets and made them sparkle
although there are no photos the geese have grown into their own gaggle
all the families are now one and in the early morning they glide across the far side of the lake
in the early sun and it's such a sight to see
the swans have not been seen for weeks so I think they moved on
hopefully down to a lake in Florida where I know 
 who will take good care of them!!!
I wish!

so on we go with the addiction
this time in
Victorian red
the new cotton is very different from what I've been using 
used a #7 for this one
and I will try a #5 for the next
my stupid back has been giving me fits lately so I tend to be quiet and broody
plus nothing of any consequence is going on so there is nothing to post about really
the weather is horrible and too hideous to even talk about
I hate the weather here and how the hell I ended up in it is any ones guess
really anyone's

hope your summer is going well
and I'll see you the next time around
probably after the next addition is complete

stay cool