Sunday, October 31, 2010

needles and hooks and plans

OH MY....


coloured tunisian cables
the glasses aren't!!!


will it work?

distraction.......tiny yarn tiny needles

maybe in this

newly learnt stitch
added don't think so!!!

getting bigger old faithful
knit knit knit

I am hooking and  knitting and trying to make a pattern for a tunisian cable

got up at 5 am and decided to try to make a cable
after I don't know how many tries I got it
had to knit it first to get the
"feel" of a cable
did it in crochet
so wrote a pattern and did the stitches
will show more if I keep going
got too many colours to choose from
what a spoilt brat is I....

Friday, October 29, 2010

we got the moon in the morning.....

and the grapes on the vine

sun in the trees

the geese floating by

leaves suspended in air

and all is fine


Thursday, October 28, 2010

thursday things

I learnt how to

do something called

Channel Island Cast On

and then I figured out how to make knitted bobbles
at the beginning of the rows
(and no that isn't my hair or the cat's hair
it's alpaca wool so I guess it's alpaca hair!!!)

and this afternoon
 I went outside to have a cup of coffee
which lasted about five seconds
when I looked up and saw this

then I decided to change the lens setting on my camera
and put it on
and walked into the back and saw this


my gentle giant
the beechnut is beginning to turn

and the first of the Japanese Maple

Hope you had a thursday full of
all good
(I changed the lens back to what it had been because I don't think I know what I'm doing!!!!)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

busy doing nothing..

lousy photo of a very pretty sunset last night
my camera has something off on it and I don't know what
maybe it got sand in it
moisture at the beach
messed it up
cross your fingers it's nothing major

I made the man a cake yesterday

"yellow" with coconut and pecans
he said not to leave it out because the hoards of ants we have would eat it before he could!!
Did I tell you we have HOARDS of ants in the kitchen
can't find out where they are coming from
they are out
then they are in
I told the man they have a tiny stargate
and he laughed
so it isn't too bad yet

I have this to show you because
it got bad
the ant situation
they were swarming along the wall this morning
so the resident ant hunter said
that blankety blank stuff I've been using isn't working
have to go to the big orange box store to get some more
I...being me asked
 is it ant poison you have been using
oh great red looking hunter
he says no
it's for all kinda critters
ants too maybe
you wanna come too
no thanks
he looks forsaken
you want the company I ask
would be nice but only if you want to
need anything at the yarn store
(he wanted the company)
oh I suppose

I had been planning on working on this fine piece of something
with the yarn I bought in NC

but I went
we bought all the ant spray they had
and then some!!!

 and I came home with new yarn
this is just to get the feel of it
it's so soft and
the new bamboo needles are so quiet!!!

more yarn
 and a song in my heart

this is the fourth time I have started this pattern from my new book
they say be careful and don't twist the chain when you join
they don't say anything about twisting it while working

I know


thanks a ton

for now I just want to say thank you
to all of you
for the birthday wishes
the compliments
the comments
on the photos of late
I really do appreciate all of them
I have looked back over the blog
and it suddenly hit me that
next month is the
as we say!!!
WOW, a whole year of my blabbing and you still come to visit
brave souls
and we'll have to see if we can't come up with a little something
speshhhhhh al

and some good news
(for me anyway)
the sister found all the photos on her laptop and is sending them down
more photos of the beach and such
can't wait to see them again!!!!!
OH you TOOO?

Monday, October 25, 2010

sunday roast....always

we always used to have a roast of some kind
on Sunday when I was growing up
it was a pork roast
or a beef roast
or a chicken
 always came with
roast potatoes
peas and carrots and green beans
gravy but not from a can or a packet
real gravy made from the juices of whatever had cooked
I had to peel the potatoes and carrots
when I had had a few cooking lessons
at home and at school
I made the
Yorkshire Pudding
it has good memories
when I got much older
my parents got into the habit of going to the pub
close to the Castle
of the Windsor kind!!
we would walk up and sit and have a
don't remember what my father drank
my mother would have a Campari and soda
a friend from Kenya lived with us when my sister left
and he would have beer or a whiskey
when I was of age
I had a shandy
beer and English lemonade mixed together
English lemonade is kinda like 7-up
we'd eat a sausage
that had been cooked in the pub's oven and I could have had
those for lunch quite happily
nothing like a good old English banger!!
after all the drinking and eating
we'd walk back home and sit down and eat the roast
the potatoes the veggies
and that delectable
Yorkshire Pudding.....
I didn't make it for a long time after I came here
first of all no one knew what it was
I didn't have my own kitchen till I got married
and I had kind of forgotten about it
even though I did miss the feeling of the
Sunday Lunch
when I had kids of my own and we moved here and things got settled
I started making
Sunday Roasts
with roast potatoes
carrots peas and green beans
Yorkshire Pudding
my boys liked it very much
they ate what they liked
I never ever forced them to eat something they didn't like
why have a gagging child to spoil a meal
I mean really!!!!
so I continued the tradition of
Sunday Lunch
and one day my youngest asked me
may I ask you a question
Yes child I answered
what is it that you wish to know
why do we always have roast on Sundays
could you find it in your heart to give us
oh I don't know

each time he comes to visit us
he calls and says
don't care what you cook
but whatever it is
would you
could you
pretty please
make some
Yorkshire Pud.......

one day I will
I will I swear
make him spaghetti and Yorkshire Pud......


Saturday, October 23, 2010

holy cow

is it cold outside!!!!!
I woke up before the dawn
way before dawn
do you know how dark it is at 5.30 am?
and how long it takes for the sun to come up?

as I was making my second cup of
wake me up
I glanced out of the window and saw the mist rising on the lake
I jumped into my clothes
no jammies outside these parts

with coffee in hand
no socks or shoes or jacket toed!!!
I went as close as I can
that No Trespassing sign
stops me in my tracks every time
and the neighbour is home at this time of day!!!

and took these
there were some ducks floating
on what must be warm water
or the mist wouldn't be rising


the other neighbours dock
and the trees starting to colour on the other side

they are swimming round in circles
to keep warm

the sun was beginning to light the tops of the trees on the other side of the road

and I ran back inside
coz it's freaking cold out there

I'll stay here for a while and enjoy the warmth

to show you
the sister's scarf is done and dusted
it is complete
no more wip

I put little fru frus on the ends
Gee I hope she likes it!!!!!
Now to find something else to keep me occupied
and out of trouble
off to browse through my new books