the round vintage pillow...

I did not find a pattern for this pillow
so I wrote down what I did
after I had figured it out
it is made with
short rows
it is much easier than it looks
I make no claim on it

It's  made with a 3 count
I cast on
39 stitches (sts)
that made a 14" pillow
I used slightly smaller needles because I wanted it tight
I used acrylic yarn that I have in the stash

with the first colour
cast on your stitches
knit two rows
cut yarn
join new colour
knit to the last three stitches of previous row

do not knit these stitches
leave them on the needle
and turn the work and go back
(above you see six stitches that aren't worked )

turn the work and knit back on all the stitches

here you can see eight sets of three stitches that were  left on the needle as the row is worked back and forth
the row gets shorter as you  leave three stitches behind each time you work the row

and here the row is done
there are spaces between the sets of 3 but don't worry they disappear or if they don't they look like little eyelets

change the colour and knit two rows using all the stitches
cut the yarn
and change to another colour

knit all the stitches until you get to the last three

leave these on the needle and turn the work and go back on the stitches you just worked

turn the work and go back and work all the stitches until you reach the last three
leave them on the needle

turn the work and go back up
and continue working to the last three stitches
turning and working back
and turning  and working to the last three stitches
until you have three stitches left to work

when each section is done
cut the yarn and join on a new colour
knit two rows on all the stitches
cut the yarn and join another colour
knit to the last three stitches and repeat the pattern

pretty soon you will have  different coloured sections separated by two rows
on the pillow I made I had
18 sections
it lays flat and there is no stretching or tugging to make it fit
I have no idea if this is for all stitch counts

I sewed in the tails
I sewed the seam together
and I will make a round pillow for it to be stitched to
you can make a second one if you wish your pillow to be the same on both sides

if there are mistakes please let me know
if you have a question please ask
I hope if you make one you show us
it was fun to make and it took very little time


Sofia said...

I love this! I don't know when you posted this, or how old the blog is - but this is a nice tutorial. I am totally going to try this. I like your colors, but I am craving bright rainbows for summer. Thank you for your beautiful pics, and easy to read instructions. (If I ever get it done I will send you a pic, I have a million other projects ahead of a summer pillow)

Marilyn said...

thank you. look forward to seeing yours. M

Anonymous said...

I love this. I will be starting on this project soon as I finish my knitted log cabin blanket. I have lots of stash to work with. I will be making this pillow for my sister who loves vintage anything. Thanks for posting this pattern.

Morgana Fata said...

thank i will try this circle.

Anonymous said...

Just came accross this on Pinterest :)Mia S

Anonymous said...

This is great. I found it on Pinterest & I'm using this pattern to make floor pillows for Christmas gifts. I also plan on making some throw pillows to match a stash blanket I'm working on. Thanks for sharing. 😉