Tuesday, November 30, 2010

thunder tuesday.....

we are supposed to get thunder storms this afternoon
it's November
and yesterday
the weatherman
very quickly and in a very off hand manner
which produced the other

Thank you so much for letting me know about the weather "south of us"
you know in the other
Now I know where you all are
well those of you who kindly
you will find the time one of these days
to sit and do what you wish
you have a busy life right now
but it will slow down
when the boys are all grown up and
and then you'll sit and craft
and think about these days
and want them back
the good ones

As I have said before
I don't have kids or a job
so I can do what I do
until the cat needs me!!!

I have decided to find another hat pattern for that yarn
so that is what I will do
and see if I can make one
because that yarn does not want to be that hat

If I find one and do anything with it
I'll show you later
for now
have a good day

I'll probably be found here
on the messy couch
surrounded by
trying to find


Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello there...again

Where is the time going?

I made a Dorset button for the white Divine hat
I couldn't help myself and I thought
why not?

I finished the blue one and this morning decided to make a rose for it
"MY" rose
the one in the tut at the top of the page!!!
and I didn't have to use the tut!!!
just made it smaller

I have no idea if this will be worn
but I made it pretty anyway!!

the light today is rubbish
abut it's all I've got!

and then
and then
I made another button
this one with french knots

the scarf has eaten up all the yarn and I will have to go and get another skein
 bah humbug!!

I am still going on the shawl I started and it's getting longer
with the cold mornings we are having it will be nice to wear when I sit in this very chilly room

and you would think that after two hats
I would be able to just go full speed ahead on the third
an hour's worth of hooking
watching Miss Oprah drool all over her guest today
Keith Urban
and I had to rip it all out because I can't count to 15
so I thought I would take a break 
come and say
to you all
and hope you're projects are working out better.

I have been reading all about the snow over there on the other side of the Big Water
hope you are all safe and warm and cosy
I guess it's your turn this year
but it's still early and who knows what Winter will do to us this year.
How is it in the Southern Hemisphere
do I have anyone down there who visits?
Well off to cook dinner
no more turkey
so have to start from scratch
 see you tomorrow
stay warm


Saturday, November 27, 2010

have you seen


I am not one for commercials
usually mute them
always mute them

there is a series of "Target" commercials running at the moment
I just saw this one and I  laughed my socks off
I think I need to get a life!!!
but do go over and see it
the expression on her face at the end is just
tooo much!!!
guess that's what too much shopping does for you!

Sunny Saturday

Good morning all!!
Hope you all had a great day on Thursday
and you indulged yourselves
in all there was to indulge in!!
and those of you who didn't
hope you had a good day anyway!!!

So, now we begin the countdown to the other big celebration

After two days of overcast skies
and general yuckyness
it is bright and beautiful today
albeit cold
but it's supposed to be cold now
so it's OK!!

For MY first Christmas purchase this year
I bought these very festive
from the

Hardware Store.
Husband needed some sand paper so off we went to get it
and to make sure he didn't get lost and wander too long in the humongous building
I went with.
I always check out the plants in said establishments
as the nurseries are usually too busy and very expensive
and most of them are closed at the moment
or just have trees
but I spied these little beauties
and thought how very
they looked with the red and green splotches
so I got the last two decent ones

the racks and racks of poinsettias looked
very sad and already used
so I avoided them this time
such a shame when the new stuff comes in
with an already
used look
but there is so much of everything already
and it has that
picked over feel about it
and we have just begun!!
I was very happy to see the parking lots full of cars
and lots of people in the stores
Living where we do it's tempting to run up North a bit and use the huge Malls up that way
but yesterday it seems
everybody and their brother were here at "home"
spending spending spending
good for the local economy

I have finally finished the basket weave knitted thing
I guess it's more a
neck warmer than a scarf
I put the
Dorset button on and made a little loop and
Bob's your uncle
If it keeps getting colder I may just wear it!!

LE  Buton!!!!

Another Divine hat in the making
for someone
not me!!
I also got another book the other day
husband gets little reminders from Amazon
and acts accordingly
I still have to start the others I have
but Winter is here
so I will be reading them soon

As we were up that way
we of course made a stop at the
"useless craft store"
this visit was for me
but he came in anyway
just to browse
he said
to see if they had the glue he needed
( they didn't the last time so I didn't think they would this time)
his visit didn't last long at all
and I actually didn't blame him one bit
this aforementioned store
has a nasty habit
at Christmas time
of putting those very smelly
very unpleasant
to some
stinking nasty pine cones
at the front door
the ones that smell like
you fell in a vat of cinnamon and other pungent spices
and you can't get out
Now, I realise that some like that odour
but there are some of us who don't
 and find it most disagreeable
and quite
gag inducing
I am one of those
so I gagged my way to the yarn section and got what I wanted
and got the
heck outta there
to find the husband in the car with all the windows open.
I can't imagine having to stay in there for hours but maybe they don't notice it anymore
and are so saturated by the stink they have become immune
oh and there was a very creepy man in there that also added to my hurry up and get out attitude
(shivers at the thought)

and the yarn I  got is to make this

also not for moi!!!!

