Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another walk...

I was inside doing this
and it's so pretty outside
 I decided to go have a glass of this
NO, not vino
'tis cranberry juice...
I call this my cranberry sunshine drink!!!

then this caught my eye
he's always there
scarfing up what is left of the morning feed

and I looked up and saw this
the leaves on the tulip trees are here

and the sun is making the dogwood swell...

then I went for a stroll to see what I could see

the sweet wild violets are all over the place

so I came inside and made this

It is for you!!!

Happy rest of the day to you

I have to get back to this

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a m light...

I could have stayed inside and had my hot cup of coffee. I could have surfed the web, or read the newspapers. I could have done something constructive, like dust or tidy something. I could have, but I didn't. I went outside, in the cold and wind and took some pictures, because the sun was up and it was too pretty to stay inside. My tiny hands are frozen, my nose is cold and red
and I can't feel my feet...wearing slippers should be a no-no....
and the coffee is cold!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

For Joys' eyes only!!!

Out of the chaos....

comes the makings...

of something I hope you will like!!!

Well, OK the rest of you can look...
but you can only look...
no touching!!!!

I will see if I can get
some red to mix in.
If the resident jack of all trades
gets his hair cut...
then I will go and get it
while he makes himself beautiful!!!
I, on the other hand, would rather spend the time
and money in the
wool shop.

Farewell and goodnight

Saturday, March 27, 2010


ending to the day

look what the sunset is doing

since the bush outside has lost its limb
there is more light coming
in the window
and it is
making shadows
it has never made
love it!!!!

Happy Day

until we start sneezing!!!

My husband cut them for me
and the cat ran for the hills when I brought them in!!!
But they will stay
until said sneezing
Hope the sun is shining where you are
and that soon you will have flowers too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

And with all of this

I'm happy

He's happy!!

She's happy...

and with the promise of a good day tomorrow...

I bid thee all adieu.....

Two things I've learned.....

For those of you not interested in hook work
this is boring!
But if you do any hooking this may help.
What I find annoying is the messy area where the last stitch is made
especially when joining a new colour.
If you cut the yarn off and thread a needle,
the last stitch is almost invisible
and the join is much neater.
A lot of you probably
already know this
but there may be someone who doesn't!
I took some photos to show the process.
(click on photo to make bigger)

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The other thing is if you aren't making a garment,
using a smaller hook than recommended
makes the work neater too.
Going down one or even two sizes
makes the item a little tighter
and that looks a little
more pleasing.
Just my humble opinion!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


After I made these

 I went on to make these.

They were designed by the same young woman
who showed us how to make
the African Flowers.
I made them last night
while watching
and added the rest today,
while the computer was being fixed.
It crashed on me
and I had to step away
while the geek squad
fixed it.
Then I played with the photos
as I am apt to do nowadays
I love turquoise and white.
And I am glad to hear it is this year's
It means I will get to see a lot of it!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flowers around the world

If you go to this link you will find all the flowers that are showing up on the Flickr site
of these
African Flowers
that Elisabeth Cat
posted a while ago.
You can't make just one!!
Mine is made with good old cotton,
in the colours I seem to be
using a lot of this Spring.
I think I want my Irises to
but I will have to wait to see if they do,
because someone,
buried them in mulch
and I don't think they'll make it!
So in the meantime
I can crot-chet

these are made with yarn and I'm trying to come up with something other than a pillow or a blanket...
we'll see were the chaos takes us!!
(There is more to the story of the flowers
I did not know....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This bud's for you...

I'm sure that has been used a zillion times
what with all the buds
but I just had too.
The resident lumberjack
took up his trusty chain saw

 gave the broken bushes
a good whack.
The photo in the centre
is the yew bush,
that must be 50 years old,
that was broken by the snow.
I was hoping he would cut it down,
but he has a very strong belief
that new will grow on dead.
So, there it stands,
a shadow of its
 former self.
I thought it looked like it was bleeding,
poor thing.
The other photos
are of the buds
that are bursting forth
in this heat
and sunshine.
It reached 75 F
yesterday and today.
(1 Japanese Maple 2 Colombine 3 Lime green bush?
4 Holly 5 Yew 6 Gold Dust
7 Jacobs Ladder 8 Magnolia 9 Forsythia)

this handsome fellow

is ready for his closeup!!!
He is not shy and just stands there looking right back at me.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday again...

Seems Fridays are coming quicker,
I hope they are for you who have to work.
I took a wee stroll this morning,
in the fresh air and sunshine.
I took the camera and found some neat things to record.

Here in no particular order!!!

Have a great Friday evening....
kick off your shoes and indulge...
this was last night...
just a sliver of moon

little furry seed pods

the forsythia is in bloom

and the red buds are here

last year's crop of who knows what

moss growing on the gravel

the flower of this smells like rotten meat,
we never let it bloom!!

and last but not least...
bottom's up!!!