Tuesday, July 31, 2012

raindrops on dishcloths...

and crochet on edges
athletes on tee vee
and lots of

are you enjoying the Games
I am
and while I cheer
(as in last nights men's gymnastics)

ask WHY!!!

(he clearly fell off at the end
he did!!!)

I knitted a dish cloth with what looks like 
and when I wasn't watching them fly through the air
 or streak through the water
or fall off their horses
I made one more little bag with a crocheted edge
and it can be either
kinda like an athlete!!!!!!

:} :} :}

I have all that scrummy fabric

I'll see ya later



Thursday, July 26, 2012

buttons....who's got the buttons...


bloooooooo ones

and brown ones

and yellowy orangeie goldish ones

and greeen ones with diamonds in them


no buttons here
just hot pads and scissors in like colours!!!

...raindrops on dishcloths

and a bunch of colourful flowers....

went to the store and came home with a couple of treasures

it's 100 degrees F again 
+ humidity

is it winter soon!!!???

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wiggles and bags and beads

OH MY!!!
while browsing through Pinterest
I bumped into this pattern
which is free and on the 
and although I said I had put the hook down for a while
(except for when I pick it up to make the edgings on the pincushions and floss bags)


I just had to make it
I had nothing to do on the couch in the evening while we watch the idiot box
which actually wasn't too bad this week... ??
I know!!!!!
anyway I have a stash of cotton yarn that needs using so I dove in and ended up with a little 
wiggly flowery mat
if you've never wiggle stitched this is a good one to start with
the pattern calls for much thinner yarn
but I don't pay attention to things like that
not when it's for things like this

my collage obsession continues too

for those who asked
Picasa has the editing tools that used to be on Flickr
you have to download Picasa
(just do a search on it)
and then you get to play too


hope you all have a good 
or tomorrow

til the next time


Monday, July 23, 2012

obsessive compulsive...

is what I seem to be these days
can't stop doing the same thing over and over

the only difference is that I'm happy to do it
so it isn't a disorder

more patching

more finding out how to do things
with fabric
ripples are everywhere with the
madness of a few months ago
not that I follow things like that anymore
:) :) :}
but I saw something somewhere that had ripples and I set about finding out how to do it with fabric
I found out 
so now after I finish what I'm working on 
I'll try a ripple or two

it did something over the weekend it hasn't done in ages
it rained
softly quietly undramatic ally
no wind no great flashes of light bright enough to blind you
no loud thunder rolling from one side to the other shaking the ground as it goes
no downpours that obliterate the view
just rain
water from the sky

and at 6.00 p m the sun came through the window of
and lit up my desk
so I took its picture!!!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

pins and needles...

not much of anything these days
the heat came back 
 went out in it for a few minutes and couldn't take it
there were horrendous storms again last night
(I know...US weather from a crap UK paper!!!)
we got nothing
and we need rain
just a few miles West of us it reached
111 deg. F
43.8 deg. C
no matter where
that's hot and it doesn't belong in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge
so I have been in
quite a bit
playing with the cool fabric
or on the couch under the fan 
set on medium
reading my books
my favourite books ever
and his ladies
Ma Ramostwe
Isabel Dalhousie and her philosophical musings and her tartan clad baby Charlie
Bertie and his overbearing mother
or Cyril (a Highland Terrier) and his gold tooth and his weakness for human ankles

have you read any?
if you haven't
 you should!!!!

I can't stop reading once I start
husband watches the pages fly and close to what he thinks is the end

he asks
shall I hit the buy button

we have them stacked in the wish list on Amazon
hasn't stopped writing

and I won't stop reading until he does
I may not read for a while but when I do
there better be three or four waiting

so in the heat I get to go to Edinburgh
to the heat of Africa
a heat I do remember
even though I was little
but it seemed different somehow
and we certainly didn't have ceiling fans

Monday, July 16, 2012


 I imagine 
by now
 you are sick of seeing this little patchwork whatever
last time
it's done
and beribboned
and already full of stuff
I crocheted  around the edge
having to use two different colours as I didn't have enough of the first
but hey...who's looking!!
I am!!!
I played around in Picasa a bit and made another collage
Picasa has the editing things that used to be on Flickr
so you can play too if you like (or have Picasa)
then it was time to find a ribbon for the bag so out came the
ribbon box and because it was under the lace/trim box
the lace/trim box too
don't have nearly as much lace/trim as I used to have
thank goodness
and as you can see I found a matchy matchy ribbon 
the box I had the floss in suddenly became crowded
so the bag will hold the new or unused thread
or the other way round depending what mood strikes me
what strikes me now is a hunger pang as it is almost time for dinner
steak and baked potato
for me anyway
husband has other ideas
back soon with more

see ya


Thursday, July 12, 2012

patch stitch hook...

a little patching
a little stitching 
a little hooking

I replenished my embroidery floss stash with a few new hanks
I gave all my old stash to someone who sent them to Haiti
so the ladies down there could continue with their crafting
after the earthquake
it was a small thing for me 
but I hope a lot of smiles for them

on I go with the fabric
 the floss
 and the finagling 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

bad workman or his tools

while I was edging the patchwork pincushions I remembered a hook I had seen that was designed to do exactly what I was doing
I ordered one and it came today
it certainly has a sharp end!!!
but it isn't for the type of fabric I'm using at the moment
no matter how I try to get it through it either won't go or it gets caught on the way back
and it ripped the thread and pulled it
so glad I tried on a scrap first
brain must be functioning for a change!!! 
so I'll go back to the old fashioned way of starting the edge
with a needle and thread and the blanket stitch
I am sure that I will use the new hook at some point
find the perfect thing


found these on the camera
the last one was the last temp recorded before the storms came through and cleared it out


do you draw things you're trying to make
I wasted some fabric trying to remember how to make a 
log cabin block
I was close
but as they say
t'was no cigar
so I drawed it!!!
 and now I can do it
well I'll do it once I finished the
patch patch patch

hope all are well

see you around the interwebs peoples