so, back to the hooks and needles
have to go and check that what I did last evening
 while watching a

Law and Order UK marathon
( the show you love.... but this time with......
 :) :) :) :) :) :) :) )

is as it should be

I look forward to the Turkey sandwiches I will no doubt be making a little later
best part of all

so enjoy your day
be good and be kind
especailly if you have to go out into the throngs
I have no intention of doing so


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving


click here for
a card for you all

May your day be full of all
that you wish
and more
and remember
"Tis a gift to simple, 'tis a gift to be free,

'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,

And when we find ourselves in the place just right,

'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When the true simplicity is gain'd,

To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd,

To turn, turn will be our delight,

Till by turning, turning we come round right.

Elder Joseph Brackett

when he was at the Shaker community in Alfred, Maine in 1848

even if it isn't
Thanksgiving Day
 where you live
for just a minute
for what you have
 have a wonderful day

Hi there.....

did you miss me?
I thought there was a post here, but there wasn't
so nothing got posted yesterday
I'm a twit

I've been going to the
page these days
instead of the blog page
I didn't see that the post I wrote the day before yesterday
wasn't there!!!!!

Ruth Marie

 gave me a blog award
and I wrote 10 things about myself
which is part of getting the award
and then you name 10 blogs and send people over there
on and on

but for some reason
I seem to have hit the
draft button
instead of the
publish button
and it didn't show up
which is a good thing
as it happens
because the
10 things I wrote
you don't want to know that nonsense
so you were saved
and you didn't even know it

Today is the day before
here in the States
It is my favourite holiday
I find the
after nearly a year of
commercial craze of Christmas

oooo try saying that after three cups of coffee!!!

Ruth Marie.....
if you are reading this
thank you for the award
and I will take you up on your offer of not doing it
I know you won't mind!!!

So, I just thought I would pop in and tell you this.
Nonsense continues here  in

Now I have to go pop the pie in the oven
well after I make it
will see you all in a bit!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

then one foggy monday morn

even Santa wouldn't be able to find him in this fog!!!

thick thick fog
shrouding everything in a mantle of mist

in the middle of the lake is a flock of something
ducks or geese
I do not know
even outside I couldn't see them

so I guess it's a day to stay inside
make more
dorset buttons
and see what else I can do with them

and of course
she's always here
for company and amusement
wondering what the heck I'm doing on that side of the door
on such a foggy miserable
come back inside you crazy human
is it time to eat

it's been
fifteen minutes


Saturday, November 20, 2010

what was special...

about today
I thought
as I had my first cup
of that which wakes one up
I couldn't think of anyone's birthday
or anniversary
I checked the calendar and nothing was there
when I went to get the second cup of
you know!!!
the sun was just coming in the kitchen window and I saw this
and you know me by now
I take what I see
( I know.......!!!)

the light playing on the fan

and the new little dish I bought and never showed you

and another sun in the morning light

and then I went outside because the
japanese maple
called to have her portrait taken as she sheds her leaves
as this year winds down

this year.....
struck a chord in the old cobwebs in the brain
a year
of what
then is dawned

:) :) :)

I remembered what has been different this year
for me anyway
I am a blogger
I have a blog
I have followers
and visitors from all over the globe
who come and read  the nonsense I write and look at the photos I post
a year ago today
I started to write and photograph
and post for the whole world to see
today is the anniversary of
and I thank you all for making it such a hoot
I write about nothing and you still come to visit
and I appreciate you all
really really I do
I will probably never ever meet any of you in person
but that isn't the point
we visit
we chat
and we share
little things
big things
and it's fun and full of encouragement
and support
I like it!!!

and this is what it looks like here today
I have the oldest balloon in the world
(I don't know how old it is but it won't die (deflate) so I keep it)

and it's on the desk today
to remind me
of what a fun place
blogland is
and hopefully will continue to be
if you keep coming
you keep
writing your blogs too!!!

Here's to all our blogs
may they be filled with
happy posts
great great photos

If I drank
( and you should be happy I don't coz I'm dizzy enough sober)
I would toast you all with a glass of
thank you all for making it a fun year
so I raise my cup o'java
(which is now a little cold and needs refilling)
and say
Here's to us all
Have a Happy Day


Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally Friday

So the phone rang
it was the sister
calling to say the scarf had arrived
thanks canada post for being so quick
she said someone at the office saw it and told her she would like me to make a hat and scarf for her mother
I said
I can't make hats and I'm busy doing other stuff
the sister sighed
the way sisters sigh!!!!

