Monday, February 28, 2011

rainy days and mondays

always make me want to sleep


 after I was sure the storm had passed
 the rain was gently falling and the wind had died down
I decided I wanted some

oatmeal cookies with my afternoon tea!!!
yes I have afternoon tea
I have a cup of tea in the afternoon

I made some
do help yourself!!!!!


I tried to get some more shots of the birds this morning
as the sun shone down and the sky was blue
and fluffy little clouds blew by
there were three hawks sailing the wind right above me as I sat and drank my coffee
but they stayed right in front of the sun
and I couldn't take a thing
and then I noticed that there were no birds
even after the hawks had floated away
I think word has been sent out, that the lunatic with the camera is on the loose
and they don't want their picture taken anymore
they think 86 the first time
oh about
what was it
is quite enough for now
so I had to come back in
 it turned all nasty and black and blowy and wet anyway
but I'll get them the little...

I am very upset and cross with myself
because I was hoping to show you the wonderful new stitch I learnt
but I can't
I sat and continued with it and I thought I had made a really sweet
tie-like scarf thing
Friday and Saturday I chanted away
lift a stitch
knit a stitch
and it grew and grew
I put it down and did something
like go to bed
and when I got up yesterday
there was a dropped stitch
like a ladder in a stocking
right down the middle
unseen unworked and unnoticed
so I don't have a sweet blue tie to show you
and I'm mad
in more ways than one!!!

so I'm going to have to start all over again
and in the meantime I found something that has my fingers itching again
another stitch I want to do

it's on a pillow I saw a while ago and found again while sulk-surfing!!!
so I consolded myself with that

you can't see the stitch all scrunched up on the needle

so I did this as practice and it worked
oh, it's called honeycomb stitch and there are various ways of doing it
so I chose the
brioche way

hhmmmm, brioche
well, I have the cookies to keep me company

if there are any left of course

I hear a lot of crunching coming from the other room

better go and save a few!

and it's time to think about cooking



Sunday, February 27, 2011

here one second

and 76 shots later
and the tele on

and that isn't his beak
it's a stick behind him!!!!!!!

straight out of camera

hee hee

she's been s 'perimentin'

with her little blue love!!
you're in for it now folks
she found the burst feature
 on the camera and went outside
when the sun came out
and clicked 86 shots of the birds coming to feed

ignore the awful conditions of the ground and the litter all around
they have scratched the ground all to pieces and it looks like a bomb site
it's winter!!!!

Yesterday when I mentioned that I am crap at getting bird shots
a brilliant brain from cross the big pond
left a message about
rapid fire shots
that is what I call them
this morning I found out how to set the camera to
burst mode
that is what it calls them
burst-moded my little heart out!!!

I will not make you sit there are look at 86
not very good at the moment shots of little tiny birds stuffing their faces
but I will show you
the little lady I have been trying to capture
in the lens
for a very long time

who suddenly appeared
in the tree behind and decided to join in 
with the others
I am over the moon
but still sane enough to know they aren't very good
but  I know you'll give me a break this time


with her


just so
and she let me click away until she was done

Yes it's blurry but remember she is moving all the time
and I am trying
very very hard not to

there you go
I have a new toy

now I just have to take
more to get a clear shot worth posting!!!
see ya

Saturday, February 26, 2011

a little house keeping

of the bloggy kind!!!!
I have added a blog list
on the right hand side
something I have been meaning to do for a while
they are not all of the blogs I go to visit
but they are some of my favourites
please feel free to pay them a visit
and maybe
just maybe
you'll meet a new bloggyfriend
and who knows where that will end up!!!
I may change the list every now and then
adding and subtracting
so keep an eye out
you may be next!!!


peace and serenity

good Morning all
how are you today?
Well, I hope
and enjoying your weekend

seems that all the hubbub in blog land is calming down
I ran into quite a few skirmishes last week
seems the
were out and about doing what they do so well
I very quickly clicked the "get me out of here" key
and left them to their gloomy selves


it was gloomy enough outside
not to want to spend time with silly people
who think they know it all
and don't like it when someone has an opinion different from theirs
let the sheep graze with their own kind
I say

 we had the winds until late last night

except for a few limbs blown off the trees
and all the chairs outside upside down and thrown around
we got off very easy

the power stayed on
but up north once again those poor people were/are without
so glad we don't have that power company

soon after my post yesterday
the sun came out and the whole day changed
the power of  sunlight is an amazing thing isn't it?
bright and shiny trumps dark and gloomy any day!!!!!!!!

it danced on the water and made diamonds
the only kind of diamonds I like
and the wind blew in all the debris
 but I didn't look at that!!!


