herringbone stitch and the one I can't remember

the herringbone stitch
row 1

cast on as many stitches as you need
knit 1
slip 1 purl wise
knit 1
pass the slipped stitch over both stitches
all the way across

row 2
purl two together but don't remove the stitches
purl once again into the first stitch on the needle
slip the stitches off
do this all the way across

that's it
that's all there is to the
herringbone stitch
so effective for so little effort
don't you think!!!


and the one I can't remember!!!

I was trying to remember how to do a stitch
 that I can't find anywhere
I couldn't remember the right combination
and I came up with this
it's sort of like a lover's knot
but not quite

cast on an uneven count
knit 1
knit 2 together
that's it
over and over
it's the same for all rows until you have it as long as you want it
I had a thought, if you wrap the yarn over twice, you'll have a bigger hole/space
and if you use thin yarn and big needles.....
many combinations for a stitch that came out of nowhere

the end



Maribel said...

If I understand correctly, I should start each row with a K1, then continue repeat the yo, k2 tog to end of each row? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What type yarn are you using and what size needles?


Anonymous said...

love this pattern but it was driving my crazy. Just found out reading your blog that I miscopied the directions and I've been casting on an EVEN # of stitches and ending up with an odd number. DUH!!!!! Now I can make my scarf.
Thank you and pinterest

Anonymous said...

What yarn/needle size are you using for herringbone stitch picture?

Marilyn said...

Don't remember what size needles or yarn I used. Just use your choice and the right size needles. Maybe go up a needle size if you tend to knit tightly. :)

Deborah McGauley said...

even number CO for the herringbone?? thnx!

Anonymous said...

I think the stitch that you forgot the name of is called the mistake stitch

Anonymous said...

It's called the Tunisian stich

Marilyn said...

Anonymous...um no it isn't. Tunisian is completely different. :)