Saturday, April 30, 2011

something completely different...

when I went over to Flickr this morning
to see what was going on
I came across a comment on this photo
of my latest
I called her
little miss brown shoes
suggested that if I made her a hat the same colour as her dress
she would look like the Queen




and now her name is

and now I know I need a life!!!

princesses and heartbreak

Good morning all
thank you for all the comments about the weather
yesterday and today  it has been calm and cool and back to as it should be

I don't want anyone to think it was as bad here, as it was in the South
while there were tornado's here, they weren't anywhere near those that
caused so much damage and heartbreak
nothing near as bad
but with so many in this area
it makes one wonder about the climate change
that has caused the path of these monsters to change so radically
and the worry about what if something did happen is enough to give one heart burn

I don't know where the money is going to come from
to help put back those communities and towns and cities that were
practically and in some cases, literally,  blown off the face of the earth

seeing how much has been destroyed
how many don't have insurance
 the insurance they have won't cover a 1/10th of what they lost
 the insurance companies that will weasel their way out of paying a penny
because you don't have coverage for exactly precisely what occurred
as in Katrina
the insurance companies argued the fact that either wind or water caused the damage
and if you didn't have written down that one or the other was the cause
you were .... out of luck
sneaky bastards that they are
no reason really to pay them anything anymore
they take your money and just
keep it

I watched the Wedding yesterday
along with 2 billion others!!
I just happened to get up a
6 o'clock and when the TV turned on
Catherine, as we must now call her!!!
was on her way down that tree lined aisle
so pretty to have the trees inside
I enjoyed it all very much
and didn't cry until they sang
that got the tears rolling!!!

I liked her dress
I LOVED the bridesmaids and the pages
the pleats on those tiny creations were just adorable
and the way the little ones were so serious about their "jobs"
I watched the BBC feed on PBS
because our BBC America isn't in HD

and I couldn't stand the over the top
gushing on the Networks here
and the "all knowing insiders"

it was nice to see how many still love a good old British street party
and even though I know there are those who find this all a
big waste of money and time
there really isn't anyone else who can do this sort of thing
like the Brits!!!

I hope they are happy
and that the press leaves them alone
and let's them get on with it
I found it amusing that the
Queen buggered off after lunch
and left the Palace to the
young ones, to do as they wished
I read that Her Majesty left for a
private holiday
"somewhere in Britain"
she probably went to
and put her
feet up
while those at the Palace
had a good old
"knees up"

the shocking comparison to what was going on here
was pretty hard to miss though
The President down in the South with the people who have gone through hell and back
and the stories of the survivours are just
and it's so touching to see them help one another
the great American Spirit
rising in the way a man tells you about how he told his wife to
hang on to me's a'comin' so hang on tight
and she did
and they survived their house being lifted off it's foundation and thrown across the street
and the couple who were lifted off the ground in their car
as he put his arms around the steering wheel and she put her arms around him
and they were lifted 15 ft into the air and dropped onto the ground
and when he tells you how worried he was about "her"
he starts to cry
and it just breaks your heart that anyone has to go through such terror

and a Flickr friend who told us yesterday of being pelted by baseball sized hail
that smashed the windows in her house and took all the leaves off the plants in her garden
and being so very lucky because the tornado that was seen heading straight for them
didn't touch down on top of them

such contrasts in one day
a fairy tale dream on one side
a nightmare on the other

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I had not seen the news from the South when I wrote the post last evening
I was left speechless
 terrified by the weather this year

where is the energy
 that drives these monsters
coming from
why are they so much bigger
and why so many
I went to sleep crying
thinking of the terror those poor people have gone through
and feeling guilty because I was able to go to sleep
and this morning the first thing I see
is more pictures
after I wrote the post last night
Richmond Va came under the warnings ( it's where my youngest is)
and there was a photo of a tornado
that looked like it belonged out in the middle of Oklahoma
I don't know where the one here was yet.....
too many storms and warnings for them to spend time on what happened
it's still going and the counties north of us are under the gun today
this is a video of the tornado  outside Richmond

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

we had weather today...

