Monday, October 31, 2011

no boos here......

we don't
Halloween here
always hated it
of course when the kids were little
lots of inventive costumes
pirates were the most favoured and the easiest
lots of candy lots of screaming and running around
tricking and treating around the neighbourhood
on foot or mostly in the back of someones truck
with me at the wheel driving at 2 mph
when they got older it was
3 mph so they could run and jump on
really safe and sound
but hey
it was Halloween
so you did dumb stuff
the last one I remember was when son #1 dressed up in a dress of mine
asked me to make him up
style his hair
oh and did I have some girly shoes he could borrow
after that
it's all a blank!!!!!!
he is a handsome man
he was a beautiful child
a cute woman he
so anyway
tonight the lights will be dimmed and the drapes drawn early
and even if someone comes
which they haven't done for ages
we will not
" be at home"
 hu hummmmm!!!!

Teresa asked me to show how to do the
double knitting I mentioned
so I will post that later
I started doing it this morning

and got into a right old silly mood
as a second

hootie cutie came into being

oh my so many pretty eyes....

silly we can do
in spades

peek a boo...
I see you....

me too...


Papa can you hear us?????

OK I'll get myself together and be back with some sanity
need to do a lot of editing with the photos as the light is
there is no light....
so I'll see you later maybe


Sunday, October 30, 2011


oh goodness gracious me

I have looked at every
bow and otherwise
piece of string
one can put around ones neck
I have not found anything
that has spoken to me

but I did notice one thing
in my close to being in a stupor

there seem to be
an awful lot of
out there
all sorts of little guys and gals

so as not to have a whole day wasted
and without a little something to show
and I mean

do you see how little he is
1.5 inches
I present


he was made by the
double knitting method
which I suddenly remembered how to do
so it took literally a few minutes to whip him up
on dp needles
it took longer to choose the buttons for his eyes
do you know how to double knit
if you don't and you want to
tell me and I'll show you

isn't he sweet
just a honey pie


we got no snow
we got rain and cold and wind
but no snow
they got snow north of us
and east and west of us
and today
is the most
beautiful day

hope you had the best one ever


Saturday, October 29, 2011

a treasure in the mail...

hooray and up she rises...

it has arrived
the yarn I bought from
on the most horrible of
 horriblest days
dark and dank
and cold and wet
and drippy and just
so depressing
a little bit of yarny goodness found its way to me
through all that cold and wet
it popped into the box
and husband
brought it into me
with a flourish
well for him it was a flourish!!!

as soon as it landed on the couch beside me
"air mailed" across the room
(we need to invent a" eyes to heaven" little icony thing)
the envelop was torn asunder
and the contents were revealed

no thank you Ruth for taking that step into the wonderful world of dying and spinning
but you are most welcome m'dear

a little business card
in case I forget where I got my treasure!!!
and a way for you to go see what's left!!!

it has a name
stormy seas
that's very appropriate today!!

LOOK at it
LOOK at all those colours
it is of course so much better in reality
it's soft and tightly spun which makes it feel squishy somehow
can't wait to get hubby on the other end of the

and a little extra
a stitch marker
on a cute gingham ribbon
so sweet
I think I have a bead very like this one
maybe I'll make another
so I'm happy
first that it made it
and then that is made it so quickly
and that it is just so
I'll have to sit and think what to do
see if there is anything hiding somewhere that will shout
over here
make me...
if it does
i'll have someone give you the address of the loony bin

well, off to start the dinner on the most horrible of horrible days
that suddenly became
very very
nice day in deed


Friday, October 28, 2011


it's gone again
another week
amazing how fast it flies
even when you're not particularly having any fun!!!!!
when I realised it was Friday again
I wondered what the heck I would post
it's been a few days
so I just checked
my camera
to see what was there
and this is what I found
(I have no memory of taking these!!!)
so this is what you get to look at
strange but true

I obviously baked another cake
and took shots of the rack as it cooled

I am having a love affair with carrot cake at the moment
it's just so
for some unknown reason
and loaded with pineapple and golden raisins and walnuts
I'm in bliss

then I came across these



know why!!!!

do do do do

we'll have these for our
Friday flowers I think

they are in my mothers very old and worn silver vases
at least I think that's what they are
I brought them out of the thing in with all the stuff in it
 and put them to use

and a change around in the bay window
it's getting so dark so early now
or it seems to be
maybe it's all the friggin' clouds around these days
that I thought a little
multi coloured
candle light might help
cheer the place up a bit

it did!!!!

