Tuesday, March 12, 2013

yo-yo's and tulips...

well, I was right
the cake....

 was gone waaaaaay before Monday
custard is too delicious to let it sit and meditate
plus it gets rather sticky
 and Spackle-like
 if not consumed rapidly
but I did enjoy every bite...
and in between custard cake consuming
 I continued to 
not knowing that yo-yo making requires many many 
and much fabric
and quite frankly that is a good thing 
because then the stash is busted and one can go and 
purchase more
and as I told someone the other day
the whole purpose of making and doing is so that we can go 
get more
and get more I did...but just enough as we all know I am frugal in my ways!!!!
and while I was at it
I got
and I am so happy I did
they make me smile when I see them
and in a house this small
(and in a garden devoid of any because of the  vicious voles)
I see them often

:) :) :) :) :)

I also got very lucky and found two nice colours of what will be described as
doily thread
so you know it isn't embroidery or knitting yarn
I found a deep purple and a rich dark royal navy blue
and the most
outrageous mint green 
which is just perfect for
and any one of these on my

so if you need something to occupy the time in between doing things
go see what there is and maybe you'll find that one thing you've been looking for
but didn't even know it
and if you haven't joined the pinners there
do join
it is a festival of 
fabulous fabrications of fantastic
 before I tie my tongue completely into a tight knot
I will wish you all a good 
whatever it is where you are

hope you have tulips 

somewhere in your life