you are probably sick of the weather reports I post

the beeps on the TV get your attention these days
and when you hear the weatherman say
"this one worries me"
you listen and watch

you worry about the geese and the babies out there

and you take pictures through the windows
because the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down in sheets

and the air fills with so much moisture
things start to disappear

and the water starts to puddle

then the sun comes out

and makes pictures on the ground
and then
they show you this

just a few miles
a few miles
south of you
someone takes a photo of a
that is a tornado on the ground
somewhere nearby
we don't know exactly where yet
but it sure looks familiar

and it lasted for miles
as it heads north east
over the highway

and the storms to come tonight...
they worry the weathermen

we don't live in
tornado country
but this year
it seems we do
this is the third storm that has had
and they have touched down
and last week they killed people in the southern part of the state
 there isn't a damn thing you can do
when they come
but watch TV
and hold your breath

we are fine
it scares the
strangely shaped knickers
out of you

just thought you'd like to know!!!!


saved by the geese

you have no idea how lucky you are that I saw

a new little family there by the water's edge

four new little lives
running around in the grass

being watched over by two proud parents

you have no idea how fortunate you are
or I would be
about this morning's breaking news that
President Obama
is indeed
a citizen
d'ya think the
"birther's and tea bag waver's"
will go away and leave us alone now

wonder what they'll cook up next to waste time and money
anything other than getting on with the real
important things
and they really should be a little pickier about who talks for them

trump for president
running as a repug

wonder how they feel about him taking
all the credit for this mornings little
show of


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

early morning tuesday

as you can see from the title
it's early morning
a couple of hours after the sun came up
it's going to be a warm one today
it's getting humid
the wind is blowing
and the clouds are gathering
storms predicted
hopefully not bad ones

the bottom of the garden
boring but there!!!

I sat in the chair you see so often in shots of the lake
there are no geese
no ducks
there was a big huge crow
but he didn't want his picture taken
and he let me know it
I don't like crows
they kill things

so I looked up
as I often do
and this is what was there
look at the leaves
how full the trees are already
and the sound of the wind going through them is
the magnolia makes scraping sounds
guess because the leaves are so thick

the only bloom on the lilac bush
seem to be getting a lot of
only lonely single solitary
blooms this year
but one is better than

and it looks like he's back
still shy
still standoffish
giving me the stink eye
but he's here
and I'll get him
at least

I found this

 lying on the grass

and the sun kept going in and out

and I couldn't put it down

so I kept

 and the wind blew

and the sun came out

and I kept snapping

hope you have a snappy kind of day


Monday, April 25, 2011

the day after...

are you all still on a high from all the sugar you consumed yesterday
does the sight of one more chocolate
make you a little

I don't over consume
I don't have a very sweet tooth
thank goodness
because if I did
I would be in trouble
I love,
love  love
to cook and
but I don't like to eat it...
just a bite or two is enough for me
Easter is fun to decorate for
and bake for
but the overabundance of sweet
is too much

when my first born was about 2/3 years old
he managed to eat the whole contents of his basket
when I put him to bed that night
and not to be too gross or disgusting
he lay down and straight away got back up
"leaked" chocolate
all down the front of his pajamas
and the look in his eye is what I remember
just complete surprise and horror
as I cleaned him up and told him he'd be OK
he confessed that he had eaten all the wrapped eggs and put the wrappings back in the basket
he doesn't eat very many sweet things anymore
and I still can't get over how sneaky he was

it was very hot and a bit humid yesterday
for those that had plans for outdoor activities
it must have been perfect
but as the afternoon wore on
the storms started popping up again
and we had a couple dump buckets on us
lots of lightning and distant rumbles of thunder
but nothing too bad

so this morning it's all wet and sparkly outside
with raindrops on everything

and this wasn't there yesterday
I swear it wasn't because
 I was there
with the camera's lens stuck up close and personal
just inches away

if one had the time and patience
you could see the plants grow at this time of the year
this is an iris
if we're lucky it might be a black one
but I doubt it
as I have said many many times before
the voles have demolished my plants
and this is the only iris that has a flower on it
I managed to save three other plants in the other bed
but survive is all they are doing
so we'll have to watch this one
and hope it makes it
and if it isn't the black one
we'll enjoy it anyway
because it's all we're getting

one single beam of early morning sunlight
on the moss that is spreading like
moss on bricks

the fern all unfurled and fresh and new
love it!!

and the hostas round the old stump
fully open and enjoying the view

I just love the colour of periwinkle
and the name too
would love to paint a room in this colour
or have some
"fine Dalton china with hand painted periwinkles"
the "bucket" woman in
"keeping up appearances"


and now I have to confess something
I am completely
in love
with little tiny
knitted creatures
I can't stop

and I'm not going to