Saturday, August 25, 2012

many shawls make...

a lot

it seems that many are making the same thing at the moment
I take part in 
on Saturdays 
and today after I had linked 
I went back and  looked at the all the others there this week
I saw many other pictures that look 
just like this

it seems to be a very popular pattern
you can get yours here
or here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

cloudy with a chance of finishing...

I bought far too much mohair
well I didn't know how big the balls would be
and it was on sale
so I made sure I had sufficient
to make
I don't remember!!!
I had just made something that used every single centimetre
not a cent to spare
so I overindulged
but now I can make a great big
something or other
isn't it pretty?
all soft and fluffy
and weightless
and tangled up with itself

we are all watching the tropical storm in the Atlantic
they say it will land in Florida
if it does I hope it's just a breeze by the time it gets there
no one needs any more drama and damage
(only good thing is it might disrupt a certain "party" taking place)
but as long as no one gets hurt!!!
(well, I can't stand them but I don't want them hurt)
if it comes this way it won't be for days so we'll be able to get ready if necessary
could use the rain 
but not the nonsense
stay alert if you're down there and stay safe

Monday, August 20, 2012

monday comes after sunday...

ch 72
dc in fourth ch from hook
miss 2 ch
make a v-stitch in next ch
(v-stitch= 1dc ch 2 1dc in same place)
miss 2 ch
v-stitch in next ch all across to the end
ch 2 turn

2 dc in first ch 2 space  ch 2   2dc 
in same v-stitch
do this in each ch2 space across
ch2 turn

in each ch2 space of last row
make 6dc
sc in each gap between 
do this all the way across

when you reach the end
finish off and cut the yarn
roll the "lace" up sew it all together
 and form a 


I found an unfinished bag and
finished it

(but I don't have a pineapple to put in it!!!!!)

I'm thinking about whether I should line it 
or not

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

sleep deprived...

and before you know it you have another shawl on the hook
thought the light in this picture was pretty
it rained early this morning
5.30 a m 
on my feet again
so I had to get up and find somewhere else to snooze
but once I'm awake I find it hard to fall asleep again
 after a coffee and a read of my book 
one that I didn't even know I had 
let alone not read
(I'm back in Botswana with Mma Ramotswe and crew)
I ended up on the computer
thought I would "clean up" some lists and files and bits and bobs
but I saw a shawl that piqued my interest
and I just picked up the hook and the yarn and
off we go

it won't take long this one
it's from a bit of this pattern and a bit from that pattern and a bit from me making it up as we go along.

It's still hot and humid and dry as hell
the rain isn't enough to do any good
not in these parts anyway
everything is wilted and dead and sad looking
which is why there haven't been any outside photos this year
the lake is drying up
and the bottom of the lake ain't a purdy sight let me tell you!!!
it's getting scary again
so let's hope the patch on the roof holds and we get some more rain

 ! :) !

OK back to the hook!!!
and fixing dinner and trying not to fall asleep in the mashed potatoes!!!!!


Monday, August 13, 2012

the day after

I forgot to show you that I finished the little scarf
I can't find a place to take better pictures
it's either too dark or too light
so this is what it is
bad photos of a sweet little airy wrap

if you bunch 'em all together in a collage
they look better somehow
don't you think???
don't you?

I don't like the day after the 
Olympics end
I could write a whole page
but I won't
lets' just say they were
in every way
(except for the way they were broadcast over here
NBC should have them taken away
and they should be given back to
and if it was possible
Jim McKay could tell us all about them
 the way he used to
hope next time around they do better

in RIO
(strains of samba music please)

Saturday, August 11, 2012


sometimes you just have to put everything down and do the boring stuff....

