Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happy happy joy joy.....

Yes I changed the header again...this time at the request of my sister!!!
She was having a bit of a melt down
so I thought i would
grant her wish!!!
I have just had the news
happy news
that my one and only
is engaged!!!
I am trying to find a photo of him
but of course I can't
and if he ever reads this
I'll try not to make it too
So, with that tidbit
I shall go back to regular programming
see y'all

Thank You Canada.....

In this house
that is what we say
when the wind changes
the breeze is cool
and crisp.
This is what I found
when I took
some mail to the box this morning.
A sky so blue
it's indescribable
the air
cool and fresh
blowing from the North.
The only thing that would put me over the would be if it had rained last night.
But you can't have everything  so fresh air
blue sky is enough for now.
I can water
to my hearts content
refresh the poor plants
and that is what I will do.
I took some photos....
I hear you say,
NO, you didn't
YOU take PHOTOS...
how can that be!!!!
the Queen Anne's Lace is up
well just a couple someone mowed the others down
across the road
and that pisses me off
but I have one over here in the ditch so I took her
It being windy,it was quite hard to take
but fuzzy kinda goes with lace !!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lots of flickr-ing today!!!

The banter on Flickr today was flowing....
it's still mindboggling
to be able to talk to someone
who is thousands of miles away....
with very little time lapse. 
I know,
we have things called 'PHONES,
but I wasn't ON the 'phone,
I was on a photo loading site
that has turned into a
chat room!!!
I even managed to almost insult someone.
but not quite!!!
Thank goodness for
BING translator
I apologised in her native tongue,
that's amazing too!
Thank goodness she is a sweet person and gets my humour!!!
So, after the bread and the coffee
and the
clean sheets
and the other boring things
I finished a little

I have had the book for maybe two years now
and never attempted to make the block that made me buy it.
I saw someone else mention it on her blog and it reminded me that I had it
THREE days ago
or maybe four
I started it.
I ripped it about five times
and then finally
got the pattern in my head
and there it is!!
There are 25 blocks in all
16 smaller joining ones...
I'm not sure
I will ever make the whole blanket.
Plus I don't know how practical it would be
it has lots of "open space"
maybe that's why they show it hanging off an old barn door
in the book!!!!
I also decided that the
Japanese charts are so much easier to "read"
than a bunch of words that run on forever
and then go over to the next page!!!
Funny, how quickly we learn things
and un-learn others.
Well, I better go and get some dinner on the table...
....... later
Take care....
I'll post the other motif when I'm done.....maybe!!!


how do we come up with the blog posts that are posted,
those of you who don't blog
one wakes up,
doesn't think about it.
Then one sits down and checks the old blog out
to see if anything happened overnight.
because you know,
the world keeps spinning while we sleep.
Yes it really does.....
Most mornings there is a comment or two
or not,
and you go about your day
and then something will
catch your eye
or your ear
or your nose
you are looking and listening
and .....?? smelling ???
and this will happen.....

You get a whiff of the freshly baked bread.....

and you make yourself a fresh cuppa java
complete with fresh  froth.....
say that a couple of times!!!

(don't you love that sugar bowl....
I do)

and you notice the sun
on the freshly changed bed
you realise
you have a post!!!!!
You don't need to show all the mundane housey related things
but a few can be ok.
wasn't that easy?
Interesting, ?
not so much,
but easy?
then you can
put on your
Ruby Red Slippers
with the new
inserts that you made the other day
go on with your day.

just heard on the local weather report that if it reaches 90F today
and it will
that will be 18 days in June that the temperature has reached 90 or above
and that will break all the records,
since they have been keeping records,
and around here they started in the 1800's.
What is it going to be like in July and August
I wonder?
The flowers need a break
they look very unhappy and wilted
in the noon day sun and heat
poor little things.
no fresh-ness out there.

