Sunday, November 17, 2013

a tut that's not a tut...

a friend asked if I could explain how to do that blanket that keeps popping up all over the place
there's a chart but it's of no help
so I thought I'd maybe show it this way
and while I'm at it
show you too, incase it's something you might want to do it too
I'm not sure what the pattern is called
but I keep seeing it and people keep asking about it...
I posted it on Facebook too
and will load it onto flickr
it's quite an old pattern
so have no idea where it comes from
it isn't hard ...
it's  worked in the second row below and in between the stitches
so you have to concentrate for the first couple of rows
after that it's all good!!
I used those colours so one can see what's what
that's one of the reasons I'm not that fond of this blanket
I don't like the colours used and therefore it doesn't "speak" to me
it looks very very '70's
and not the cool/groovy side !!!!!!!

so if I'm stepping on anyone's toes
let me know
and I'll act accordingly....

and on a completely different subject....
have any of you here in the US noticed a lack of something this year????
have you noticed there are
not ONE
after the last couple of years when it was hazardous to walk outside
there is a lack of these little flying projectiles
I looked it up and came across
poor little squirrels...ours feed from the bird feeder...
but it is really interesting and I just hope it's a natural cycle thingy and not some horrible
catastrophic end of the world thing.....


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