little bows from bits

make a ch 4
dc into the first ch

make four more dc
and a ch 4 and sc in same chain

make ch4 and make four more dc 
and another ch 4 in same ch space
as first stitches

make a long stitch around the middle of the bow and pull up and tighten

so it cinches the middle

finish off and cut yarn
make a small knot in the back and either cut the tails off
or leave them on to sew the bow onto something with

if you want to make slightly bigger bows
do trebles instead of double crochets
(ch 5 and make 5 5 sc into middle and then repeat for the other side)

sew them on to things to add a touch of whimsy
or on to hair accessories for little girls
or on to small bags  or pillows
or anything you can think of

but not the cat...
unless, of course, you have one of those sorts of cats!!!!

or make them for the cat and dog...why not...seems it's a good idea!!!!


  1. And why not? They would be perfect pinned on their collar :-)

  2. I was thinking for the collar of our West Highland Terrier, it's Friday, he's been very good this week, he deserves a special bow.

  3. I love these tiny bows! They will go perfectly on some of the hats I am making. Thanks so much for sharing. Sylvia