Friday, January 31, 2014

lost in trans-it...

I found this on Etsy on the 14th of January
it was living in State over from here
I bought it
it's vintage and it's sweet and it's what I wanted
it's the 31st  today
more than enough time for this little package to have found its way here
but I wait still 
wondering what little corner of the huge machine that is the
(US Postal System)
it's lost in
I will report it missing today
as it's had plenty of time to walk here from there 
had it chosen to

so while I wait I while away part of a cold winter's afternoon
using a craft stick

to make a little lace...

the boom stick was occupied

have a great week end everybody

it's getting warmer here
the geese are sitting around a big ice hole

waiting for spring

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

fork pompoms....

get a fork
cut a 6" piece of yarn

 and lay it between the centre tines

start to weave yarn over and under all the tines of the fork

until it is completely covered
cut the yarn 

and with the 6" piece tie a knot to hold it all together
move the "weaving" off the fork as you pull the knot...
if you have a hard time with the knot form a surgeon's knot
 which means tie the yarn around twice and pull will hold together while you make a second knot

you will have the sweetest cutest little curly whirly pompom
to do with as you wish  

make a few for plain old fun

Monday, January 27, 2014

it broke the freezing mark

just for a little while today..
we rushed out to get a few supplies
as it's going back down again
 I wouldn't want to be caught without
certain items that make me glad to be alive
without those I am not worth knowing
we did get a couple of other essentials that will hold us together
but those were first on the list
so let Jack Frost return
I will lift my cups o' hot steaming liquid
 toast him with a square of
and when I smell the
 that suddenly bloomed here in the warmth
and stunk up the place
 I will tell him that soon he will have to leave
....because Spring is soon here
Please let Spring
 be soon here?!?!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

winter came...

the lake is now completely frozen over
the birds are sitting on it looking cold and miserable again
yes the sun is shining 
but it's below freezing
and there may be more to come
the whole East Coast is cold
but it's January
???!!! what's new !!!???

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

thumbnail thursday??!!!

in case you hadn't noticed
I got a new camera
(the old one froze in zoom mode, so it was returned!!)
I put my right hand up and swore I would "case" the thing 
when it's not being used...

it rained   it snowed   it blew a gale 
 I was forced to take shots from behind glass 
and hanging out the door
with the zoom lens fully extended
 once again...
(so far   so good)
and instead of making you scroll down the page 
I collage-d  some for you

the birds on the feeder
(do not judge us by our feeder
it is very very old
but it still serves them well
and with all the squirrels around we have yet to find a better one
it is cleaned and stocked regularly!!!!!)
they could hear the camera clicking but they could not see me for the reflection on the window
and I hope by now they know we will not harm them
so they flew in and snacked
and I got tired of clicking!!!!!
I'll figure some other better way of shooting them I hope
double glazed windows
for taking pictures!!!!

the violet buds caught my eye
so I shot them too
always nice to see the proper blue violets begin to sprout

and of course

the swan

and for an added bonus today
the baffle head duck
taken very quickly before he dove and went
which is what I will now do......


Friday, January 10, 2014

a touch of the bah humbugs..

with a smidgen of
I'm so sick of winter and I don't even have to go out in it
so why an I complaining.....

made on Picasa

something new on the needles
coz I got bored with the other things
on the other needles
it might be for someone close by but I'm not sure
hopefully I'll get the hang of the slip stitch pattern and
it off the needles this weekend

had to send the new camera back
the lens kept sticking
guess I zoomed one too many times
or it got too cold
or dust made it stick...
but I still have my precious Blue
and that's what I took the knitting with
the new one will be here soon I suppose
and as there isn't much of anything to shoot
all is good
for now
stay warm
 or cool
or dry
stay safe
and I'll see you soon
somewhere out there!!!!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

pretty posies...

bringing colour inside
was a must...
more of this
 this year 
for sure!!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

the tatting...

that really went nowhere
but who knows
maybe again this year!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

just a swan at twilight...

as the geese float by...

 as the sun was setting last evening I noticed a long line of geese on the other side of the lake
I guess they came in earlier and were making plans on which end to spend the night??!!
then I looked  closer to our side and saw

I made a wish the other day...

 that the swan would come back

and it came true!!!!!

the hooking....

the obsession with the lacy mats
the need to make them

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the last year this year...

a view many of you have seen





12 months of it!!!