Thursday, October 31, 2013

bah humbug...

found on pinterest

Happy Halloween

I am not a fan of Halloween
but this may just change my mind.....

don't eat too much candy!!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

another southbay shawl...

I'm not sure how many I have made with this pattern
but it's more than any other
 because it's so easy to remember and so fast to work up...
I started this in the summer when I re-found the thread in a bag at the bottom of a bin in the shelves
I don't remember the name of the cotton ... I took the labels off...  but it's kinda lumpy and bumpy
and I got it cheap
 in a store that sells cheap!!!  
my kind of store!!!
anyway there it is
in all its cotton drape-y glory 
and I've even worn it
as it's a bit chilly in the morning and this is just enough
I've worn out the other cotton one I made ages ago
so it's nice to have a new one
if you haven't tried the pattern 
you should
it's easy and fast and soon you would have your very own 

that's it for today
that's all I gots
peace out 

Friday, October 25, 2013

fields, flowers and yogurt and candy corn and ghosts

it was pantry stocking day around here 
I had the phone with me so I took a snap
 of the not so pretty trees     

the almost cloudless blue sky

and if the camera had clicked faster
that would have been a quick glimpse of a small pond 
where, in the summer, cows can be seen cooling their feet!!!

and it looks like some ghosts are out early and got captured "on film"
hmmm, maybe I should call that lot on TeeVee who are always in dark places 
asking each other
"did you hear that" ??!!!
the ghost chasers or whatever!!!???

and while I was waiting for certain people to decide which flavour they wanted
I took the camera out and snapped again
too much choice and most of it is crap not good
the Greek stuff was just out of shot
 and as the lady was giving me the stink eye
 I didn't take another!!!

 behind me I found
 the reason for the season
sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar

and NO the little guys did not come home with us

but they did!!!
happy end of the week
enjoy your week end


Thursday, October 24, 2013

sometimes you just have to...

I had every intention of sorting out the floss and winding it onto the bobbins....
but then the pen fell out of the depths of the bag
 and I just couldn't help it
I had to draw and make knots...
so I did!

the weather has turned and it's chilly
 and it makes one want to
 scrunch up on the couch 
do something cozy
and what's more cozier than 


hope you are warm and cozy
that you have sheeppss 


Monday, October 21, 2013

a really pretty day...

as the sun sets on this really lovely day

 I thought I'd show you...

it's doing it again!!!!
the tree over there
 in the neighbours yard...

for the umpteenth time it's turning pretty colours in the sun light!!!!!
the lake is even blue today 
as the clouds float by overhead
as you can see the other trees don't have much colour
but they'll turn soon too and then it's back to bare branches


it's also been a busy day around here
husband dealing with the leaves outside
and me dealing with the leavings inside
laundry and hoovering (vacuuming )
oven cleaning 
lots of boring but necessary things
so it's soup and bread for supper
 coz I'm pooped!!!
and he'll be too tired to eat anything more difficult !!!!  



Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday....

to me
to you

yesterday I found these beauties
in the grocery store
who needs florists anymore
and as it was the day before my birthday
I said to self
get  one
or  more
so I did
Happy Friday Flowers to you
and to me

and on the way home I stopped at the "one pier shop" and
carried this home too
that's what happens when you succumb to e-mails from said shop
I'm a sucker for junk mail!!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

a few days ago a dear
had a question
which wouldn't leave me until I'd figured it out

so I sat and figured it out
along with a couple of other  clever crafters

of course this is paper and that is crocheted
but one has to start somewhere...

why is it that things that look complicated are in fact so simple...

 and to make the day complete we have this on the way

the rain we need
coming all at once
with tornado watches and severe storm warnings
and advice to take cover


Sunday, October 6, 2013

an old video


this is an old(ish) video
but what she says still holds as to why
we are still working with our hands
can you imagine someone taking away our yarn and needles
or whatever it is you do with your hands


I found it on
Andi's blog
and thought you might like to see it too
 this beautiful lady puts our feelings into words
 so eloquently