Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a gaggle of goslings...

there is no light today...

but it doesn't stop them from wandering around stuffing their little faces full of spring time growth
look who got close enough for me to shoot them from the window..... 
(which is why some of them are blurry...
guess it's time to clean the windows ...again)

...in the camera sense that is
two families
getting on well enough 
to let the 
lil'uns feed together
 all mixed up and sharing

there was a lonely goose off to the left side who wanted in on the fun and togetherness
but one Papa Goose would have none of it
I tried to get the action but the trees and the quick movement made the photo too blurry to see

you know if we protected our children like they do
we would never have wars or terror or hardship

if you notice
 there is always one with his head up watching and looking and protecting 
from human... animal or one of its own
the babies are oblivious to what is going on around them 
until the tiniest of noises from the parents sends them running 

how the hell they know who belongs to who 
the mystery that is



Anonymous said...

so sweet and youre so lucky to live with all that nature

MrS wiLDaBoUtCoLoR said...

Look how much fun they are having! What a site! I would love to hear them kackle & honk. There must be a lot of chatter in your back yard! :'}