how to make a really fast star....

this is what you will end up with
you can make it with any yarn or cord or string that you want
any size hook
any colour
it will be your star....
and it's one of those things you can do on the move
trains planes automobiles 
not sure about bicycle tho"!!!

stitches used US terms
sc=single crochet
hdc=half double crochet
dc=double crochet
tdc=triple crochet

so here we go

I use the
make 15 sc
ch 5

in 2nd ch from hook make a sc

then a hdc

then a dc

and finally a tdc

miss two ch and sl st into next

rinse lather repeat
(make five arms on the star and you are done)

pull centre yarn closed and weave in ends
and you have a star
you could make a bunch and hang them banner style
or down the wall or window
drape over a picture
fireplace (but be sure not to let the flames get them)
leave them single and decorate something
add a ribbon and make a tag
send them in the mail as a gift
add a back and make a brooch
or a hair decoration
one little star
could be such a