Thursday, March 21, 2013

short story....long

edit....for some reason this didn't post yesterday...I am probably the reason!!!! so a bit later I will post the rest of this overly long  story!!!!!

 you ever get an idea in your head and follow it no matter where it takes you

as Easter is almost upon us
I decided I would make one special egg
like I used to
in the old days
long ago
and far away

I thought about what I had
what I'd made
 oh so long ago
and what I thought I might attempt to make

for some unknown
I saw an egg with fringe
I said 
like a flapper dress
layers of fringe that move from side to side
shimmy like your sister Kate
well I looked in my stash of 
I have many stashes
so it takes a while sometimes to find the right one...
but when I did get to the
box that might have some fringe in it
alas it did not
it had lace and ribbons and bits of pretty
but no 
and being in the mind set that I will not buy anything else that I don't really use that much anymore
such like
I decided to use my brain and attempt to make some
all fringe is
is small bits of thread

loosely strung on a string
sort of thing
I thought about using one of the tatting needles
but no
don't want to ruin them using them for things they have no business in
so I found some 
covered floral wire
in my drawer

why I have covered floral wire 
I do not know
but I do
and I decided that would work well to hold the 
loosely strung thread
it's bendy so it might even be 
wrap around the egg
but we'll see
I got out the thread
I cut it into lots of little pieces
making sure they were all the same length but wrapping them around a piece or cardboard
something else I have plenty of as I collect it

the backs of note pads....the bits that come in packages, whatever it may be
shirt boards
all sorts of
so I wrapped and cut
got the covered floral wire cut to a short size just to practice on
and started wrapping the thread around the wire

then I found the clamp and clamped the wire to the desk and started
knotting the bits of thread on to the wire
it didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would but then I did only have a short piece of wire
and then
as I knotted and brushed the already knotted knots out of the way

and I saw something else
taking shape
can you see it???


but suddenly I noticed the time and had to stop
dinner was calling to be made
so I will have to continue tomorrow!!!!