Stay fresh mes amies
until the next time!!!!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

do nothing sunday

That's what we  did today
I didn't even cook dinner.
I made a big salad
that didn't need cooking
the temperature outside
is 98 F
It broke yet another record.
It feels like 105-7F
No rain
no cooling breeze
being good southeners
(Va is a southern state)
lived easy
fish are jumpin'
(coz the lake is hot hot hot)
and the weeds are high
(coz mama got a 'puter)
my "daddy" aint rich
(coz mama got a 'puter)
and his mama aint goodlookin'
(coz she's grumpy she's trying to make a block and it's not cooperatin")
so hush
little kitty
go sleeeeepy byyyyye.

sorry 'bout that
it's hot!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

So what do you do the day after such activity and excitment?
a little house cleaning!
A few years ago
the hubs went out
while wandering around one of those big huge"lumber stores"
he spied a little something he thought his wife might like.
He brought it home and happily dragged it through the door
to be met
"one of those looks"
that puts fear and dread in a man's heart!!!
I was looking at....
a smiling man
who had a big huge yellow
janitors bucket in his hand
with appropriate mop wringer thingy attatched

LOOK what I bought you
he said.
 I said
and how the hell am I supposed to use that?
(aren't I nice?)
To wash the floors with
he said
And how am I supposed to pick it up, when it is full of water?
I'll do it
he said.
Well, yes, I think you will
I said
(aren't I nice?)
So, when the poor man saw that this was not what his wife had dreamed of
he said
I'll wash the floors when they need it.
I'll use it........he said
and he is!!!!
Isn't HE nice????



Now I told you that for some it would be a great big
but for me it is wonderful!!!
THIS is what the secret is

My husband,
of 38 years!!!!,
built me a new computer!!!
It's MINE, all mine and nothing but mine!!!
all brand new stuff
in a new box
I am using it right now!!!!!

When the first box arrived in the mail...
I thought he was upgrading his.
Then the second box arrived
and a third
and so on
until he said
It isn't for mine
it's YOUR new rig.
If you had told me a few short years ago
that I would get excited about a computer
and use words like
"new rig"
I would have told you your were nuts.
But today I say
So, those are the hands that put it together
 loaded all the new stuff
64 bits (?)
a mother board (check)
memory (check)
who knows what else is in the box sitting in the chair next to me
in the
with it's little flashing lights
quiet fans blowing air on me.
He gave up his lawn mower for this
so the grasses and the weeds will
blow gently in the breeze for a while longer
I will be frugal and sensible
and help save the pennies any way we can
so that soon I will be showing you the
photo of his new rig.
This, on re-reading it, sounds sooooo silly
who cares
I have a new computer!!!

Who really DOESN"T CARE two hoots.......


So, that's what we did on our 38th Anniversary
we birthed a
NEW RIG!!!!!

See you in a while
I'm going surfing!!!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh dear....I knew I shouldn't have said when I tell you it's going to be such a let down for most of will be boring and uninteresting and you'll think what!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

No post today!!

There was nothing of any consequence today.
No new flowers. No strange animals or birds.
Just lots and lots of heat.
It went to 100F...the actual temperature that is.
 So everything is just hanging on for dear life. 
There are storms on their way, and that will cool things down, for about five minutes.
I am watching crap TV and working on the wiggle rug.
But it's hot and heavy!!!!
my hand and wrist are

Oh and I have a secret
I've been keeping.
Maybe tomorrow I can show you
or the next day
or the next
or the
Stay cool and safe


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

As the sun sets

in the West...
this evening
I wish you a good night
until the morrow
I leave you with these...


gooses, pictchers and promisses!!!...

As you can see
the geese are back...
and so am I!!!
The geese have been absent from sight for quite a while
and I was getting worried about them
but they may have been on the other side
having their babies and staying out of the way.
This one is the Mama
I think
she stood on guard
and gave me dirty looks
as I hid behind the tree to take her picture!!!
Her "baby" is behind her.

When I saw the photos
this one prompted the thought
you know the expression
one gets goose bumps?
well I got
goose bums!!!

five of them!!!!
So happy to see you back
Now all feels right.
And you may have noticed
the photos are back too.
thank you geek squad
for the patience
it takes dealing with a twit.
I will pay attention next time

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

temporary interruption...

there will be small
the twit that runs this
just trashed
her whole picture file.
all of them
each and every one!!
that's me
twit of the day.
Thank you and adieu
for now
she says
backing out of the way so
the geek-squad of one
can restore
trrraashshed files.


I took these this morning
in the building heat and humidity.