and this are the roses I got in June
they dried and I kept them and here they still are

well the kettle that matches the kitchen walls
 is boiling again
and that cake is still around
a tiny bit smaller now
but still good
so after another fascinating post
I will bid you farewell
good evening

maybe tomorrow I'll send you off on a visit somewhere
stay safe and warm
we are supposed to get some snow showers tomorrow
yes I said


I still think someone moved us some place else while we slept
with all this nutso weather

see ya


ooppss I forgot
I have some cute for you
and all I have to say

Monday, October 24, 2011

ha to a flying start foot..

the strange title is because I was in the new version
and I tried to post from there (?) but the page wouldn't load properly
so I had to come back over to the
old side
so much for the
new is better
oh well it'll get sorted I'm sure
one day
I don't have much of anything really
but I said I would try to keep up the posts
 you lucky buggers!!!


we took the stuff to the charity shop
well to be  completely accurate
to the trailer they have parked in a parking lot near the grocery store
so I didn't even have the choice of
NOT going in to buy something
hmm  do you think there was thought behind that move!!!???

and I feel like I'm missing some...thing
I already had to stop myself from going to get something
 that will keep happening until I forget what it was I had stashed away in the dark corner of the
why do we call them that
 it's a cupboard
a cabinet
that thing in the bedroom with all of
mum's stuff in it
not anymore
but ...
 you know!!
so not having things to move around and find a place for anymore
I did a couple of crafty things
I found some old candles in the
thing in the bedroom were all the stuff used to be
and I spied some pretty napkins
paper ones
off I went to find the
mod podge
somewhere else that could use a trip to the dump!!!
and after a bit of
rip rip rip

snip snip snip

podge podge podge

 a few sticky minutes later
I had myself some new candles
haven't done that in ages
so I'll put them somewhere and admire

of it all
so what to do now
well you didn't go surfing much today
lets go see what the others are up to

how about miss ruth
let's go see what she's done

uh oh
I spy blue and purple and black and I think it's that one that I liked a LOT when she dyed it

lust after
click a few buttons

hey husband come and see what Ruth made with her clever hands

did you get it
says husband

yes I did
say I

as I hit
submit order

it's already winging its way to me
via the Royal Mail and soon the USPS
hee hee
and the sound of hands rubbing together
I have a little bit of the

and I couldn't be happier
so to make you happy
I took this from Ruths' site too
as she says



Saturday, October 22, 2011

love it...

when I open up the
in the morning and laugh right away
it's the best way to start the day
Ruth said she gave blogger the English salute
you know the backwards peace sign!!!!
for now
about changing over to the new interface
but we'll all have to in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd do it now to get used to it
why can't they just leave things alone
new isn't always better
and Lisa said she's found a new swear word
from the verification word
sounds good to me!!!
and Mia I know my a-nnony-mouses
you each have a certain way about you!!!

the temperature this morning was almost frosty
it was
37 F
hang on I'll get the C chart out
2.7 C  :)
there was a mist on the lake
but by the time I made coffee and got dressed
you know it
it was gone
I don't have any pictures of pretty autumnal things
except some apples


I cooked them
the other day
into a yummy yummy
"apple roll"
can't call it strudel coz it really isn't but it's what we call it

I have another question
why do the apples we buy come from New York
when we grow apples here in Virginia

anyway they were delicious and I love that golden raisin the most
if you want the recipe this is what I measurements sorry
peel some apples...I did four and a couple of pears that were going orfff!!!!
throw some sugar on them
squeeze a little juice on them to stop the browning...
put the lemon and limes on the new little leaf plate you bought for
 a buck ninety nine!!!

if you like it... cinnamon too... and some golden raisins
I use one of those wonderful sheets of puff pastry you can buy
stretch it a little
lay it on parchment paper on a pan

do that the other way around     lay it first then stretch!!!!!

put the apples on the sheet down the middle
fold the pastry up and over the apples
brush with a beaten egg
sprinkle with a little more sugar
and bake in the oven
mine said 400F
until it's cooked and brown and yummy

boil the new pretty mustard yellow kettle...that matches the paint on the wall in the kitchen exactly which is why it was bought in the first place
and make yourself a cuppa and have a little slice of
it's not strudel but who cares it's good
a dollop of cream would be nice but we don't have any


take the cuppa
and finish what you started with that silly
make a big honking flower for it


die of embarrassment at the lousy job of stuffing you did
and call it a day

when you see the real ones you'll know what of  I  speak!!!

