Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the other side

well... it's gone
  get outta here
don't let the door hit you in the arse as you leave

after scary high winds that made such a noise I had to turn the TV up  (imagine)
rain that was truthfully welcome
as it came without the accompanying thunder and lightning
and most important of all
power throughout the long long day
we are on the other side of the 
super storm and still standing
others have not fared as well and my heart truly aches for them
we didn't have cable or internet when I got up so I'm still catching up with the whole story
what I have seen is devastation and mayhem
and very wet and worried people
but it seems they were as prepared as one can be
so now it's just the hard, heart breaking slog back to normal
too many too often these past two years... and still hours to go before it's over....

I tried to take pictures but there was nothing to see really

it rained.....

the leaves were blown around

and on TV this man showed us where he thought the water would go to in NYC
he was wrong
for those of you who don't know him
he is Jim Cantore
weatherman extraordinaire
able to point up lamp posts like no one else!!!!!!!

he has a reputation
it goes something like this...

if you see this man in your town
run as fast and as far away as you can
because he only shows up
(beforehand mind you)
where it will be the worst
he was a few miles off this time

meanwhile I got bored so I made a cake

notice the resemblance anyone????

Hey Dutz.....
that's the silver lining.... if the storm hadn't come.... I wouldn't have baked a cake

hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and I will be able to switch the lights off during the day

am going to see how everyone else fared in blog land
thanks for checking in
see you soon

Monday, October 29, 2012

it's here!!!

from ABC News channel...click and you will go!!!!

in the six hours I was asleep
things changed and it's going to be worse here than they said
not as bad as it's going to be elsewhere
but bad enough to worry everyone
incredible amounts of rain
and high winds
thinking you are prepared is a laugh
the sheer size of this thing is mind boggling
the clouds are now reaching up into the
Arctic Circle
while they are still in Florida
the ocean is HUGE
you can see how much water is being pushed just looking at the TV pictures
the damage is going to be horrendous
we don't have any of that to worry about

just the wind in the trees

that are hopefully healthy and strong enough to stand their ground
after a year of stressful conditions for them

we have had other storms go through
big ones
but this one is different
so they keep saying
and I heard the explanation yesterday that says why this is different
"a perfect storm"
it has
"the seas of a Nor'Easter
the Winds of a Hurricane"

A Nor'Easter can in fact be worse than a Hurricane
and Hurricanes are bad enough 

but don't worry 
we'll be fine
and if we're not
is worse off


poor buggers

can't wait for it all to be over

I'm shutting the computer off so if the power goes out all will be well
see you on the other side
Wednesday is supposed to be a pretty day
with sun and blue skies
"everything like that there"

stiff upper lips and all that
say wot

pip pip and cheerio lads

Sunday, October 28, 2012

click on the picture and it will go to a local channel...in DC...Washington that is....Nations Capital...where the twits are....

OK you sweet people
I'm getting e-mails telling me you're worried about us
and I thought I would let you all know
it will be just fine
I am not at all anxious
the storm will be going past us and to the North
we will feel it of course
but I think it will be minimum impact
I know there will be flooding 
to our immediate North 
as the areas right around DC 
go down if a squirrel sneezes
we just got a call from the 
Cable Company
which I didn't get to in time and there is a message about if something should happen
don't call us..... we know
sort of thing!!!!!
haven't had one of those before 
but it's probably because all the service companies are a little
sensitive to criticism since the
a few months ago

I have supplies in...
I have cooked a few things ...
so if the power goes down we can still
we have a gas cook top 
so I can still make tea and heat stuff up
we have some water
as it's going to get a little bit cold in a couple of days
(which is when the storm is supposed to go 
on us
when it meets up with the cold front 
and that's when it turns left!!!)
we have a gas fireplace too
so we can warm our tootsies
I have a supply of books
and yarn and
I changed the "naughty yarn" as Andi called it
 for some
obedient prettier kind
and all is well with the
I really appreciate the concern and the thoughts
you are all the best
 If the power stays up

