Saturday, December 28, 2013


the last slice....
it was mine!!!
(used the FOOD setting) ???
don't worry we have more!!!

the little buggers turned around and left


light and shadow

shadow and light!!!

used the sunset setting!!!
it also has a sunRISE setting...
what's the difference???

and last evening I played with the macro

I love stitches

up close and personal

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

and so it begins.....

morning sunlight for the first time in days

means the new "eye" can see .....

sammy snacking on seeds

while the other sammy runs in.... before he's run off

this little guy hasn't quite woken up and sits for a few minutes contemplating.....

and this is our Christmas Goose
grazing next door
this is 
he's very very old and he always makes me happy to see him
coz he hisses at me and let's me know who's boss
but today he was calm and bright!!!!!

and after the storm the sky starts to clear and change
 as the sparkles begin to grow
these are the first few photos I took with my new camera
I didn't mess with the photos this time
they are sooc
(straight out of camera)
there are lots and lots of settings 
either ignore
play with 
as time goes by

as soon as I've thawed out I'll be back outside 

have fun all


Monday, December 23, 2013

chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

testing, one, two three, four.....playing with all the connections I seem to have between one site and another.... almost too many to keep up with... :)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

cheep cheep...

happy day after 
have a new camera with a very
zoooom lens
not good
but we'll get there
these are cropped
 a lot 
and it wasn't the best day to take pictures of anything
as it's grey and windy and blah
we aren't covered in ice and snow
neither do we have tornado warnings
so it's not a complaint 
it's an observation

not a goose or a duck or a swan to be seen
not a pretty cloud or any cloud
not a flower worth a shot
but these two kept still long enough for me to 
I am a spoilt brat
with a zooooom lens

wish for sun 
and gooses
 and ducks
 and swans


Saturday, December 21, 2013

criss cross...

up there and down here
working the baby alpaca I got the other day
so soft and squishy!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

gaggles of geese and a popcorn sky

today I saw something I've never seen before
an almost pile up of two flocks of geese as they came in for a landing on the lake
I heard a mighty noise outside
 and opened the door to see them 
they honk very loudly to announce their arrival 
and those already here answer, so it's noisy sometimes!!!!!
and from the North came about 40 flying over us as they glided in
and just as they got close to touchdown
 bigger group
 appeared from the West 
and they all had to put on the brakes and swoop and swerve to avoid each other...
I couldn't believe what I was seeing....

no, of course I don't have pictures of it
it all happens so fast 
 one would have to sit and wait all day and all night for a week to get something like that!!!
anyway, while I was watching all this I noticed the sky had many different kinds of clouds
so those I got
and then the sun shone right in my eyes
 and with them closed
I took the last one!!!!

good night sun
soon the full moon will be up to shine on those clouds
should they hang around
and it's going to be noisy tonight on the lake
they'll be telling stories about their journey's 


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

solomon's knots, are they knots of love...

I think they are
the yarn is so fine and delicate it would be a shame to tie it up in anything else other than fine delicate knots
(this stitch pattern seems to have many names...hence the title)

Monday, December 16, 2013

ice sleet freezing rain snow and the blahs...but


a week and some  
of blah and ick and yuck
pains and sleeping a lot
coz I don't do pills very well...
 couch potato-ing and wishing it was Spring again!!!!
power failure so we got to put the fire on
and tell the emperor and empress that all was well in their fair land
(a friend gave us those years ago...they paid $1.50 for them at some high end junk shop
 and they're from the '50's and so vintage and ugly...
they had to stay!!!)

a quick trip to the store to re-fuel supplies
found us with happy blooms again
and a few days later
heaven in a box!!!!!

can't get the right colour
it's baby blue!!!!
and so soft and fluffy
hope you're all well