Monday, March 25, 2013

the need for...

can be fulfilled in  many different things
bright red poppies on a new purchase
mint green thread worked into a new doily

almost done and ready to be blocked

or your crazy cuckoo crackers christmas cactus confused by all the wacky weather
so it blooms a few days before easter...
but what colour!!

.... keeping the hope and dream alive for this 
delicious doily

when reality looks like this!!!!!
I HAD to make it
look at what it's called
feathers are everywhere 
inside and out

 one last look at Virgil
he's gone from here
the sound of dripping is only interrupted by the sound of the birds
chirping and trilling for all they are worth
calling Spring to come back
and warm their little feet
the bird feeder is full and very very busy

til the next time...

oh hang on just a sec husband has arrived from the mailbox to
with one of those expressions.

I told you he buys me presents

his latest whim
Pez dispensers
old ones
and not so old ones
because Nemo isn't so old
but he's 
so cute
and he's got
no feathers here just fins

thank you husband...
 where's the candy to fill his tummy 
all of it