Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a post...

a cold front moved through at 6.00 am today
the wind picked up and the few remaining leaves flew past the windows
 and the sky turned a deep grey...a snow sky
 I was glad to be in a warm house

watching the news from across the world is hard to comprehend
even though it happens here 
seeing those faces and that destruction
makes one feel so many things...
so anything that isn't right or perfect or just so
is OK
we have warm houses and food and water

I wish someone would tell them how many people are trying to help
that the destruction is so big and so wide it's hard to get there
they are coming as fast as they can
 if there is ever to be a next time and let's all hope there isn't
make sure the people understand what it is that's coming
I saw a man last night, on the news, who said they didn't understand what a storm surge is
he said if the authorities had said
they would have moved, left, evacuated.
They put the children in the school... 
but the water came and took them away............
too sad
so sad
not fair

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  1. I've heard about it on the radio in the morning on the way to school but we don't have a tv anymore and don't get the newspaper so I never really know what's going on. Maybe that's selfish of me. But the only things ever reported are all that's wrong and bad. I know that there is so much good in this world and that will be shown through all the help that is sent to the Philippines. Stay warm! Tammy