Monday, February 18, 2013

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot....

who was prepared for that...

did you feel the earth move at about 10.30 p m-ish Eastern Time?????

Downton Abbey ended with a heart break last night
if you haven't seen the last episode don't read this

if you have

what the hell was he thinking leaving the show before the end
"Matthew" my boy
what a mistake
what a shame 
how we shall miss you

but for the writers
what a soap opera ending they had!!!
and now we have to wait 11 months to find out what 
Lady Mary doesn't yet know
how sad
how unfair
how sad...

don't you just hate it when actors leave because they think there are greener pastures
and all the audience wants is for them to stay put
and finish what was started
we will always think of him as Matthew
so what 's the point
and I guess if you take a second in reality
life isn't all roses and spectacular abodes

but all the other things in last night's episode were just
spot on...
the fair
the highland flings
both literal and metaphorical 
the wide open spaces
the whiskey laced dancing footman (?)
the dowager wishing the wild beast would remain inside a man
the creepy maid   who got hers in the end
that scene with Tom and Mrs Hughes in the library
all that sadness held inside for so long

and Carson with the baby!!!

why do we have to wait so long????