Friday, August 10, 2012

with a chance of clouds.....

thank you for the kind words and suggestions 
sometimes things don't work out and we have to lay them down and walk away
no biggie really
it isn't important
 it is frustrating when 
you do works


so today
in a much tidier and less chaotic room
I spied the 
cloud on needles
lying there looking unwanted and unloved
so with the clouds outside
 hopefully full of rain
I will attempt to finish the 
 cloud scarf
there are just a few rows left so I should be able to do it


this is just a pretty picture
that's all

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

one of those days

spent yesterday making hexagons and sewing them together
 I wondered why I spent yesterday making hexagons and sewing them together
I messed them up by sewing around them with the machine
I then embroidered around them trying to hide the fact I machine sewed around them
and I'm not sure how to finish something I'm not really happy with
I hate
"one of those days" days
so I'm going to stop
and go and do this instead

read my new magazine drink some tea 

wish I was eating good old fish and chips 
wrapped in newspaper and covered in vinegar!!!

maybe tomorrow won't be
one of those days!!!


Monday, August 6, 2012

a new quest...

after I posted the other day
I was asked if I wanted to join
 in her creative challenge
which is to make something creative and post it each day in 

as I seem to have a mojo  these days
I said
love to

I can make one thing a day and do a post

yes, I can
I will
I must
so here is the first post of the thing I made yesterday
I wanted to see how small I could make the hex's
like the squares in the other
I posted a few days ago
I got down to 
I would have posted yesterday
but I had another one of those
"I have to stand by while the mister does some 
house minding
and I may have to help"
we had a leak in the skylight
it's been raining 
on my feet at night
so he had to fix it

and he did

my feet are dry

thank you husband


NOW...if you would like to join in the 
daily do something creative quest
you are very welcome to join
just leave a comment and we'll see how we can link up

something else I did yesterday
that I thought I would NEVER do
is open up my
page and actually 
post on it
now I have to find out how to put it on here....

I have found friends from other places already there
so it isn't too strange
just have to figure it out
like so many other things these days
how on earth did we function without all this reaching out and touching all the time
it's such a small small world anymore

OH and did you get a Tweet from Mars today
yes, Mars
well, you know the rover landed last night, right??
NASA "parked a car"" up there
a great big honking SUV type thing
put it right down like they've done it so many times before
the rover is 

hm hmm
 if the rocket ship can Tweet
surely I can
now off to make something to post tomorrow that I actually made today
or something like that


Saturday, August 4, 2012

a co-inky-dink

so the other day I was perusing the pins on Pinterest
as is my passion presently


on Elaine s' board
and went right over to the site
and before I knew it
I had the beads out on the desk and I was making a bracelet
I couldn't lay my hands on the seed beads but I did spy the

thread a bead

and then a ring

hm mm mm mm mm

e voila..............

a short while later
 I had me a bracelet!!!
a heavy but somehow comfortable bracelet
you see the button 
yes, that button on the end there
I cut it off my blouse
snip and it was gone
I know!!!
with all those buttons I have 
well it just suited the situation
and I don't do the buttons up on my blouse anyway
why not!!!!!!!!
now to the co-inky-dink
I didn't get around to posting that day
so I decided to do it today
and when I opened up 
there was a post from 
with her version of the bracelet
I absolutely LOVE hers
the beads are soooooo
do go over and see it
you never know
you may just find yourself at your
work space
making one for you 

now where are those blue beads
and what's on the


Thursday, August 2, 2012

colourful collages...

(just do a sc ch3 and then stitch into the space made on the next row) what I do these days
not the best
but the funnest
made a granny square with an extra row included
love the colours of the yarns
played with how small I could make a patchwork square
those are one inch...any smaller and my machine ate them
so with a tiny piece of patchwork
a needle book appeared
I am still thoroughly enjoying the Games
I was watching the women's gymnastics the other night
when the US girls didn't all get in and they were crying
husband walked past and asked what had happened
well that's life I guess
and a couple of nights later
when they all did well and they were crying
he walked past again
still crying he asked
yup I said
they should add a crying event next time
yup I said

well at least they don't act like the boys at the pool

why what do they do

well if they aren't 
adjusting their goggles
and spitting
they're adjusting their hats
and spitting
they're adjusting their "jewels"
and spitting
or slapping themselves silly

and spitting

:)~ :)~  :)~

but they sure can swim


this is for someone who asked the difference between
cluster stitches


that's it for now
back to see if anything interesting is going on
and it's tea time

see ya!!!