Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a gaggle of goslings...

there is no light today...

but it doesn't stop them from wandering around stuffing their little faces full of spring time growth
look who got close enough for me to shoot them from the window..... 
(which is why some of them are blurry...
guess it's time to clean the windows ...again)

...in the camera sense that is
two families
getting on well enough 
to let the 
lil'uns feed together
 all mixed up and sharing

there was a lonely goose off to the left side who wanted in on the fun and togetherness
but one Papa Goose would have none of it
I tried to get the action but the trees and the quick movement made the photo too blurry to see

you know if we protected our children like they do
we would never have wars or terror or hardship

if you notice
 there is always one with his head up watching and looking and protecting 
from human... animal or one of its own
the babies are oblivious to what is going on around them 
until the tiniest of noises from the parents sends them running 

how the hell they know who belongs to who 
the mystery that is


Friday, April 26, 2013

playing peek a boo

now you see me now you don't

sort of like this blog...

but back to the swans and water fowl
they don't run away quite so fast now
but they don't like being watched
so I stayed far away while they floated and ate

and on the fowl frontier
there are two sets of babies
the Canada Geese have little yellow fluff balls that they bring next door
the parents are very very protective at the moment as there are two families
and they don't like the other one being near
lots of papa goose bravado and head swinging and chasing away
I'll see if I can get some of it
the weather is lovely so I'll sit and wait and watch

hope all is well ...
till the next time


Monday, April 22, 2013

prescription said.....a little retail therapy...

so I went to see my therapist at the junk store!!!

a tin...100% condition....

a silver tray  95% ...and bottle coaster  100% and a little silver box that isn't silver but it called to me anyway... 110%!!!

when I cleaned the little box...I found out why it was all white and grungy on the top
the previous owner had cleaned it with tooth paste
I have done that too with silver...
it was quite funny

and in  the 'just for grins'  department
  this over the top shiny cake server that I just couldn't leave behind...
it folds up when not needed...I didn't think to take that photo...
oh well next time!!

to add to the blue and white collection
a little bowl and a plate

and three pretty happy  pots... for three happy little plants ...to replace the ones that didn't make it any further than they did 
coz they got tired and just gave up ...some plants are like that
can't blame the voles this time...they live INside!!!!!

and last but not least
"in your face" roses
more colour for cold grey days
or just cold days
it's cold
I'm not complaining mind
but it's cold

have you been watching
Call the Midwife
 and Mr. Selfridge 
and Bletchly  Circle
I have not seen the last one yet
I'll watch it when I'm done with this
it's so nice that Sunday night is back to how it should be
it has an English accent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and with all the English programmes we watch husband has started using English expressions
not always correctly!!!

after such a horrible week last week I was hoping it would be calm and quiet in the world this week
but already it isn't
more mass murder and almost mayhem
so much trauma for so many
just sad

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a blue one...

one more doily
this one is blue
another pattern that kept calling to me every time I'd see it
I love the little nubbins
bottom left
made by a chain and two dc's then laid on their side 
I have two more on the hooks

maybe I have too many hooks ♥♥♥


hope you're all well and enjoying spring or fall
depending on which side of the line you are


Monday, April 15, 2013

since the last time...

it's been a while
I didn't realize how long
but things have changed a bit  

Spring has sprung since we were last here

the wild violets are all over the back yard which is a lovely sight to see
especially after a nice rain has fallen

a gentle polite rain
no fireworks or theatrics

it left the plants and trees to do that

the Japanese Maple is once again with us and the squirrels even left a few flowers for us to see
they love to munch on these tiny things and I very rarely get to see them

and these are just so pretty
the only surviving bunch and they are so perfect just now
their neighbour is a little worse for wear 

the rain splashed mud on its face and it's resting against the rose bush

and at the bottom of the bedroom steps sits the
Jacob's Ladder
with the tiny bell flowers
the rain makes such a difference

the Poplars have leaves that today sit under a very grey sky
but the rain has been through so I don't mind 
you can see how gloomy is seems to be today



you see this
there is another swan
there are two of them
no longer do I have to feel sad for him
he has a mate/friend/sister/mother/cousin twice removed/neighbour from the old place
 to drift along beside him
don't know how or when or where
don't care

there are 

we have TWO beauties

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the swan

he's found a place to eat and he's coming there and it looks like he feels safe
except when the dog next door barks
my camera is not good for far away shots
but I do my best and these aren't so bad
they are cropped and sharpened a bit
and you can see it's a 
on the lake
 in the evening sun
on blue water this time
he doesn't seem to mind me being in sight
he makes no noise
at least I haven't heard him make a noise
I'm not sure I know what a swan sounds like
but maybe one day he'll talk to me
and I'll talk back!!!

isn't he just the best