Saturday, June 29, 2013


from the roomontheleft
all's well...mostly!!!
we had an anniversary
husband is back to fixing old watches
 and I nabbed this one as my own
I bought some absolutely beautiful cotton thread from Knit Picks
so I'll be going now
as I have a list as long as my arm to get done

hope all of you are well
see you around the interwebs's


Saturday, June 15, 2013

yet one more....

I keep finding more and more and more and they must be done
I can not
NOT make them
I have the thread so I may as well use it
after days of rain and storms 
and all hell breaking loose outside

we sit in the sun today
or at least it came up this morning
and shone on the moss in the kitchen window

and George bloomed his little head off

and his scent drifts through the air
makes me wonder.....

which pattern will be next!!!!!!!!

hope the sun shines on you.....
and good scents drift in your air.....


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

one more time...

a doily
a purple one this time
sorry 'bout the bad light
there isn't any
or there wasn't when I took this
now of course it's just fine!!

really like the texture with this one
same stitch over and over
with a break of chains
so it didn't get boring
not sure about the colour tho'
but I'll never know as I have no intention of doing another one
once for each pattern is enough

and now
to the lake

we had another major down pour last night
buckets and buckets and buckets came down on us
this morning they said
2-3 inches
in a matter of minutes mind
and we're in for another round today and most of the week

so I may have to start hooking a dinghy soon
and gathering the gooses two by two

^^^^ this photo is from January to show how full the lake is ^^^^

as it looks today and you can see how brown it is too from the run off
unfortunately the log with the turtle floating on it have disappeared
he must have sailed off into the sunrise!!!!

glugg!!!!!  glugg!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013


here are some pretty pictures of the latest addition to the inside flower garden
his name is 
why George???
because its Latin name is
which reminds me of Stephanopoulis
so ...
hence the George!!! 

(George Stephanopoulis was President Clinton's right hand man and is now a newsman)

don't ask
:) :) :) :))))))

I show you these because outside

did someone move us overnight to the deep dark tropical 

yesterday and today
we have had 

torrential downpours 
that pop up out of nowhere

 it suddenly gets foggy

and then it starts 

really HARD and really LOUDLY

and the water just runs like
(this has NOTHING to do with the storm that blew by over the weekend

so let's have one more look at

he smells purty too!!!

stay dry


don't ask me how the hell I found it
I just did
and it's so cute I thought I'd share
as they say
the pony

Thursday, June 6, 2013

damn and blast....

 I had my I took some snaps of the clouds that are already over us

there is a tropical storm lurking over Florida
which is a long long way away from our neck of the woods
but it seems she reaches far and wide
hope she burns herself out by the time she gets here tomorrow

we took a little trip "into town"
as a friend of ours used to say
we have no town 
so it's funny they should say that!!!
food and necessities were on the list
and a trip to
Wallyworld too
you know 
I keep seeing/reading people say that there are folk
 who go to Wallyworld in curlers and pajamas
 in all the years I've been going
 I have never ever 
seen anyone in their PJ's
or curlers
I have seen people in their slippers and "lounge wear" at the local gas'n'go
up the road...that's always fun!!! but I don't go there need!!!  he! he!
and while we were in 
the big W
guess what I came across

if I had known!!!!!!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

daisies doilies and DAHS

daisies doilies and DAHS by roomontheleft...
that is!!!
here it is in a better setting...
I'm glad I finished it and that it's done and done...
now on to the next...