Wednesday, March 27, 2013

few words on a wednesday

just kidding I don't hook with it!!!

not such a puzzle anymore!!!

the sun came up this morning and has stayed out most of the day
but it's windy and still chilly 
so I opened my window a bit until the breeze found it and it got nippy
but I had work to do
and I picked up from where I left off yesterday
I had such a headache by the time I got the message from Elaine on how to solve the puzzle that I put it all down and walked away
yes I was using the magnifier...the copy of the pattern is none too clear so anything helped
as you see I am on my way and hope to have it done later today or for sure tomorrow
it's a very easy pattern and so it's going fast
the other two are the mint green and yellow ones I made before I started the
puzzle one
so happy Elaine saw it and figured it out
sometimes the more you look the less you see
so I'm off to get a cuppa and continue unraveling the