Tuesday, March 26, 2013

puzzle for you...

it isn't a very clear picture to begin with so sorry for the fuzz

well for those of you who can read a crochet chart
I want to make this doily
it has been calling me for weeks now and as I have finished the mint green one and only have one more on the hook
I need another
I know you know what that means!!!
the puzzle is right there in the very centre 
there are dc's that don't belong to anything as far as I can see on row 3

we have
12 trdc in a magic ring
then we have a row of 3 ch and a sc
fine that works
but then we come to row 3 where there are dc's that stand alone, 
that aren't attached to either the row below or the one with the dc ch 3 dc  into these strange stand alone dc's
can you see them?
please say you can.....
what am I not understanding or seeing??
it is driving me crazy and cuckoo because I know if one of you can see it or knows how to do it
it will be the simplest most sensible answer ever
how can you have stitches like that?
I really hope you an see what it is I'm talking about....coz if you can't then 
I am royally

  •  "attached to another object by an incline plane, wrapped helicly around an axis".

for those of you who don't watch the big bang theory!!!)

it is such a pretty doily and I so want to see it made and have it and stare at it in the flesh thread

look at it... reclining on the chair in someone's bathroom.... like it's normal to have a doily on the chair in the bathroom for no reason whatsoever !!!!!
like it's normal to have a chair in the bathroom...my bathroom barely has room for the bath!!!

but that one thing is stopping me
I have started it and looked at blown up pictures....I've tried to make a dc on top of a dc but it doesn't work
so please...
pretty please with a cherry on top
can someone help
before my head explodes

:) :) :)

edited....Elaine came through and figured it out ...it's more or less a loop attached to itself   I almost had it ...someone else's head is always better than one's own... big huge sigh!!!