Friday, November 29, 2013

and the best part is.....

we filled the bird feeder yesterday
so they would have a feast too
which meant this morning I was woken up by birds squawking at each other
and fighting for a place in line to swoop in on the feeder and get breakfast before anyone else
when I saw them
 the red headed woodpecker was holding court and telling them off in no uncertain terms
but the chickadee thinks he's the size of an eagle and shoved the woodpecker off and took over
the little ones have the balls of  rogue elephants big egos!!!!
so sweet!!!
coffee made 
I switched on the idiot box 
and saw what has become the yearly migration of those who think shopping is the new religion and worship accordingly
at the shrines of greed and overindulgence
fights have broken out over toasters....  TOASTERS....
people have been beaten up in the parking lots over parking spaces
guns drawn and so called security guards strong arming shoppers in the stores
is this not the end of all we know to be civilized and decent
what has this got to do with Christmas 
so I turned to that which makes me calm and happy and took it's picture
the sun and a bit of hooky pretty
a little scarf made with some yarn I've had for ages and have never quite matched  to anything
until now.... the pattern looks a bit like chair caning...and I likes it!!!!!
and today we get to do the best part of having a special day
turkey sandwiches


Thursday, November 28, 2013

the comet ison.....

 comet ison

let's hope this doesn't turn into a
in case you don't know... there is a comet hurtling towards the sun called
if it makes it around the sun, and let's hope it does
 we'll be able to see it coming back in December...
but until then...

to all of you in the US
Happy Thanksgiving
eat yourself under the table
 and please
don't go shopping
one day without won't kill you!!!!!!

gobble gobble all

Friday, November 22, 2013

winter for the weekend....

winter is coming for the weekend....
it's going down to 
more Friday flowers were brought home and a little something extra coz I couldn't resist it
as it reminds me of the cardinals on the bird feeder who, when the food is getting low
sit there and give us
the stink eye....
rather like that one seems to be doing!!!!
I decided to cook today..... 
so I spent a little time in the kitchen this morning and cooked some
comfort food
so we  I don't have to cook each and every day if we  I don't feel like it
coz I'm sick of it and if you do it all at once
it's done for a few days and you can believe you're getting a break
so with the minced meat there is now
 chili, pasta sauce, veggie soup and the base of a cottage pie
and some meatballs for who knows what!!!  next in line is the chicken...... maybe tomorrow now!!!
and it's all cleaned up and on it's way back into the cabinet...and freezer
nice bread and  apple pie
with ice cream for goodies....
I don't like ice cream, but there was a very annoying lady standing in front of the cream and no matter how I tried to get her to move out of the way....she ignored me and continued to choose her fake flavored coffee additive I got the ice cream!!!  :) :) :)  
and when I'd put all the goodies away 
I checked the mail and found a book... one I thought I had already and drove myself nuts one day looking for it....but turns out... NOT!!! have looked at it so often online I guess... on Amazon where you can see inside the you know!!!
so...I have that and there are lots of taped things on the idiot box
 and I got some new needles at the dusty musty discount store I told you about many moons ago
they're square and these are very small but they feel good, so I imagine thicker ones would too...
we'll see!!!
 have a good weekend and stay warm or cool or dry 
and safe....
I'm off to have my cuppa


Thursday, November 21, 2013

a song from Iceland ...

some of you will know my Viking Princess friend
she is from Iceland
 and she now lives in Norway
today she posted this on Facebook
and it's so pretty
I thought you might like it too
there is English translation for those of us who do not speak
and I have discovered that only the Icelanders can speak
thank you Svana for sharing!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013


it started off like this

a little patch of diamonds along the shore

and the wind blew and moved the water

and it grew bigger

and by this time I was blind and couldn't see any more

have never seen them on this side before

and that dark blob in the middle there
some idiot moron brainless twit  dumped  leaves in the lake

Sunday, November 17, 2013

a tut that's not a tut...

a friend asked if I could explain how to do that blanket that keeps popping up all over the place
there's a chart but it's of no help
so I thought I'd maybe show it this way
and while I'm at it
show you too, incase it's something you might want to do it too
I'm not sure what the pattern is called
but I keep seeing it and people keep asking about it...
I posted it on Facebook too
and will load it onto flickr
it's quite an old pattern
so have no idea where it comes from
it isn't hard ...
it's  worked in the second row below and in between the stitches
so you have to concentrate for the first couple of rows
after that it's all good!!
I used those colours so one can see what's what
that's one of the reasons I'm not that fond of this blanket
I don't like the colours used and therefore it doesn't "speak" to me
it looks very very '70's
and not the cool/groovy side !!!!!!!

so if I'm stepping on anyone's toes
let me know
and I'll act accordingly....

and on a completely different subject....
have any of you here in the US noticed a lack of something this year????
have you noticed there are
not ONE
after the last couple of years when it was hazardous to walk outside
there is a lack of these little flying projectiles
I looked it up and came across
poor little squirrels...ours feed from the bird feeder...
but it is really interesting and I just hope it's a natural cycle thingy and not some horrible
catastrophic end of the world thing.....


