I made them with Lily's cotton or any "kitchen" cotton you have
or yarn of your choice!!

stitches used (US terms) and method
adjustable circle
cluster stitch( in this case a two stitch cluster)
slip stitch

in an adjustable circle make
8 cluster stitches
(ch 3, 1 dc for first stitch, ch 1,)
make seven more cluster stitches for a total of 8 clusters

slip stitch into top of beginning ch.
pull the circle closed... tightly

row 2
slip stitch into ch 1 space of first row
make 3 dc into this space

make 3 dc into each ch 1 space around

sl st into top of beginning ch

ch 3 and make 1 dc into each of next 2 sts
ch 2
1 dc into next 3 sts
repeat around
end with a sl st into top of beg ch

you will have 8 groups of 3 dc/ch 2 space

ch 3 and into the middle stitch of the 3 dc group make 3 dc
(all in the same st)
sc into next space
skip one stitch and make
4 dc into middle stitch
sc into next space
and repeat around

finish with a slip stitch into beginning ch
 and if all is well
cut the yarn!!!!

if there is an error anywhere 
please let me know


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  1. This is lovely - will have to try it out. Thanks for sharing your talent.