Friday, March 1, 2013

gone, but not forgotten!!!

 there is a difference in the visit #'s by quite a few!!!
 who are they all!!!???

 yo-yo's from the wrong side to show the fabric!!!

it's been almost two weeks since I last posted
nothing wrong just time passing quickly
I show the numbers from the stats page to show that whether I am here or not
people come by and visit for a spell and then move on
I took photos to show you it's not my imagination
this is truly a blog about nothing
but the numbers grow anyway
I had never actually seen the little globe so full of flags so I thought I would record it
for me more than anyone
and I know there have been more
coz the little doohicky on the page tells me so
but still no one says a word about anything
(except for those of you who do of course... :) :)  xxx )
so I may just shut the comments off
 so the spam goes away...tons of that of course...
I have noticed the trend these days is to post on the blog 
and have comments made over on Facebook
which I find very annoying in deed
and a bit rude
'coz if you don't belong to FB then you have to keep your opinion to yourself or have your questions,
 should you have any
...go unanswered
I still don't like FB
I much prefer peoples blogs
it's friendlier in my eyes
like dropping by someones house to say 
and if it's a really yummy blog
and I have found some of those lately!!!  :) :) :)
to visit for as long as one likes
and not intrude
Facebook is open for all the universe to see and it feels
devoid of....... 
whatever one feels devoid of online!!!!
anyway, no one cares about any of this so I'll just say...
tatting has proved to be rather lacking
there is very little to do with it
the jewelry side of it is not my taste 
at all
and as I don't have a ton of little dainty hankies to edge
I've put it to one side....but I will admit 
I'm still trying to get the 
@(&%*$*>>! shuttle 
to do its thing for me
close but no cigar
so I'm on to yo-yo's and doilies 
and doilies
oh my
I'm in need of a decor change
tired of all the same old same old
so I'm making yo-yo's too
may even put all the doilies out

what a difference 25 yrs makes


hope all is well
see ya