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a post...

a cold front moved through at 6.00 am today
the wind picked up and the few remaining leaves flew past the windows
 and the sky turned a deep grey...a snow sky
 I was glad to be in a warm house

watching the news from across the world is hard to comprehend
even though it happens here 
seeing those faces and that destruction
makes one feel so many things...
so anything that isn't right or perfect or just so
is OK
we have warm houses and food and water

I wish someone would tell them how many people are trying to help
that the destruction is so big and so wide it's hard to get there
they are coming as fast as they can
 if there is ever to be a next time and let's all hope there isn't
make sure the people understand what it is that's coming
I saw a man last night, on the news, who said they didn't understand what a storm surge is
he said if the authorities had said
they would have moved, left, evacuated.
They put the children in the school... 
but the water came and took them away............
too sad
so sad
not fair

9 10 11 12 13

it's one of those days....


hope it's a good one!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

le weekend ...

 it's the end of another week....why is time flying so fast these days?
remember when half an hour was more than you could stand to wait for anything
and you would count the days to whatever it was you were waiting for
vacation, Christmas, the end of the week, a date or a visit
now a days time moves so fast there is no waiting it seems
time again for the
sparkles to blind one, as the sun hits the water just right
they light up that side of the house so much it's hard to see sometimes
and it fills the room and everything in it with
light and makes shadows
that photo is of the sister and me when we were really little and we lived in Kenya
maybe I'll take a better picture one day
the blue vase is a birthday surprise husband got one day
when he had to go to the fix-it store for one more thing he needed to fix it 
whatever it was he was fixing and he has fixed a lot lately!
 we had wandered through the store ( another store not the fix it store!!)
 and I mentioned how much I liked that vase
 it was
 in fact
THE vase that set me off on the quest for blue vases that I went on a while ago
and I kept going
he remembered and stopped by and brought it home
because he liked it too
but the flowers that are still around are too small now to go in the big blue vase
so they will have to do for friday flowers I'm afraid
but it's
with a 
that they are still around to brighten up the place!!!!!!

have a great one everybody
whatever it may be!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

itch to stitch...

so I scratched....

listening to all my favourite songs collected on you tube... and going down memory lane
which, at this stage in life,
is a long one
see ya!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Phew!! that was close...


...maybe too close....
but it's over now
 and we don't have to put up with the negativity,
the endless repetitive ads
the incessant drone of voices ever saying nought 
I am speaking of yet another election cycle
that seems to never end these days
as soon as they are elected
they start working on the next
the Commonwealth of Virginia has a new Governor
Terry McAuliffe

politico image
I am not in any way, shape, or form, a political animal
I'm not really even interested, though I know we are supposed to be
but being married to a "political junkie"
 I tend to shy away and ignore
but this one was scary
( because of who was running )
vewy vewy scarwy ....VERY
and to be honest 
very sick and twisted in how they think we should live and function
because they say so!!!

but now that it's over
 and they didn't get in 
and we won't be living in the 13th century under 
sick twisted misogynistic bastards
we have enough to deal with ,with those already here!!!!!!
this state is not exactly the most modern and forward thinking to begin with
so we don't need anymore backward thinkers telling us what to do...
now I am not stupid enough to think that who did get in 
can do much to change
but that is the world and we just get to live in it best we can
end of soapbox rant!!!
(my opinions are my opinions)

let's look at some pretty pictures 

my gentle giant is changing his cloak once again

husband brought home  what he thought to be
a  ready to eat
punkin' pie so I cooked it on Saturday

which was a very pretty day and if you squint you'll see a couple of ducks taking a stroll round the lake!!!

and I found this under the hutch ! 
(along with the dust bunnies who were coughing rather loudly)!!!!!
so I thought I'd make an autumnal one too
(to keep it company when it ends up under the hutch once again no doubt)

and sammy squizzel was waiting his turn under the bird feeder
the birds were going crazy flying in and out like jet planes and all sammy had to do was sit underneath
and wait for the dropped seed...

I'm using one of my own tutorials!!! for the crossed stitch stitch
(up there at the top of the page if you want it)
not sure I'll keep going
 as I can't settle on one thing
which is why I'm doing this too
it will be an 



and the muffins are just out of the oven

 now that all's right with the world
well as close as it's ever gonna get around these here parts
it's off to put the kettle on
and get on with what's left of the day
hope you have/had a good one
and nothing was
anywhere near