Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saturn brought a swan in with the snow storm

the storm is called Saturn

it's brought a lot of snow to the area 
and it's very wet and heavy
all is OK 
so far

I was doing some things in the kitchen this filling pots and bottles with water
and making bread coz I forgot to yesterday....
and cursing the second long power outages that were happening
(that's what broke the fridge a couple of years ago!!!!)
anyway, I glanced out of the window and saw a white "blob" on the water
thinking    ICEBERG???!!!  
 snow doesn't float that long
I reached for the binoculars 
(  :) :) :)  )
and lo and behold I saw 
a swan....

 I know they are bad photos but
you CAN see what came in with the snow this morning
a swan
he came in with a group of Canada Geese and looks so lonely and miserable I want to go out and hug him!!!
where did they come from
and why is he with them
(but I'm really glad he IS with them 
and not alone, all by himself..
with no company... that would just be too sad)
how did he end up with them and how did they end up here with him
I don't care 
he's here and I got to see him
and take his picture


A SWAN!!!!!
I shall name him
Saturn the Swan who came in with the snow....

I just told someone on Flickr that we don't have swans on the lake
we do
we have a SWAN.....
click on the photo and you'll be able to see him better

a swan
in the snow
brought in by the storm called

a much better

:) :) :)