Thursday, January 31, 2013

quick hi...

this was a couple of days ago
the lake froze over and they sat and stood and stared
(there were more of them but I couldn't fit them all in!!)
wandering about in the freezing cold
one morning they all took off in different directions straight into all the bad weather
they came back and left again
then the temperatures went up
way up
and the lake melted and they weren't here to enjoy it
yesterday it went to 71F ( about 20C)
and then we had a storm roll through
the bad one that left so much destruction behind it
and it's back down to the cold again
the wind is blowing and the lake is choppy
and the birds
are gone

last trip to the store I brought home a bit of Spring
lots of colour
and the smell of cat pee
they need to change the water more often!!!
which I do do
can't stand stinky fleurs....
they have lasted a long time

yes I'm still at the tatting thing
trying the different size needles and thread
not that I have much thread
I won't bore you with it all
but it's interesting and different
and I like it
why not....
: ]
the reading is going slowly
I'm reading Alexander McCall Smith
in his various guises
and have started a new set of books
I don't know the characters so it feels strange to read them
if you know what I mean
and I hope you do or this sounds
I love his books
and have them all
or nearly all
so I'll get used to these new stories and have them done in no time
then it will be time to get some more
love new books
do you like to read
and if so
well... :/
stay warm or cool or dry
stay safe
we'll meet again
don't know where don't know when
but I know we'll meet again some

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

go see Tammy...

If you need a good cry
or a big smile
or both
and the proof that dogs are extra special creatures
(coz cats don't do this)
(and I love cats too)
go and see

thanks Tammy I needed a good cry!!!

even husband stopped a watched!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

and it's ch 9 -13 and 2-2-3 etc

(the background is not part of the tatitng.. it's the ball of thread used as a prop!!!)

I know you're all probably sick and bored with the tatting
but I'm not!!!
I found a pattern for a heart
and I'm getting on with it
so I thought I'd show you
it's easy enough to do and hard enough to satisfy
lots of reverse work and lots and lots and lots of
- - - - - - -
which stand for
lots and lots of

it continues to be frigid and frozen and grey and cold
it snowed yesterday and it's going to again this afternoon
but the warm is coming back
 so 'nuff said
yesterday we had so many birds fly in
so much noise
so much calling and quacking and honking
not one shot or sound 
they move too fast and if you even think about going out there
they take off 
in a big whoooosh of wings and air
and as they must be so tired and weary from this cold
I leave them alone
I wish I could give each and every one of them a hot drink and a cookie
but I can't
 so the least I can do is
leave them be
as I'm going to let you 

take care and stay warm


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

goosey it's cold outside

not going to mention the weather
we all have some sort of something
but the geese were lamenting the fact early this morning
poor things
the lake froze overnight
except for where they were
well some of them
think they were taking turns sitting on the ice or the water
we have had so many fly in
I am attempting to catch the fly in
which is hard to do as they fly in so fast
and I have to run for the camera!!!!
but mostly I want to capture the noise that erupts
as the new lot call to the ones already here
and they answer
and the splash down
I swear they say who they are and where they've been and how things are on the route
I love it
I always will
so while the geese are a'floatin'
I'm still
(and reading)
just practicing and trying out what's what
the shuttle is just a "pretty" that sits in the box
the needle is to my liking and maybe I'll do a little demo
as so many don't know what tatting even is
I made the "Dorset button" yesterday
just playing with whatever came into my head
and now a days
there isn't too much of anything in there!!!!
stay warm
and don't walk on the ice if you have any

Monday, January 21, 2013

sunset glory...

the most awesome sunset today
breath taking
and the lake is full of geese
two huge gaggles flew in just before this
the noise was spectacular


holy brass monkey's naughty parts batman
did it get cold...
but at least the sun came back
it makes such a difference when the sun shines
the top photo is from a few days ago
the lake is empty at the moment
guess they're still under the covers
but it's only going to get worse
as the weatherman said it's real winter at last 
not the fake one we've been having
at least we don't have snow
but it's still early days
guess I should put the last bits of christmas away

I will

after another coffee

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

needle needle who's got the needle

I DO!!!!

and they don't pinch or scratch or prick or bite

I found a picture 
no pattern just the picture!!!
 and copied this last evening
while watching
OH MY!!!

I am now following a pattern
it's like a new language
but it's not hard to learn
I hope
just a matter of getting used to it
and then
I'll say
oh yes,
I can tat
can you?

you really really should try
it's fun!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tat-a tat-tat...

I am still waiting for the needles to arrive
fingers and toes crossed I will  have them today
but I know I won't now that I typed it
the mail hasn't come yet so there is still a chance

I discovered I had a cro-tat hook that a friend gave me a very long time ago
he had forgotten what it was for or how to use it
but he figured I'd know
which I didn't
I don't like it!!!
but I practiced with it
and one of the reasons I don't like it is because I don't know how to make chains
and I don't like the chains it makes
like crochet chains
tatting isn't crochet so crochet chains don't go

then I went back to the sewing needles
and did another practice thingy
I like that much much much better
so I finished it
looked at it a lot
looked at lots and lots of pictures of tatted stuff
and waited for those damn needles to arrive
OH and the shuttle
forget that
I stupidly got a metal one and it sticks me and I can't do the shuttle move at all
the over and under is a pain and I get knots and frustrated and the air turns blue
and that is no way to do something
so back to the needle
and last night and this morning I did


all out of my head

no pattern 
just me 
and the needle and thread
and no blue air!!!!!

of course it isn't perfect or maybe even good
if this is on a sewing needle and it worked
big hopes for the right equipment

when it gets here of course

who was the bright one who decided to share the mailing of things with the
different carriers and the Post Office
when it comes through just the PO
it arrives in no time
and I can't believe how slow other countries PO's are
I sent something to France and Italy before Christmas and still don't' think they got there
the people I sent them to would have let me now
oh well

this is how it's been the past few days
warm and foggy
but now it's raining and it's chilly

 the geese are sick of playing
in the mist

oooooooooooooooooothe mail's here



Friday, January 11, 2013

first attempt...

I tried and tried a few days ago to make a little something

I don't have the necessaries

the mail takes forever
 I have needles 
and thread
so I thought why not
why not knot


so with
that has a very sharp point I must add
I turned on the computer and dialed up
you tube---
and watched a couple of videos

as I am one of those who must see to do
not read to do
like so many others
if I see it
I most probably can do it
 I tried
and I did well for the first few steps
but then
the sharp end of the needle caught me
and it hurt
but so what
and then
the sharp end of the needle somehow scratched my nail
so I put it all away and decided to wait
and I waited 
and sort of forgot
but this morning while looking through the "papers" and starting my blog rounds
I saw the thread
I saw the needle
and I picked them up and

my first bit of tatting without any of the necessaries
no blood to be seen
no bad words uttered
not bad knotting

I think I will like it...

...and I'm still waiting

Monday, January 7, 2013

wind that floss... tote that thread...


all neat and tidy
won't stay like this for long

now have enough floss and perle cotton 
back in the stash to warrant a bit of 
bobbin winding and sorting
and the desk top had all but disappeared after the
snowflake invasion
blocking boards and pins back where they belong so a little sorting and dusting done too

isn't this the most exciting thing you've read all day
isn't it!!!!!

I may be gone for a bit
I have a stack of books to get into
and I'm a bit done in with hooking and knitting for now
so I may be
 not here
but I'll still be around
you know where I go and you can find me there if you need to
I know where you all are too
see you there

but before I go
I watched 3 episodes of
Downton Abbey
and I sat like a child

til there was nothing left to watch

it was wonderful............

and so are you!!!!

see ya soon