Sunday, December 21, 2014

when all of a sudden...

a great light did appear

a well known form of travel was near

it's lights 
were bright and twinkly

and a sight quite old 
and wrinkly

did rush past me
 in a flash

he had a beard
 a red hat
 and a bag full of stash

he had his list too
and he was checking it twice 
(and the fact that he does this  every year
 is always so nice)

he ho ho'd 
and he smiled
 and the kids 
well some 
went wild
others whimpered behind their mums
the smallest of all sucked their thumbs

in a flash
(or lack thereof)
in one great zoom

he was gone
he went poof
Santa left the room

and all we have
 is this proof.....

the annual running of the jolly old man in a red suit

(PS the reindeer don't do the list checking run
they stay home in the warmth of the stables)


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

just clouds...

went out to get the mail and a breath of fresh air
and looked up for a second
went back to get
and shoot the  heavens...
nothing like a sky full of 
blue and white

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


on days such as these
when men show just how evil and wicked they can be
 innocent souls are taken
anywhere in the world
and children are left without mothers
 mothers without children
we have to keep our eyes on the light
at the end of a very, very dark tunnel
and now to make things  worse and even more scary
a certain someone decides to make a bid for
"most powerful position on the planet"
we think its bad now
just wait....
may the powers that be
 above those on this earth
stop the madness that will come
should that event happen
which is very likely
 coz those are the ones who steer todays events
 (my blog my opinion)

so while I've been gone
and no I still haven't picked up a hook
I've had to find other things to do
and one of them has been
with crayons
 found a site with lots of free downloads
so I did
I took the photo a few days ago of what I had done up 'til then
little Russian dolls made of paper
(scroll down  the page a little to find them_
I decided to print the uncoloured ones
(she has them already coloured, which is what Dutzie had chosen)
if you've been around here for any  length of time
you know I have "one of everything"
to satisfy my never ending need to
"do stuff"
at the drop of a hat
so crayons were dusted off
sharpened and
which turned out to be such a beautiful one weather wise
and errand day
when we stopped in Staples to get ink for the printer
(coz I OBVIOUSLY used all we had!!!!!!)
I got some new crayons
so the world isn't such a dark and scary place
we can colour a rainbow to shelter us from
those who would take all the colours out

have a wonderful rest of the day
and take time to notice the colours
all of them

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

it's December again...

so I changed the header photo
coz that's about all I have these days
guess the blog is on another hiatus
but I'll see you around in the other places

the photos are from three years ago
which was the last time I decorated
no one around here believes in Christmas  anymore
so why bother

winter solstice is the main topic at this time of the year
and I'm not sure what the decorations for that are
bright shiny stars and twigs???
:) :) :) :) :)

lots of folks still coming in to get the patterns up at the top of the page
500 and more some days
so I guess I'll leave this open for them
see you around
in that big

Thursday, November 27, 2014

and now....


turkey day is over
in one mad nosh
it's gone
the plates are clean and put away
leftovers wait another day
so onward mighty warriors
out into the fray we go
nourished by the feast we've had
let the games begin!!!!


they are thankful
they aren't turkeys

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) 

for those of you in the US
hope your day is a good one
and all those "sides" worked well

ours is a simple one so no stress here
 all I look forward to 
is that first" leftovers sandwich"... 
with chips!!!!!

........................  Enjoy!  .....................

To the rest who don't indulge
give thanks for the small things
like no extra washing up !!!!!

:)  gobble gobble everyone  (:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


on the eleventh day
of the eleventh month
at the eleventh hour

Friday, November 7, 2014


the weather continues it's crazy journey into the next season
it's definitely Autumn
but not everywhere
 all the time
yesterday it got very sunny and then in an instant
it got darker and darker
and the black clouds rolled in
the wind picked up and
it rained
and then just as quickly it all rolled out
behind it came
the birds
a huge
many numbered
of black birds
flew in
I had opened a couple of windows so I heard the noise first
 I grabbed Blanch
 (my camera)
and went out into the wet and windy
and in they came

i did take a video but they were so scattered and high up it was hard to make sense of what was going on
so I think the photos as lousy as they are
are better

and I made a yummy fruit cake too
apple carrot walnut golden raisin
glazed bread cake
and it was good
still is
but it won't be for long
found it on

but it's on her site
I think I found a new favourite cake to make when I want cake 
but not sweet and covered in three inches of icing
I added the raisins as I am a raisin lover
I recommend it highly!!!
the cake not the raisins

I'm still not hooking
a little gun shy I think
or should that be hook shy
Oh well
at least I have cake!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014


holy crapola batman
its friggin freezing
what happened
it snowed south of us
we got high winds and the temperature plummeted 
and the hour change that we had
made it worse
it got dark so fast it felt weird
so I made a big pot of beef barley soup
toasted some bread and sat on the couch soup cup in hand
which was cold the hand not the soup!!!!!
sweater wrapped tight and pouted
which of course did no good at all but it felt good
this morning was colder than yesterday
so this is what I'm wearing today
I don't think I've shown it 
but if I have
here it is again!!!  
if you want the pattern I'll have to look for it
and will post it
but it's very easy to copy if you look at it for a while
rows of US double crochet/treble UK
and Solomons knot for two rows
I love it
mostly for the yarn I used
which had been sitting waiting to be used
its just acrylic and it's quite cheap but the colours are just
so me
on a cold and sunny morning

it could all be so much worse
i know

but I don't
do cold
very well

hot coffee is calling
have a sunny day
stay warm
or cool
 if you're really down south

til the next time