I'll let you know what it's like to live through
mega storm

the kind I watch on the
cheesy Sci-Fi Channel
on a Sunday afternoon
when there is nothing else to do

but you know...
the crazier the movies get
the crazier the weather gets

or is it the other way around


do do do do
do do do dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



( just so you know
I do realize this is very serious and people can be in real danger
I hope it isn't as bad as they keep saying
the hype is enormous but they have to do that to get some idiots to pay attention
I feel for those who are just getting back to normal from all the disasters from last year and a few months ago
I hope they are spared anymore stress

everyone keep safe and do what's right)

Friday, October 26, 2012

oh dear!!!

this is the one that scares the bejeezus out of me

this is the hurricane that is now out at sea crawling up the East Coast....
from the map below you can see it's already close by as the clouds are beginning to come over us
the centre is still in the Caribbean
it's being called a 
because of it's size

it would be nice if that shocking pink line is the path that it takes...the one that veers off back out to sea
so it can become

'coz the weather men are talking about
perfect storm
you know like the 
George Clooney
and the boat that didn't come back
poor buggers
what I hate the most 
is the
and this time I have an awful feeling
it might just be
the storm I hate too

and another thing that worries me is the prediction that it could hit the
Chesapeake Bay full on
that would devastate a very fragile area
so let's root for
shocking pink lines
fish storms

we'll be fine I'm sure
not me and him
 in the general sense!!!


have to go and unblock the blocking
and see if it worked
I'll let y'all know

Thursday, October 25, 2012

the wheels on the truck go round and round....

over the rivers and through the woods
M's house we go

not bad for a first attempt huh?
click on photo for pattern

so she can block us to
our full potential
which just happens to be
almost 12 by 72
inches that is

but she forgot to drop our stitches even tho'

that was the reason for our being


hostile yarn!!!...and

my posting is getting worse
I find it hard to think of anything to write lately
so I don't
and the blog just sits and gathers dust
when you have yarn that won't cooperate with you
you tend to get grumpy
and who wants to read
I am still waiting for the blocking stuff to get here
half the order arrived
and now the other half seems to be lost in transit
somewhere between West Virginia and
the other Virginia
where the finished
 but bumpy lumpy scarf sits
and waits
to be
stretched and pulled to it's full
height and width
and be
all it was meant to be
:}  :]  :| 
and the yarn that won't cooperate???
it doesn't want to be
what I want it to be
so I have to keep ripping rows
and counting
and it's getting
!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!
 it seems there is a hurricane a'brewin'
 off the coast
 they don't know if it's coming here
it just might
do that
 if it does
you'll be reading
see ya!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

something to show!!!!

a yarn I had stashed
(I think)

a little more mohair
in a nice earthy colour
its got little sparkly sequins 

that catch the light

just a little tiny bit

bobbles and shinys
oh my...

so here we go...

this far so far....

and just a bit!!!

have a good day


Friday, October 19, 2012

just a ta....

for now
because it needs to be blocked and I'm waiting for all the paraphernalia
to arrive in the mail
then I have to find a place big enough to lay it all out and do it properly
haven't ever blocked
so this will be
what is it the Chinese wish you about
interesting things

:) :) :) :) :)

have a new love already 
and I'm off to start it
I'll check in later when there is something to show
or if the mail arrives and I can 
stretch and block and
drop all those stitches


Monday, October 15, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

silent sun shiny sparkly saturday...


a puzzle...

While perusing Pinterest
I came across
it isn't that I like it like it
it's that it's different and interesting
and I want to know how to do it

there is a chart
hand done

but I can't make head nor tail of it

and I found this little one too

see ya...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

first autumn cold....

slowly but surely it's coming along

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a new love on a wednesday

many moons ago I found this treasure trove

click to go to the site
and kept it to myself 
even though I know she is famous
or should be
the colours she uses are right up my alley
and I sat and drooled
and sat some more
dreaming of what I could use it for
and then I found the pattern that made me think

so on Sunday I ordered a skein
and today
3 days later
I got my treasure
it came out of the envelope 
onto the swift and yarn winder in record time
husband laughed at how fast the 
swift was turning
I didn't take photos
coz you can't
and click all at the same time
so I'll be gone
I'll be on the couch
click clacking away
watching rubbish on TV
or maybe I'll try to read as well
I have a book holder somewhere
I'll see you