paper stars

I made some very simple and easy little paper stars

I have a lot of paper
so I thought I would use some of it
they work up fast and if you have some paper and need a little
je ne c'est quoi
in all the spare time I'm sure you have
here's a little tut

Cut squares of 4.5"
score lines every .75"
fold on the scores
staple in the middle
mark 1/2" from the staple on either side
and cut from that mark to the outer edges
make sure the folds are up
pull the "arms" out and kind of squash them a bit so they open up
if you want you can put a dab of glue where they come together at the staples
but I found you don't have to if you
them enough
you can make a tiny hole and thread something through to hang them
or just stand them up in and around your
pretty stars all around.

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