Sunday, March 31, 2013


bubbles....I love bubbles....

I know there's a gap in the curtains the heater clicked on just as I snapped

I know
you're sick of seeing it
well's done now... so this is the last time

just one more peek....  :}

and we're gone

Saturday, March 30, 2013

done...doing...will do...

done and being blocked

already on the hook
and almost to the woven/crisscross bits!!!

just the first two rows on the's still a maybe, 

Happy Spring!!!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

almost there...

just a couple of rows to go and we'll have
a doily -that- had -to- be
I got the thread
more than enough because running out is the pits
but who knew I was going off on this doily binge
certainly not I
  now I have a stash to bust when the mood hits and with all those delightful doily doings out there ....
we won't be running out again!!!
so with a fresh cup of coffee beside me on the desk
and less heavy questions on the radio
I've decided I'm going to finish this 
in a minute
coz I have some fabric to play with next
while the doily gets blocked
see ya!!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

expletives deleted...

so...while contemplating the eternal question on the radio

who put the bop in the bop she bop she bop
or more to the point... the ram.... in the ram a dam a ding dong
heavy man ....heavy!!!!

I continued with the 
doily -that- must -be

only to be confronted by the other eternal question


do we run out of thread when things are going so well????

I guess a quick trip to the useless craft store is not a question
it will be a fact

damn and blast!!!!

may all your questions of the day be answered

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

few words on a wednesday

just kidding I don't hook with it!!!

not such a puzzle anymore!!!

the sun came up this morning and has stayed out most of the day
but it's windy and still chilly 
so I opened my window a bit until the breeze found it and it got nippy
but I had work to do
and I picked up from where I left off yesterday
I had such a headache by the time I got the message from Elaine on how to solve the puzzle that I put it all down and walked away
yes I was using the magnifier...the copy of the pattern is none too clear so anything helped
as you see I am on my way and hope to have it done later today or for sure tomorrow
it's a very easy pattern and so it's going fast
the other two are the mint green and yellow ones I made before I started the
puzzle one
so happy Elaine saw it and figured it out
sometimes the more you look the less you see
so I'm off to get a cuppa and continue unraveling the


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

puzzle for you...

it isn't a very clear picture to begin with so sorry for the fuzz

well for those of you who can read a crochet chart
I want to make this doily
it has been calling me for weeks now and as I have finished the mint green one and only have one more on the hook
I need another
I know you know what that means!!!
the puzzle is right there in the very centre 
there are dc's that don't belong to anything as far as I can see on row 3

we have
12 trdc in a magic ring
then we have a row of 3 ch and a sc
fine that works
but then we come to row 3 where there are dc's that stand alone, 
that aren't attached to either the row below or the one with the dc ch 3 dc  into these strange stand alone dc's
can you see them?
please say you can.....
what am I not understanding or seeing??
it is driving me crazy and cuckoo because I know if one of you can see it or knows how to do it
it will be the simplest most sensible answer ever
how can you have stitches like that?
I really hope you an see what it is I'm talking about....coz if you can't then 
I am royally

  •  "attached to another object by an incline plane, wrapped helicly around an axis".

for those of you who don't watch the big bang theory!!!)

it is such a pretty doily and I so want to see it made and have it and stare at it in the flesh thread

look at it... reclining on the chair in someone's bathroom.... like it's normal to have a doily on the chair in the bathroom for no reason whatsoever !!!!!
like it's normal to have a chair in the bathroom barely has room for the bath!!!

but that one thing is stopping me
I have started it and looked at blown up pictures....I've tried to make a dc on top of a dc but it doesn't work
so please...
pretty please with a cherry on top
can someone help
before my head explodes

:) :) :)

edited....Elaine came through and figured it out's more or less a loop attached to itself   I almost had it ...someone else's head is always better than one's own... big huge sigh!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

the need for...

can be fulfilled in  many different things
bright red poppies on a new purchase
mint green thread worked into a new doily

almost done and ready to be blocked

or your crazy cuckoo crackers christmas cactus confused by all the wacky weather
so it blooms a few days before easter...
but what colour!!