the clouds broke up and started floating in big puffy groups
south of us
I can't imagine how windy it must have been up there
or how bumpy the planes rides were in all that turbulence

as the clouds drifted and moved, the light changed and it so very intense at times
I couldn't see what I was looking at and just clicked
leaving the camera to do its thing once again

I have told you how much I love my little camera
haven't I?
maybe a time or two


I truly don't know what I would do without it anymore
there are so many photos that I don't show
because if I did I think I'd break
and Flickr for that matter
but I can't delete them because I can still  see
whatever "it" was
that made me take it in the first place
I also have a whole group of "just one"
a shot that was, for me, perfect with just one click
and voila there is what I saw
of course there are all those that didn't work out
and have been deleted
and the blurry ones because in my enthusiasm I moved too fast
or had the macro on when I shouldn't have
or the bloody bird I'm trying to take
 flew away and all I'm left with is the blur of it's flight
to be truthful.....
when trying to capture the birds, that's the only time I wonder what a "real" camera would do
I see so many bird photos taken with lens's I know nothing about
other can get a bird shot
but really I know I wouldn't do a real camera justice
so I am very happy with what I have


I mean I couldn't look at this and not squint or cover my eyes
but it can
it can look straight into the sun and see the brilliant light up close
and just say
and then look up 
in a nano second
adjust and
capture the puffy white clouds way over there

yes, I love my little blue "eye"
be it up to the sky

or all the other places I shove it

 she does not......
mummy's angel baby is camera shy
and I really should respect that
yeah in her dreams


Friday, February 25, 2011

it's the 25th of february

and I think I just saw a warning for
in our area
I cannot describe how strong the wind is right now and how very very scary it is
to be under all these tall trees
the wind is so loud
and so gusty
it's either high up in the trees
or swooping down and hitting the ground
with such force everything is being blown
hither and yon
it's crazy
and I don't like living in the woods


this is the silly flag someone put up at the
place we call the beach on the lake

and this is a leaf stuck in the fence

and there

are actual waves on the water

I'll have you know I was almost blown away taking these

but look at the sky

and those clouds south of us
so I don't mind risking life and limb
to show it all

and yes I did  housework
it's all lemony fresh

crystal clear

and bright as a peacocks tail

 I'll have you know..... it was hard to do it
not the work
but  having to ignore the fact

that I got an e-mail

from Sweden

with a video attached


who made it for me to show me the stitch I told you about the other day
that I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do

I can do it
and I can even say the chant
of course with an English accent
 "ta hank, lägga hank, sticka hank och maska".
and that means
lift a stitch
yarn over
knit a stitch

and I did and look what I have

it is so soft and squishy
and so pretty
now that I know
so easy

it's called


and it comes from
and it's lovely

and she thinks so too!!

so for the rest of this afternoon
I'll be chanting
in a clean house
with the wind howling outside
dinner is already planned
I'll see you

thank you
"tack så mycket!".

lift a stitch
knit a stitch

lift a stitch
yo knit a stitch

how can it be friday

but, I'll bet those of you who have a job are happy it is
and those with kids are happy it is
and those who like the weekend are happy it is
or those of you who have plans for the weekend are happy it is

around these parts
it makes no difference at all
one day is pretty much like all the others
so it's just the name of a day now

back when I had a life!!
Friday used to be the day
I'd scrub the house clean
from top to bottom
wash everything in sight and fold and put it all away
bake something yummy
do the shopping,
no that was on Thursday
because that's the day the new stuff comes in

and when the kids came home from school
happy it was Friday
everything was all ship shape
and as it should be
I wonder if they even noticed
or remember
but I doubt very much that they did or do
because that is how life was
and they didn't know anything different

and the hubs was working then so he didn't have a clue as to what went on
so now
he asks why things have to be done on certain days
and I have failed to make him understand
that that is how it was
and always will be

and if he doesn't like it, understand it, accept it
then move out of the way
mama's gonna clean today
like she ain't ever cleaned before!!!

At least that is the plan
the idea
the intention
the want
and most importantly
see ya
on the other side of

Thursday, February 24, 2011

look at these beauties

the needles I was waiting for

acrylic ones

and beautiful wooden ones
look at the colour inspiration in those

metal ones still to be opened
and below
the soft and supple cable
no more twisty tangles

and then
and then
this that  I spied this morning
and rushed outside to
right before the rain came

an American Bald Eagle
flying in the wind aloft
so high you can hardly see him
but I saw him in a flash of sun
for just a second
but it was long enough to identify him
with his white head and tail

the wind is cold and blowing

and looking down
I spied these
life amongst the dead and dry

I know I know
on the back lawn
(there's that word again!!)

in amongst the leaf litter
ever present

poking through the earth

and showing the new season isn't far away now

even the rose bush agrees

and there's even one for later

and she doesn't give two hoots
coz she can't eat them
or sleep on them

oh my what a big eye you have kitty!!!

so there you go