It feels like 107F

 I'm staying inside.

For some reason these photos
aren't showing at their best.
When I loaded them
I was very pleased
I very rarely
admire my work
but these
I want to frame them
but they don't look
very good here.
Maybe Flickr
can do
a better job
or my space on
Let me go look
I'll get back to you.


Monday, June 21, 2010


It's going to be a
this week.
It's going to feel
like 100
on Tuesday.
It's hot now
but it's getting
Just something
to keep you cool!


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Happy place!!!

Happy place!!!

sunday Sunday

Today is Father's Day here in the States.
Other than saying
Happy Fathers Day
to him, we don't do much about it!!
Of course
when the
were little
we did.
And now that one of the
is a father
we wish him a happy one too!
As the hubs says
it's just another
way to get you to spend money.
He says that a lot
about a lot
of things!!!!
He's like that.
Actually, so am I.
This morning I woke up before 6.
At 6.30
I could hear boys voices ouside
coming from the lake.
There were about 6 of them in the water
out in the middle.
The neighbours
two doors down
have a tent pitched in the back yard
so I guess they went to have a dip
after a wild
hot sticky night!!
They are at the stage
of voice change.
That wonderful
totally embarassing
never know how it's going to sound
deep or
squeeeekkkkyyy!! stage.
One of them must have sneezed
a dozen times.
on the 12th
one of the others
bla bla
wot's with you dude???
I thought I would wet myself (sorry)
I was laughing so hard.
Those are some of the
fondest memories I have of
having kids.
I'd be in the house somewhere
and the door would open
the gang of
boys would flood the house all yelling
the bikes all thrown outside the front door
they'd go in the bedroom
you'd hear the chatter, all of them talking together
and then they'd ask for a drink
or a cookie
say where they were going next
and all retreat
When we first moved here
they could wander around the neighbourhood
under the watch of us all
in various parts of the
All of us watching out for them all.
And there were no qualms about
correcting behavour.
And they all knew it,
but boys will be boys.
Never anything
of any consequence
but they knew we'd find out
and it kept them on the straight and narrow
so to speak.
The days spent down on the beach by the lake
watching them grow and mature
seeing them play like puppies
discovering the neighbourhood
Putting up with the chaos
which is boys...
who are now all grown men
but remember those days
as my oldest told me
on his last visit here.
Carefree days
on the bikes
roaming the neighbourhood
never having a
care in the world.
The good
Hope you are having a carefree day today...


Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday once again...

It was strange today

the sun was extremely
hot and bright
but the air felt cool and pleasant
these are the shadows
at almost noon
I liked them
so I
photographed them!

Have a lovely weekend
Take care
and enjoy


You want bees.....
we got bees
we got big ones
small ones
ones that share
the same flower


we got bees
so full
they just sit
for a moment

we got

good sign there is life
in the ground
but you want bees
we got those


inside too!!!

there is a neighbour who has
hives in the garden
so we should have some honey soon
if you smile real pretty!!!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010


A little different today.
While browsing through flickr the other day
I came across a contacts page that had a friends
piece of porcelain
which had been embossed.
It reminded me of the clay I used to play with.
Just polymer clay
not the real thing!
It prompted me to do this
with a piece of embroidery I did a long while ago.
I poked a few more holes into it
with my yarn needle
and it looks like this now.
I like it!!
I got my bird ornaments out the other day
and sprinkled them around the house!!
My snowy owl has a bee on his head!
They co-exist together under the
faux sea view
on the wall
in the
Someone on Flickr said
she loves that name.
I try to get people to use my real name
but they don't.
Mummy's little angel
wondering if she is able to climb in
and take a nap.
I said no,
she'd fall off and hurt herself
the box is teetering on the
trash basket

she sulked for a good ten minutes
and then went to her
napped there.
Much safer.
to be on the floor.

I made this last night
because I saw one like it
had to have one!
So now I do!!!
It's reminds me of coral and turquoise
Next time I go to the craft store
I'll have to see if they have some beads like this.
Maybe I already have some
will have to look. 

I like this photo.
I like the colours.

We didn't get any rain
The flowers were happy.

Have to go
check on the sauce
that is bubbling on the stove.
don't want to burn dinner