.... keeping the hope and dream alive for this 
delicious doily

when reality looks like this!!!!!
I HAD to make it
look at what it's called
feathers are everywhere 
inside and out

 one last look at Virgil
he's gone from here
the sound of dripping is only interrupted by the sound of the birds
chirping and trilling for all they are worth
calling Spring to come back
and warm their little feet
the bird feeder is full and very very busy

til the next time...

oh hang on just a sec husband has arrived from the mailbox to
with one of those expressions.

I told you he buys me presents

his latest whim
Pez dispensers
old ones
and not so old ones
because Nemo isn't so old
but he's 
so cute
and he's got
no feathers here just fins

thank you husband...
 where's the candy to fill his tummy 
all of it

when it's spring again....

merry freekin' christmas
and for those of you across the big pond

ladies and gentlemen meet
our new named storm of 
as was said many moons ago
"oh god it's pretty again"
all is fine
all is well
it's already melting and falling off the trees
and it is very pretty
but we'd like the other kind of pretty
the kind that involves


:) :) :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

no shimmy

there will be no egg shimmying
like your sister

or any one else's sister for that matter...

just thought you might like to know


:) :) :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

a feather on friday foolishness.... :)

some of you will know Mr Bluebird....
he lives with bunnie fufu and the desktop bunch

he looks a little different here... 
but that's because we change as time goes by
(well that's m'story and I'm sticking with it)
anyway ...:)
he had been lamenting the downturn in the economy quite a bit last we saw him
but as previously and very recently said
things change
sometimes for the better!!!
his house has been updated a little
(even tho' we don't point out to Mr BB that wallpaper goes INSIDE the house  not outside)
but being a bluebird we want to keep him happy
if you know what I mean
he is very chuffed with all that has been accomplished
but like most 
nearly all
 the majority...
basically each and every one of us
he'd like a little more...please
he was sitting on his front perch
 pondering  to himself quietly  but loud enough for the others around to hear

...I need to feather my nest a little more
a tad....a smidgen....a soupcon (?!!!)...

from across the corner...
over there where one can see the ocean that doesn't actually exist 
came a soft voice on a breeze that also never actually blows
the soft voice said
a feather just happened to have floated in this morn on a piece of drift wood
and it's up for grabs should anyone anywhere desire it

oh that would be just per-fect
squealed Mr Bluebird
no, we didn't know they could squeal either
if we all blow together we could get it over to you 
said the owl and the very clever fish who has learned to live out of water
so they blew with all their might

 and the feather flew through the air
(there was no one around to actually capture the flight)
it sailed over the space and landed next to 
dick the chick

who then blew it down to


the snow people on the shelf below
they in turn...
and we do all take turns around here
because it is only polite...
blew it with all of their might
(which is not very much at this time of the year
as it is spring and snow persons don't last much lon  ....
no we will not speak of sad things here)
the feather whooshed up and blew over to 
hooty tooty
who spends his time counting buttons
making sure there will always be enough should he need new eyes
coz counting buttons is hell    heck  on the eyesight!!!

and down it fluttered onto the level where
Mr BB 

(next to a house in much worse shape than his... as it has very large holes in the roof
 he is beginning to suspect...
is empty and abandoned 
but he doesn't say anything coz he doesn't want 
"the man" 
coming around sticking his big nose in ordering the house demolished
 and making a comment about the outside wallpaper affair
plus he likes the tall stand of trees next door
(we know they aren't actually trees!!!)

so an elated and very chuffed  tiny little bluebird 
 with all the strength he could muster

 feathered his house  nest
and called it a good day's work

the end

(as soon as I find the instructions page again I will link you up to it and you can make your own feather
should the mood hit you)

hope you find a feather for your nest!!!