Wednesday, April 16, 2014

so there we were buzzing along with spring
blue skies and big puffy clouds

flowers making a comeback in the form of
the daffodils

and the Crab apple blossoms making an appearance at last


and then yesterday dawned
and in the way of the present
it got dark, really dark...
the temperatures plummeted
the wind changed course
and the rains come in with gusto
we went from warm and mild to
"winter's back again"

but, as long as I can capture one fairy dancing in the rain

and the gutter's don't fall off the house!!

all's well with the world
(I wish)

 there are those of you who have been around here long enough to know
I can always find something bright and cheery to do 
I can no longer be referred to as 
a beige person 
any longer

and I am not known to 
blow my own trumpet very often
but blow the trumpet I will with

I love 'em
I love 'em
I love ' em


Friday, April 11, 2014

thank you daffodils...

 for not letting me be embarrassed by the state of the hutch
I was going to put you on
that would have shown the dust 
I have enough pride left not to show my slovenly ways of late!!!!!
I had just emptied the dishwasher
so in went all the dusty items off the shelves for a quick hot soapy wash
(for those of you horrified by that 
a dishwasher uses less water than a running tap does!!!
 nor will I drop something I'm very fond of)

so for a while the hutch will sit naked and bare
which is very rare
but I did go and get all those crazy doilies I made last year
just to play...

I'm hoping a spin in the dryer will de-dust these
coz I don't really want to wash and dry and block them again!!!

waiting their turn in the bath!!




I call them Iris!!!!

no words



so thanks to the daffs I brought inside 
coz it's going to rain later
 and they don't like the rain
I did something constructive today
aren't you so glad you dropped by?!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

a toot for the tulip cozy...

is at the top of this page
click on the name and it will take you to the pattern page...

not a stitch!!!...

not  a  one!!!
just blue sky, big, fluffy, white, clouds in the East, dark menacing clouds coming from the West
in between
blossoms across the lake
blossoms across the road
periwinkle on the ground
and the hoya sprouting a new spring leaf...
hope the black clouds just keep on a driftin'

have a good one!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

just yum...

!!? YUMM ?!!

a bunch of yellow flowers
and two charm packs of pretty fabric
my head is spinning!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

nine days gone...

link to doily pattern
click on photo to go to the pattern link

a week and two days since I last was here
but as I am fully aware of how few people read what I write
it's OK...
I spent the past few days propped up in front of the TV
having one of the best viewing times ever
ever ever ever...
our cable company had a 
yes it's a word
well now it is
they opened up all the channels and let us indulge in gluttony of the viewing kind

I chose to watch
"Game of Thrones"
30     ......       episodes
I loved every second of every minute of every hour of every day that I watched this lavish spectacle unfold before my eyes..
I have heard the buzz and praise it has received over the years but have never seen it as we don't have

It was like the ocular version 
of books on tape
I averted my eyes and held my breath the first few episodes
 when the gore and horror
flashed across the screen
but then I got used to it
and just let it be what it was
graphic depiction of the violence and horror and evil
 that only men can do to each other

I had to take breaks
 of course
 and I did
(I've never cleaned and cooked so fast
I didn't dust...
dusting takes too long
 and the laundry wasn't always folded perfectly!!!!!)

but I couldn't wait to get back to 
the next chapter and find out 
if that little shit of a King
 had had his face slapped 
had been sent to bed without his supper!!!!! 

We don't have HBO as I said and I don't think we'll be getting it
 just so I can watch one programme
 once a week
 for 10 weeks
I've had my fill for now and will wait until they have another

as I can't just sit and watch anymore
I made all those little doilies 
and the bigger ones too
I'm not sure why!!!

and it's a very gloomy Monday Monday here today
...rainy days and Mondays always get me down...
so imagine 
a rainy Monday!!!


see you when I see you