Monday, April 1, 2013

photo bombed by a goose!!!!!

<<<<<<<<<<< see the little rascal

trying sooooo hard to get a shot of the swan
but it's very shy 
it goes down into the water too
which doesn't help 
which means it's eating
 I sneaked down as close as I could
which isn't very
and just stood for a bit
in the cold breeze and cloudy sky
which just a bit earlier had been just fine and dandy
the light on the water washes out everything
but I tried
and will keep trying
the Canada Geese were grazing and not paying attention
and I took a few more shots
which were complete rubbish
and when I got back in
and loaded the photos
I saw I had been
photo bombed
by a goose


1 comment:

KinnicChick said...


Obviously, that goose wanted in on the fun. Thought he was handsome enough for vogue, too. ;o)

"Why all the fuss about that silly swan? I'm the one ya should be shootin'!"