Monday, April 15, 2013

since the last time...

it's been a while
I didn't realize how long
but things have changed a bit  

Spring has sprung since we were last here

the wild violets are all over the back yard which is a lovely sight to see
especially after a nice rain has fallen

a gentle polite rain
no fireworks or theatrics

it left the plants and trees to do that

the Japanese Maple is once again with us and the squirrels even left a few flowers for us to see
they love to munch on these tiny things and I very rarely get to see them

and these are just so pretty
the only surviving bunch and they are so perfect just now
their neighbour is a little worse for wear 

the rain splashed mud on its face and it's resting against the rose bush

and at the bottom of the bedroom steps sits the
Jacob's Ladder
with the tiny bell flowers
the rain makes such a difference

the Poplars have leaves that today sit under a very grey sky
but the rain has been through so I don't mind 
you can see how gloomy is seems to be today



you see this
there is another swan
there are two of them
no longer do I have to feel sad for him
he has a mate/friend/sister/mother/cousin twice removed/neighbour from the old place
 to drift along beside him
don't know how or when or where
don't care

there are 

we have TWO beauties


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! ♥ Mia S.

Santie said...

What a wonderful world- spring on your side of the globe, and autumn here, winter creeping towards us at night, and then hide in sunny days. Those swans of yours are just magical creatures. As always I am delighted to see a glimps of your world :)

~ Eva ~ said...

Lovely photos ~~~

Kim said...

oh how wonderful!

i am so happy for him and for you!!
hmmmm.... from this pic it looks like he has a mate. ;-)

so exciting! and now i am smiling big time! marilyn has swans!!!!

love you dear one.

KinnicChick said...

What a beautiful place in which to live.

I wish our world were so springy. But alas. More snow.