I still have to find something to stick in the top of it and there is no way this will hold a necklace
maybe if I stuff it some more but I doubt it!!!

 can't all be masterpieces

hope you are all well and having a great weekend
take care all


Friday, October 21, 2011

in a new place kinda lost and hoping for the best...

no, I haven't moved
I'm still here where I always am
it's just that
has made us do something new and
I don't have a clue what it is
and right now I'm looking at a new set up and it just feels
I don't take to change at first
but once I'm familiar
Bob's your uncle

this is a bad photo of the heron who comes by each evening
around supper time
I know he sees me even though  I'm inside
s I don't want to disturb his hunt
and run out and try to get closer
it's really bad
will try to get a better one that doesn't have honking great tree trunks and wet soppy prayer flags
clinging to the tree for dear life
the storm that was predicted didn't arrive but the
colder air did
it's actually quite lovely
autumn should be cooler than summer
and it is
the leaves are beginning to either change
or just fall off and tomorrow I'll go leaf hunting
and I'll show you that silly
mannequin I made
and give you the link so
you can have one too!!
have a good one
see ya next time


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a change is as good...

as throwing your hands up and just giving in

it's raining
I can hear it hitting the fallen leaves
which are all over
they haven't been picked up yet
they may not be this year
the one who does it
isn't able to
husband is having a bit of a hard time right now
he isn't ill or sick or on his last breath
or anything like that
 it's just hard for him to get around and do what he usually does

he usually goes out every five minutes and picks up the leaves as they fall
or so it seems
he's very neat and tidy
and very
persnickety when it comes to doing things
that's part of what's wrong
we won't go there now

as I listen to the rain fall gently for now
which  apparently it won't for long
because the lady on the radio keeps telling me
there is going to be
a big storm later on today
high winds tornados and heavy downpours

I thought I would give the yarn and needles of both kinds a rest for a while
I tried six different things yesterday and literally ended up
throwing the needles yarn and everything across the room
which made husband think I had lost it
which I actually had

so today
I went to the other list of things to do

I feel the need to sew
so I'm sewing


I was wandering through Pinterest the other morning and came across a picture that lead me
to one thing that lead me to another
and so forth and sew on
I ended up on a page with a video and a free pattern
so I grabbed them and
here they are

it's for a mannequin
a pin cushion
but it's huge
so I thought I would maybe hang a necklace off it
or pin a bracelet on it
it's cute and hopefully easy and there's a video to watch while I make it
it sits atop a candle stick
of which I have many
if I didn't give them ALL away
so before all hell breaks loose outside
and the prediction of the whiney woman on the radio comes true
I will bid you all
a good afternoon

did you hear about the zoo animals roaming around the countryside
in the State of Ohio
it was literally
lions and tigers and bears...
OH MY!!!
they shot most of them
and there are a few camels still roaming around
poor things
I hope they find them a good home
and don't shoot any more
it's weird what you hear when you aren't listening


oh and another thing
for those of you on

can you tell who's pinning when you go to the page where you can see it all?
I can now
I know when Kate (the garden bell) has been there
the page lights up with all that colour of hers!!!  :)

and when Elaine (La belle helene) has been busy
it's all wonderful design and interesting arty things and funny things written
and Madhu
yummies and cuteness and beautiful interiors and lots of lovely colour too
and Valerie
hers are all serene and calm and so so French!!! :)xxx

the others I follow I don't really know 
but I recognise their pins
it's neat and it shows who we are somehow
I of course am all over the place and nothing makes any sense at all
I like it all
or as a Libra
the opposites attract
just thought it was interesting

see ya


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

granny wants her holder back

I know, I'm sorry
it's that damn ugly thing again!!
I was going to go outside and see if there was anything there to shoot
but there isn't
 and life outside
got in the way
and I'm trying to get back into posting everyday or two
lucky you!!!!
so I just shot this as it is finished and there you have it

a big blue and white
pot holder
that looks so hard to make

with all those twists and turns


and folded over bits

and the edges all hooked together like that
but you should know me by now
I don't do
I do easy and fast
coz I have the attention span of a

I'm not making anymore of these
they are addictive and you want to see how many colours you can put into them
I know
I have
and I'll show you
I want to say something else
blog land is getting very very small
and now with  ravelry and pinterest joining in
it's even smaller
I have had the idea to make something three times in the past week
I have gone looking for stitches
something different and interesting
and I have found what I wanted to make
already made
there in front of me
and it's very
when that happens
it's the case with the colourful
granny hot pad
I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it
and it's on one of the blogs I visit
we did the same thing
it's weird
OH well
that's life
blog land
blogs collide
twins are born

til the next time
have to go and fix din dins