I feel really bad when I say no to someone or something
so we chatted a little longer and I thought about it

here is what there was after the thought!!!
Have you seen this hat?
it's called
Divine hat
not sure why
but it is
it took about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs to make
I futtsed it a bit
and there it sits

on my noggin

and on the desk

so you want the pattern?
are you sure?
really sure.....
will you show us if you make one?

have a great night evening afternoon morning
and I'll see ya later
may have a tut up tomorrow
if the light changes and I can get some decent shots...


Thursday, November 18, 2010

can't see the forest for the trees

Is this what your coffee table looks like
please say yes
so I don't feel like a complete slob
that's what they are for though
to put stuff on
all your stuff at once!!

I have been slogging away on the basket weave knitting
and still love how it looks
I will share the pattern soon
but if you don't want to wait just do a search on
basket weave
and you should find it
I realised that I would need more yarn to finish it
so ventured up to the craft store
husband also needed something
side note
men should not be allowed in spaces where women dwell
craft stores
he drives me up the wall
and across the ceiling
I told him they didn't have what he wanted but
he had to look and see for himself
Staples is for men
it's very
"to the point" and sterile in there
so go there next time to get what you need
and leave the
fru fru to us


I found some plastic rings
to make some of those woven buttons
think they are called
Dorset buttons
or something like that
I saw a how-to ages ago but never found the rings
until today
may add one or two to the basket weave
now I have to find the how to.....and the rings are a little on the small side but I'll give it a shot anyway


I wondered if the little flowers I made in the summer would fit
so I got them out
and put them on the coffee table
aren't they sweet?

the husband,
man that he is,
thinks this (below) has too many
"holes" in it
I explained it's called

the remote was there because I watched
Pioneer Woman on the Food Network in her show with
Bobby Flay
have you seen it?
(those of you here of course)
in case you haven't I won't spoil it and say who won
but this time the right one did!!!!!!
It is so nice to hear her voice
see her kids and
the best thing of all
Marlboro Man
her basset hound
if you get a chance do watch or tape it
they are repeating the show over the weekend I think
Her blog is the first one I read
when I found blogs a few years ago
and I thoroughly enjoy it
she is a delight
and if you have no idea who the hell I am talking about
"Pioneer Woman"
 is the name of her blog
it's worth a look

and while making said
basket weave
I was wondering if I could
translate it into
I "felt" I had seen it somewhere
or something very similar in look
right on the front of the book I got for my birthday
right there
in front of my eyes
on the coffee table
for the last few days
it's been there
 the whole time
think it's time to clean up and sort the mess!!!
and now I will go see what else I can get into
have a good whatever
and I'll see you all later!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

windy wednesday

so what to talk about today
after a day of nothing posted.
Yesterday was an absolutely miserable day
weather wise
rainy and blustery

as you can see the leaves are off most of the trees
but the beechnuts are holding on to theirs for a while longer
we had a thunderstorm at midnight last night that woke me up and got me out of bed in a second
I went and lay on the couch for a while as the lightning and heavy rain on the skylight
scared the you know what out of me
it didn't last long
but it was enough
to get me to move!!
today is a bright as a new penny and while it's still breezy
it's better than yesterday
as I had nothing of the domestic kind to do
I spent the day trying out new stitches
knitted and tunisianed!!
the one below is knitted basket weave or cross stitch
I found a little piece I had done before
remembered how
so started with this yarn left over from the husbands scarf,

(which was noticed by Elizabeth Cat
and she saw that the colour was exactly what it was chosen for
the Latvian Flag)
I will tell the "precious jewel" what the
18th November  means
but I want to know
Independence Day........
when the
"wall came down"
or something more ancient!!!
or I will Google it!!!!!

this one below is from the new book
and it's with the pure wool I bought a couple of weeks ago
it's very loose and floppy
which I think will be nice
maybe a little wrap for the old shoulders now that
the cooler weather is here
in between hot flashes of course!!!

this is the same one I showed the other day
I think
and it's working up quite fast
love this yarn!!!

and then the one on the two needles that people seem to think is so nice but so difficult to do
it isn't and you should try it!!!
so three or four things going at the same time should keep me busy for a while!!!
that way I don't loose interest in any one thing

I can imagine an ordered mind would find this deplorable
but not me
Libra you know
unbalanced most of the time!!!

I watched the results show on
Dancing with the Stars last night
and am completely flummoxed
as to why Bristol is still there
Bristol for you non-Yanks
is the daughter of
Sarah Palin
whom I am sure you have heard of
but don't necessarily know
I don't know her either
nor do I wish to know anymore than I already do
but it seems the
"Tea Partiers"
 are suddenly interested in a silly
dance competition and are somehow letting it be known
It's a shame
that a silly competition is being turned into a political statement of some sort
it  isn't Bristol's fault so much
 as it is small minds

My blog
My opinion